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home staging, staging homes, arranging furniture, interior redesign

The Most Comprehensive Training
in Home Staging and Interior Redesign!

How Happy Are You With Your Life?

I'd venture to say that if you are living paycheck to paycheck, you're not very happy. I'm betting you're nervous about your future and that of your family. I'm betting you're wondering what would happen if the economy worsened and you got laid off or your husband lost his job. You're probably wondering what would happen if there was an emergency or if you were on the verge of losing your home or your debts were piling up higher and higher. I know what this feels like.

Or maybe you're just bored with your current job or you feel disrespected or there's no chance for upward mobility. Or maybe you're craving creativity and challenge in your life.

I've Lived Like That Myself . . .

It really bums me out to see so many people live dreary or unfulfilled lives. I see people who dislike their job and wish they could experience their passions. Everyday they trudge to work to do something that doesn't excite them or work with people they dislike or don't respect.

I see people "trapped" in a financial rut or living pay check to pay check. They have big financial responsibilities. Perhaps a mortgage or big car. College loans. Forced to save a lot of money to have something to retire on and never sure it will be enough. The daily costs of living are certainly not going down - they never do!

A lot of people look at their lives and realize now that what they see was not part of the plan. Somehow, their dreams have disappeared and their lives are mundane and mediocre. Their life is not even close to what they thought it would be but they don't see a way out. They thought they would have achieved much more for themselves and their family by now and they are disillusioned with life and living without hope.

Here's the rub. It's probably not their fault! They didn't learn in high school how to succeed. They didn't have classes on how to be a millionaire or at least upper middle class! They were never taught to think like an entrepreneur much less be one.

This whole situation bums me out because I hate to see people languish this way when there are real solutions available. There is no reason why you can't achieve your dreams! You just need a little help and guidance. Read on.

How You Can Learn the Home Staging and Redesign Business Quickly and Easily Without Having to Travel Anywhere or Pay Hefty Renewal Fees - Like Elsewhere

It used to be that you could only learn the home staging and redesign businesses from expensive seminars. But that proved to be a false premise 10 years ago when I decided there was a better, more affordable way for the average person to break into the field. That's when I launched this website (2002) and offered the first and only home study resource in the country for home stagers and interior re-designers.

It's why my concept for home staging and redesign took off and I changed forever the way people learn and get started in home staging and redesign for themselves or as business ventures. I inadvertently created a "disruptive business model" as I delivered the training in a new and revolutionary method. It was not appreciated by my competitors but loved by my students.

Since then my model has been copied over and over again. I knew that I could write books and cover every conceivable facet of the business (from the basics to the advanced), provide students with online training as well, and allow students to stay at home, save their money and learn at their own pace without having to travel great distances. I didn't like deadlines, so I didn't put any into my process. Here a student can blaze through the training and get a business up and running in no time, or they can take their time and work their study in and around whatever else is going on in their lives. They could launch a part time, spare time enterprise or go all out in a full time career. The sky was and still is the limit; the goals, timing and dreams are strictly individual. The process is easy and as quick as the student wants it to be.

TESTIMONY - from Lynda Litterst
"Thought you might want to know that all is going very well with my business right now. I've been serving four clients at the same time for the last few months. Whew! {And, I am lovin' it!!!) One more lady's name is on the waiting list. I told her that it would probably be the end of February before I could get to her. Fortunately, she is willing to wait. I'm super blessed."


"Hello Mrs. Jennings. I have been a part of your program for a couple months now. I have already started notating for the test. My question is, do I have to submit my exam and portfolio to you in any amount of time? Or can I take a couple more months, years, etc...? I ask because I am currently pursuing my bachelors as well and have a very heavy course load. On top of that, my husband is military and we just moved to North Carolina...which i very new to me. I really want my certificate and want to own my own staging business but I don't see me completing your materials for at least another couple of months. Will this be a problem?"


"Not to worry one bit. I never ever put any time limits on anyone.  Complete it when you feel it is ready - not before. Avoid those that charge renewal fees as renewal fees are a total rip-off.  Here there are no renewal fees for your course or access to what you have already purchased.  So be at peace and manage your time well to achieve your goals in the time frame you set for yourself.  One step at a time and you'll get where you want to go."

But I didn't stop with home staging and redesign training. I put together some awesome visual aids to help students market and promote their services. I pulled together great tools to help them execute their services. I provided directory listings, websites, the most highly respected certification designations, musical slideshows and videos, and much, much more. All this was then bundled together to form "courses" at different levels to meet the diversity of needs in the marketplace.

But What's In It For You?

I'm glad you asked. Here you'll find your unique path to success as a professional stager and/or re-designer. You'll have:

  • Ultimate prestige in a very creative industry
  • Superior confidence in your knowledge and skills
  • Excitement for each challenging, creative assignment
  • Variety that stimulates you creatively and professionally
  • Fulfillment in helping other people get what they want
  • Sheer joy every time you complete a project
  • Work that feels more like fun
  • Independence and total flexibility
  • Encouragement and support whenever you feel you need it
  • Pride in your professional designation earned by your talent, not your wallet - not found anywhere else
  • Unlimited income potential controlled by you and so much more

That's why it's so important you choose the right home staging and redesign trainer to help you get the most out of your business.

I Wrote the Most Widely Read Home Staging and Redesign Training in the Industry - I'm the Trainer Most of Industry Insiders Got Their Training From in the First Place!

Over the years my books and courses have become the most widely read in the industry. Students have come to me from other training programs. Trainers have come to me for additional training or to mimic what I've developed. Some have taken my ideas and enhanced them - others falsely claim them as their ideas. Be that as it may, the industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the last decade.

Novices have come together with full service interior designers - all learning together. Students have come from every conceivable background, every age, every income bracket, with every personal want and desire.

And they've found this their home for the most comprehensive and affordable guidance available anywhere. So whether they ever had a business before or not, whether they knew anything about design or not, whether they were already a seasoned professional at some level or not, there was a place for them here to learn, grow, expand and create - and make some nice profit too.

But How Does One Decide Which Home Staging and Redesign Trainer is Best?

A quick perusal of the internet will quickly confuse most people. There are numerous expensive seminars, online courses of varying degrees, eBooks to choose from - and then there is this Academy. How in the world does anyone know what is right for them? (Be sure to read my expose above.)

Perhaps this might help. First, it's important to pick someone you feel you can trust. That means someone whose been around a long time, has a great reputation for comprehensive delivery of information, has a great rating with the Better Business Bureau, doesn't engage in false claims or advertising puff, has priced their training fairly, doesn't gouge students every year with on-going fees, has a better than ample track record, and who demonstrates a high level of integrity and honesty (not easily found any more).

There are pretenders out there as there are in any industry, so one must be careful in the selection process. Here at the Academy I've:

  1. Been training students since 2002 but have been around in the design trade since 1975.
  2. Have always maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  3. Have the undisputed most comprehensive courses, books and visual aids in the industry.
  4. Have the most affordable and varied options in the industry.
  5. Have trained and MENTORED over 30,000 students and growing.
  6. Always give you the honest facts, without the hype and fluff or false or misleading claims.
  7. Have no recurring mandatory fees of any kind, unlike my competitors.
No one can match this record.

What Kind of Home Staging and Redesign Options Can You Get Here?

First of all, I not only offer complete home staging and redesign courses at different levels, but I also offer "a la carte" menu options, so depending on your goals and background, you can tailor a training program that suits you the best. No other trainer gives you so many affordable and flexible options. That's a fact.

Barbara's teachings have been used by the following design departments and entities, among others:

  • Eastern Florida State College
  • Indian River State College
  • Francis Tuttle Technical School
  • University of Georgia
  • Scottsdale Community College
  • Weber State College
  • >William Penn College
  • Chaffey College
  • Seton Hill College
  • Wayne State College
  • Bakersfield College
  • University of Kentucky
  • Lambuth College
  • Marygrove College
  • Canada College
  • Phoenix College
  • Oklahoma Christian College
  • Harrington Institute of Interior Design
  • And tens of thousands of design professionals nationwide

Choose From Our Many Training Options Listed Below:

Home Staging and Redesign Courses

Detailed, Informative Books and eBooks

Professional Visual Aids and Tools

Professional Directories and Exclusive Certification

Whatever your dreams or goals, whatever your background (novice to professional), you'll find these resources to be everything you'd hope they would be and more. I have left no stone unturned to provide you with excellence from start to finish, and I'll, of course, be here all the while and afterwards to answer questions and give advice and on-going training too.

home staging resources, interior redesign resources


Almost all of our books have now been newly updated and many offer full color PDFs to supplement the book's images. We're really proud of our accomplishment in keeping abreast with the industries we represent.

2017 Versions

arrange your stuff

wall groupings how to arrange your art and photos

staging luxurious homes or for wealthy clients homes

home staging in tough times book



Barbara Jennings, founder and director of the Academy of Staging and Redesign, is the most widely read author in home staging and interior redesign. She is author of 18 books (not all pictured here) that include highly practical, "implement-able" and solution-based thinking to readers, study guides, eBooks and promotional products.

She has trained more career seekers by home study than anyone else. She is also an author of inspirational and fiction books. See her Author's Page on Amazon: Barbara Jennings at Amazon.Com

Review From Interior Designer

"Please accept my sincere gratitude. Your books (which I recently ordered and read) are absolutely packed with information. I’ve been a practicing interior designer for the past few years and decided recently to add staging to my services; my degree is in Interior Design but many of the items you present in your books are not addressed in college programs. There were several books/classes that I considered but in all my research your name came up repeatedly as the best “no-nonsense, down-to-earth, frank” staging book. I have spent a substantial amount of money on classes, books and webinars over the years and what you provide is worth far more than what you charge. Many thanks!"

Ruxana Oosman, Allied Member, ASID,
Ruxana's Home Interiors

Interior Design
Protection Council

The Academy of Staging and Redesign does not pay third party organizations or associations to endorse them. The strength and integrity of the Academy is in the success of its students and its excellent reputation worldwide as the premiere training company, gained long before such associations were ever formed.

US Commerce
Association Award


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"I did not have the financial ability to order the course(s) so instead chose to order each item a la carte, and study as I could afford to advance through the books and eBooks. The information provided has far more design information than APSD. I earned my CID last year while completing other courses, and can say that this training applies the principles of design in a practical and easily understood manner. . . . Although I have been staging investment properties for several years, I learned a great deal from this specific training. The instructions on art and accessories was great. The checklists offer a no-fail system that can be utilized immediately. - Bonnie Lou Wisniewski, Carnegie, PA"

"I love your reading materials and I learn so much. I write the exam questions as I go and am I 1/3 done.  Your varieties of topics from how to plan a perfect party to flower arrangements to wall grouping and how to arrange furniture - not to forget the materials on design principal and colors – are very fulfilling. And the website is filled with great knowledge, resources and products. But I knew it would be that way after reading your curriculum last year. Every day I get something more. I just love it! - Francine Schneider"

"Dear Barbara, Thank you for your input. I would like to start a business helping clients stage their art . . . Thank you again for your opinions and advise. I found it refreshing that you just didn't sell me something knowing that it was not right for the application of which I was inquiring. You might be one of a kind! - Mika King"

"I don't even know how to start. . . . As you know our house had been on the market for 3 months with no offers. We didn't feel too bad since only 41 houses had sold in the county in the last 6 months. The ones that had sold were only selling for 88% of their asking price. Then we got you to stage the house for us. Wow! You were right, we have too much stuff but you fixed that. Our house sold to the first person who looked at it after you staged it. We got an offer the next day and we gt our asking price. . . . We will continue to sing your praises to everyone we know. - Dana & Nikki Davis to Rita Mohnkern (Diamond Trainee)."

"Good afternoon, Barbara! After reading through all the materials available in the internet last night, and having weighed all the options, I'm glad to let you know that I'm going for your training course. But I think what sealed the deal for me was the very cordial and accommodating conversation I had with you on the phone yesterday. Not only are you accessible, but you're thorough and straightforward with your points. I like that, and I'd like to start my first ever business venture under the mentorship of someone worth emulating. - Michael Medina, Long Beach, CA"

"Hi Barbara, I cannot tell you how much I am getting out of your book. It's chock full of great info and I thank you for that. . . . Thanks again for all your help--I feel like you are speaking right to me through your writing. It's great stuff! - Antonia Banewicz, West Orange, NJ"

"Dear Barbara, Thank you so much!!!!!!!! This is the best birthday present anyone could receive. . . . Barbara, you are a very inspiring and caring person. From the first time I had talked with you on the phone, I had never felt so inspired. You were not pushy, on selling me the course, but you gave advise to someone you didn't even know, which says a lot, and so knowledgeable and I knew from that time on that this is what I really wanted to do, and I knew that I had found the right company to take this course. Again I want to Thank You from the bottom of my heart, for all of your great advise, and moral support, I really feel I couldn't have done this with out you. - Thanks Again, Theresa Creel, CSS/CRS"

"Dear Barbara, just finished your new book (Getting Paid: Financial Strategies for Home Stagers). I'm living at the other side of the globe, but if I'd be there with you, you'd receive a big hug! I'd like to thank you for all the wonderful books you've dedicated to teaching us, all packed with an incredible amount of knowledge, experience and your good heart. You're definitely a huge source of inspiration to me, always feel rushes of excitement while journeying through your manuals. I'm convinced you've already earned truckloads of good karma in this life sharing yourself with us! Love, Marin De Rochemont"

"I was interested in Barbara’s books and went to the website to find out more. Then I spoke with some of the students who had been certified. The rest is history! I thought it was great. The best part is the books were written in such an easy to understand manner…they are like novels!! The pictures are priceless in showing examples. - Anne Harvill, CSS/CRS, Hampton, VA"

"With every phone call and e-mail correspondence I was very impressed by Barbara's honesty and sincerity. I contacted her with questions of her marketing materials and not only received quick responses, but also very down to earth and personable. After I ordered her books - and devoured them - I knew I had made the right choice because not only of her knowledge, but also her Christianity. The books I purchased are very thorough! . . . I am totally happy with the training materials, support and guidance I have received. - Lyn Westhoff, Normal, IL"

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