interior redesign training, home staging training, furniture arrangement training

redesign training, redesign business training, house fluffing, furniture placement
interior redesign training, home staging training, furniture arrangement training


interior redesign, interior decorating, interior design
Make incredible income as an interior redesigner and/or home stager. Work from home. No experience necessary. No expensive seminars. Train at home. Feel proud of your career. Be the envy of your friends. Gain respect from your family and relatives.

1) Basic Interior Redesign Training
2) Basic Home Staging Training
3) Silver Combo Training Only
4) Diamond Combo Course
5) Home Staging Redesign Pricing


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Completely redecorae any room in your home in half a day. Learn the secrets of interior designers using the furniture you already own. Arrangement techniques are easy to learn and apply. Impress your spouse, children, family and friends.

Arranging Furniture Training


Start a new career as a prestigious corporate art consultant. Create beautiful offices for businesses with custom framed art and installation services. No art degree needed. No experience needed. Train at home at your own pace. Barbara Jennings, a 20 year consultant, teaches you how to start your own home-based business.

Corporate Art Consultant Training

interior redesign training, home staging training, furniture arrangement training
interior redesign training, home staging training, furniture arrangement training
interior redesign training, home staging training, furniture arrangement training

Decorating with Area Rugs

Consider using an area rug if you're looking to change a room in your home quickly, easily and inexpensively. It's also a quick fix if you have problems with your existing carpeting. With more and more homes using wood or tile flooring, area rugs have seen an increase in popularity.

An area rug is an excellent way to instantly warm the room up too. They can be the focal point of the room. They can add a great splash of color. They define a seating arrangement beautifully, in a sense creating an island in the room to make it more intimate and inviting. They are also easy to change out according to the seasons of the year.

Before you consider buying one, however, consider some of these tips:

  • Decide what you will use the rug for. Do you want it to protect a hardwood floor? Is it to define a space within a room? Is it to soften and warm up an area of a room?
  • How will you integrate the area rug within the existing decor of the room? You don't want to put a "busy" patterned rug in a room that already has a lot of pattern, such as a patterned wallpaper or sofa fabric. Look for colors in the rug that blend with the other colors in the room. Don't think "match" - think "blend".
  • It's ok to use more than one rug in the same area, so long as the colors coordinate. Vary the size to keep it from looking too expected. You want to keep the space interesting.
  • One of the problems area rugs create is that they tend to "creep" or slide on the floor. You can offset this by placing a rug pad under it. The pad has other benefits: it will protect the rug (and carpeting, if any), it will absorb noise, it will prevent the back of the area rug from scratching a hardwood floor, and it makes vacuuming easier too.
  • Here are some tips on selecting a fiber. To resist sunlight, stains and mildew, choose acrylic. Olefin or polypropylene are considered to be the most stain-resistant, and they tend to be a little less expensive than other fibers too.
  • For versatility, durability and ease of maintenance, consider a nylon fabric; and for softness and durability take a look at wool, but not if you have allergies. While cotton is softer than wool, it is less durable. Jute beats them all for softness, but it fades easily in direct sunlight. Sisal is durable, colorfast and strong. However, you cannot sponge any of these if you get a small stain, so I prefer other types of fabrics myself.
Specific Types of Area Rugs

Fixing Wobbly Furniture

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