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Arrangement Ideas That Really Work

Choosing your accessories is one of the most important steps you will ever take in your decorating efforts. Why? Because it is your accessories that tell the world something about you as a person. It's your accessories, and your ability to place them correctly, that will give your home the right personality and pull all of the elements together, creating the finishing touches. So don't skimp on your accessories. They are very important to the overall design of any room.

Here are a few examples of accessories that work nicely together. Just as important as "feeling good together", these arrangements accentuate the accessories, making them look spectacular and making the room as a whole complete. The arrangement of accessories is an area of design that many a lay person fails to understand. Even though the concepts are easy and common sense, many a home dweller has ultimately failed in their decoration of their home because the furniture and/or the accessories (or both) are out of place.

While there are a couple places in this shelf unit where a little extra height could have been filled, on the whole this arrangement is quite nice. Notice how the placement of the plates directs the eye in a specific direction. This is called rhythm. Notice too how there is great use of repetition in the other accessories. By choosing pieces that are of similar coloring, style and material, unity is enhanced and you can display a large number of items without the arrangement becoming cluttered.

Quite often a room will have a narrow panel of wall. In this case, the panel is situated between two large windows. All too often homeowners will hang the wrong shape and size of artwork on these narrow strips of wall. Either the art will be too small for the area or the wrong format. Notice how the black and gold art work mirrors the shape of the wall panel itself. But your best chance of total success, keep your art shaped similarly to the shape of the wall. The width of the art should not exceed 2/3rds the width of the wall.

To learn the complete secrets to arranging furniture and accessories in your home, you don't need to hire a professional. You can learn how to do it yourself. I've written an electronic book called Decor Secrets Revealed which will not only explain the concepts to you, you'll also see over 500 pictures dealing with the subject. For more information, visit: Decor Secrets Revealed.

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