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Accessories That Add Something Special to Your Decorating!

Here are some simple ideas of different types of things that you can add to your accessories. Most you probably already own. If not, they are relatively inexpensive and will add the finishing touch to any room. Books! I don't mean junky books, paperbacks with the corners torn or mutilated. I'm talking strictly high quality hard bound books. They should be books that you enjoy reading or that have subject matter related to your life style, hobbies and other interests. Stack a few on your coffee table and end tables. Lay them flat and arrange them so that parts of the lower ones show. Books are interesting, usually colorful and decorative. Make sure the colors on the jackets blend with the colors in the room. No odd balls please.

A bowl of fruit, in blending colors or a specific accent color, is a very nice touch. It makes the room feel inviting and lived in. Whether the fruit is artificial or not is up to you. If it is real, make sure you change it often. There's nothing worse than seeing dried up fruit that has started to mold. A bowl of apples, bananas or oranges. Try it!

Short on wall space? Put a beautiful work of art on an easel and turn it into a focal point in the room. Make sure the art is nicely framed, that it reflects your personality and taste. To make it feel more important, be sure to have it matted (double mats are preferred). Pick a quality frame, not junk. You'd be amazed at the attention it will get. Art on an easel is something unexpected and refreshing. Put furniture and plants nearby that are only slightly higher or lower than the top of the framed art.

decor secrets revealed Don't forget to decorate the top of your armoire or china hutch. When a piece of furniture is tall and leaves a foot or two between it and the ceiling, it is important to fill this space too. A large plant (artificial is just fine) is great for this type of space. Or it can be large pottery. Remember to fill the vertical height of the space, not just the width of the furniture.

If you haven't done so yet, you should really get a copy of my eBook, Decor Secrets Revealed. I run across people all the time who think they know how to decorate a room properly, and the arrangement mistakes are glaring and repetitive. You can have the most interesting and beautiful furnishings and accessories in the world, but if you don't know how to properly arrange them, the whole effect is ruined. I address all of the important issues and concepts you need to know in my eBook, coupled with lots of full color graphics to illustrate what I'm talking about. Don't delay. Get your copy today. It comes with my 60-day money back guarantee, PLUS personalized, on-going mentoring from me whenever you need an answer to any of your decorating questions. For more information, click here Training on Arranging My Furniture.

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