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Caring for Accessories

If you have some precious art you want to protect, and you want to keep it looking new, here are some important tips. First, you should check their locations as there are many things that can harm art: heat, humidity, air pollution, fingerprints, improper handling, storage, direct sunlight. Here's how to avoid these typical pitfalls.

No. 1 on the list is the weather. Relative humidity is the measured amount of moisture present in the air at any given temperature. Some areas of the globe are more prone to humidity than others. I live in Southern California where it is considered desert. Our levels of humidity are very low compared to other parts of the country, like Florida. We worry more about dehydration, which causes things to become brittle, shrink, flake, crack and split. The warmer the air, the more possibility of moisture existing. This causes mildew, mold and fungus. No matter where you live, these two extreme climates can wreak havoc on artwork, sculptures and just about any craft.

Light can also damage art. For years I had a beautiful limited edition work of art over my fireplace. It never received direct light, just indirect light. I had another print exactly like the framed one stored away in an acid-free container. After a few years, I decided to change out the work of art but reuse the frame. I was astonished at how "yellowed" my framed work of art had become, while the work in storage remained in mint condition.

Discoloration is a common problem for artwork, even if it is museum mounted (meaning, framed so that anything touching the art is acid-free). Prolonged exposure to a hot, intense lamp can be damaging. Strong light can even cause cracking or flaking due to the overexposure to the heated source.

You can change the moisture content of the air in your home by using air conditioners, dehumidifiers or humidifiers. This will help you counteract the majority of your temperature problems. Ceiling fans are another great aid to preventing harm to artwork because they circulate the air.

But always remember: never hang a work of art on a wall that gets direct sunlight. It will instantly fade and be ruined for life.

As for storing art, lay them flat. If original work, place acid-free paper on each side. Do not use tissue paper.

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