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art consulting, corporate art consulting training How would you like to be the creative person who selects the artwork for a conference room like this? I just earned over $5,000 for less than 3 days of my time, creating a beautiful art program for a local company. But it wasn't always like that. You know, before I became independent, I never had a boss I could respect! I was over worked and under-appreciated. So when my last boss (in 1972) told me that the organization for whom I worked was not going to give me any cost of living increase the following year (forget about a raise based on what I was worth, they weren't even keeping up with inflation), I decided then and there that I wasn't going to ever work for anyone else again! I was going to start my own business and get paid what I was worth and not just what they thought they could get by with paying me.

Ever have those feelings? I was the hardest, most creative worker any company could ever ask for, yet I was underpaid and undervalued! I never felt appreciated and my paycheck was just getting me past my bills each month. There was never enough to do any of the things I really wanted and needed to do. Sound familiar?

But what's a girl to do? At the time, I was interested and skilled in graphic design and so I started my own graphics and printing company. That lasted until 1983, when bored to tears and with the introduction of the personal computer at an affordable price, I directory2@barbarajennings.comew that my days in graphic design were numbered.

"I am a 27 year old Art History graduate who has been struggling to find a "fulfilling" direction in the medium of beauty.  I cannot tell you how excited I was to find your site on the web.  Art is my passion.  Every word you wrote spoke straight to my heart.  Im dizzy with excitement at the implications of how your book is going to help me with my foray into the world of art consulting.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for sharing your experience." - Susannah Brouwer

"Also can I say that this vocation (being an art consultant) is a dream of mine, I am presently a technical sales manager in construction dealing with architects. I have always loved art and am naturally artistic. We were going to set up a business anyway but then I saw your book. Thankyou, thankyou... I have always wanted to do something that I would enjoy - this feels like a calling! You, with this book have given me the mechanics to make it work. To pursue your dream is everyones hope. You have made it all the more likely that I will make it work. I just couldn't believe my luck when I saw it!!!! So a big thanks, the rest is up to me. You will never appreciate just how important your book is to my future in both a work and spiritual sense. - Cheers Chris Jones"

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About that time I was introduced to a company called Transart Industries. Longing for something new and challenging, that was still creative, I jumped in. I had never been in this type of business and was a little apprehensive.

But what made me different from most of the other consultants was that I chose to focus on businesses who needed art, rather than homeowners. My first corporate client was a California division of a national company with 23 local branches. I did all of the art for those branches. Eventually over the years that corporation grew to over 300 branch offices locally and 8 regional offices just in the southern part of my state alone.

To say I made a lot of money from just this one client is an understatement! The work was totally enjoyable, creative and always a different. The problems were unbelievably few and through the years my varied list of satisfied clients grew and grew. Just last week I got a call from one of them to do their new 5000 square foot facility in Victorville, CA. My associate and I went there on Monday and designed an entire art program in a single day. Today I received the call that the proposal had been accepted. The budget is a little over $10,000 and approximately half of that will be my net profit - for about 3-4 days of my time max. Sweet!


"Very pleased with the consulting work and happy with the art work selected and installed. Will use again as needed. Excellent to work with, diligent and good results from your efforts." - JMB Financial Managers, Inc.

"The service we received was excellent. Both Barbara and Dave were a pleasure to work with!" - Rebecca Esparza, Enterprise Rent-a-Car

The average purchase my business clients make at one time as of this writing is about $5-8000 worth of art. My profit is usually about half of that amount for about 2-4 days of my time. Many projects are over $10,000 for less than a week's work. One building alone for a corporation exceeded $30,000 for about 1-1/2 weeks work, by the time the project was fully installed.

Now a gal can get pretty spoiled on that kind of money! And working for someone else in a low paying, dead end job was the pits - something I would never want to return to.

Finally you can . . .
  • Have more time and money to travel!
  • Live in style in a new home!
  • Drive the car you've always wanted!
  • Make extra money without spending it all on daycare and gasoline!

Be a Decorative Art Consultant
Now, at long last, you can get my exclusive and brand new eBook called, Pro Art Consulting, which is hot off the ePress! And in it you will find that I have laid out step-by-step everything, and I mean everything you need to know to get started in your own full time or part time home based business as a decorative art consultant. There is no other book (or eBook) on this exact subject anywhere on the planet! This is a one-of-a-kind, very, very specific book on the subject of decorative art consulting for corporate clients based on my 20 years in the business.

If you love the business world and want to stay involved in the corporate scene, but you also just want to get out on your own and build your own empire, have your own dream, work when you want and take off when you want, earn what you are worth with NO LIMITS to how much you can earn, then this is the perfect extremely low-risk business for you!

hanging art, how to hang art where to hang art, art placement This executive loved deep sea fishing and had one of his catches preserved and ready for mounting. It made an extraordinary impact in his office and was a great conversation piece. An art consultant works to achieve the goals of the client, and this may entail some creative touches that don't fall into the art category.


"It has been several years since Barbara assisted in our office print selections. I'm grateful that Barbara contacted us so that we can call her when we're in a position to add or update our former selections." - Betty Ackerman, Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.

"As the Group Operations Manager, I am held with the responsibility of finding the appropriate vendors to service our facilities. We have been using Designer's Art & Frame for many years and are pleased with their consistent and outstanding service. Their accurate details can be seen throughout our Southern California offices. We appreciate their professionalism and would recommend them to any company with artwork needs." - Jeff Barrett

art consulting, business art, corporate art consulting training decorative art for businesses This hospital corridor was very plain and boring until we added some well placed fine art prints, all framed similarly to create unity. What a difference that made. They were thrilled.

I'd still be doing it full time except that I've entered my senior years now and want to stay home more. I'll continue to service my regular clients, but I'm not seeking new business. Right now the only thing that really attracts me is staying in one place and helping other people achieve their dreams. If you've wandered around this web site at all, you've already discovered that I've written four other books, but all of them are basically geared for the residential client or residential decorator.

This book is for those of us who love the world of business, the prestige of associating with CEOs on a first name basis, and the really big incomes that can be generated from shamelessly little effort. Well, I guess I should qualify that. This is not a get rich quick scheme. But as far as the amount of work you have to do on a project, it's relatively simple and quick. I still remember the day I made $1000 just for accepting a phone call, writing up an invoice and placing an order. It sure beats 9-5 dead-end jobs with cranky bosses and gossiping co-workers!

"All I can say is 'Wow'! I can't believe all of the great information in this eBook. I am just astounded - and there's no fluff either. Thanks a million." -- Joyce Devries

"I'm really enjoying your book! (Pro Art Consulting!) I'm very interested in art and art consultation. I'm also interested in art brokering. Isn't it amazing the heights to which art prices can soar, i.e., the recent Picasso sale at Sotheby's? - Ian Campbell"

Pro Art Consulting is a stimulating how-to eBook (or printed version - the equivalent of 192 full sized pages) that I have just completed as of this writing. As one of the first corporate art consultants in Southern California, with experience dating back to 1983, I am now sharing all of my secrets, tips, procedures, policies, methods, design concepts and business skills with my readers -- passing the baton to the younger generation to carry on and do even greater, more creative and more challenging projects than I did. I'm looking for a few good art-loving entrepreneurial types, who live in or near a metropolitan area, and who would love to learn what this "old pro" has to teach. Are you that unique person? If not, don't waste your time reading any further.

My latest eBook, Pro Art Consulting, (192 pages, 8-1/2x11 equivalent) will teach you everything you need to know to start your own home based business as a corporate art consultant, specializing in decorative art (not to be confused with museum/curator type of art consulting). Whether you want to work part time or full time, now you can learn to do what I have done for the past two decades.

art consulting, business art, art consultant training decorative art for businesses, how to be an art consultant Selecting art for the lobby of a company is important because it is the first area that a prospective client or employee sees. The work chosen should reflect the image of the company and be strong enough to command a degree of attention. Art is very important, because the choice conveys the identity and image of the company. It does much more than simply decorate a facility.

Earn What You Are Worth

Don't go looking for some outrageous seminar or class to train you because they don't exist, at least not that I have found. This is a very specialized niche market. You don't need experience, but you do need to have a creative flair and be self motivated.

“I’ve always wondered who planned the art for the company I worked for previously and thought about how nice a job they did. Now I’m so excited to be able to learn how I can start my own business doing this. Thank you for the extremely well written book on the topic. I’m so excited to get started.” – Ella Sonders

“Your book is amazing. You really know what you’re talking about. Thanks.” – Joy Armbrust
work-at-home, work at home, art consulting

This also isn't your average decorating book. This is focused exclusively on the specific business of offering a decorative art consulting service to companies (the equivalent of 180 pages, 8-1/2x11). All of the information is tried and true. It's not theory made up by some "expert" who has never been involved in the business. It's practical, how to secrets, tips, procedures and methods by a bona-fide corporate art consultant with 20 year's experience. No games!  No fluff!  Just the real stuff!

You see, you deserve to have the best-reasoned, the best informed, the most objective and knowledgeable advice you can get so that you can make intelligent decisions regarding your future, so that you don't live to regret paying out a small fortune for information that was inferior or incomplete or that didn't motivate you and sustain you. I don't want to see anyone get caught up in somebody's clutches, wind up misguided and disillusioned. I don't want anyone to make critical, imprudent decisions that could screw up their life and their finances too.

So let me list for you quick just some of the topics that I cover in my new eBook and you judge for yourself.

Here's What You Will Get

  • 7 benefits you can expect to derive
  • How to develop an entrepreneurial mindset
  • How to prepare yourself
  • What kinds of things you need to know
  • How to create a professional image
  • Standard ethics for consultants (and all businesses)
  • How to find the clients you want to have
  • How to position yourself in the marketplace
  • 11 tips on servicing designers, architects and the "trade"
  • Why you don't need to own an art gallery or frame shop
  • Why and when businesses buy art
  • How to know who is a genuine prospect
  • How to get with the decision maker
  • How to organize your consulting business
  • How to create satisfied clients
  • 19 ways to generate prospects and clients
  • The best way to contact a prospect
  • Sample letters that will open the door for you
  • 18 common questions they might ask
  • How to handle your first appointment
  • How to make the best first impression
  • Tool of the trade you will need to have
  • 24 questions to ask a prospect
  • 5 ways to qualify a prospect
  • 6 questions to ask of yourself
  • How to conduct a walk thru
  • How to do a formal presentation
  • Closing techniques that work
  • Getting a budget, a blueprint, samples and a deposit
  • How to access the facility
  • The top ten mistakes most companies make regarding art and how to avoid them
  • How to design a decorative art proposal that from A-Z
  • The top ten decorative art publishing companies and how to contact them
  • How to acquire the images, design them, and have them custom framed
  • How to deliver the art and install it
  • The secret art of hanging art professionally
  • Dealing with budgets and contracts
  • How to present the art proposal
  • Ideas for creating your own forms
  • How to order from publishers and galleries
  • The top 8 decorative art publishers
  • How to measure art and specify framing
  • Follow-up services and offers
  • Establishing the value of you in the equation
  • How to budget for your own expenses
  • The importance of a guarantee
  • Subcontracting, trade discounts, terms and billing
  • How to set up and effectively manage your business
  • The importance of advertising and public relations
  • Fourteen tips on creating a strong press release
  • Thirty two ways to create news about your business, products and services
  • How to optimize your website to increase traffic
  • Three of the top successful strategies you should know
  • The difference between tactics and strategies
  • How to become a strategic force in the business
  • Eighteen questions you should ask yourself if you want to become a winner
  • And so much more, I can't list it here, honestly
To be perfectly candid, of all the books I have written, I think this one is my best effort. I have literally spilled every idea, concept, tactic, policy, marketing strategy, design concept and procedure I have ever conceived and implemented in my twenty year experience.

Just imagine yourself creating the most awesome art concept for a large facility, maybe even an entire building. Imagine the thrill of having a host of executives and other employees marvel at the beautiful images as you hang them up. It's like Christmas all year round!

That's the fantastic feeling that I get every time I go on a consulting appointment. I can't wait for the artwork to arrive and get framed so that I can see how much more beautiful my client's offices will look. I think I enjoy the experience more than they do because I know that I am expressing my own good taste and creativity on every project I do. It could be that way for you too.

“This is one of the most informative books I have ever read. You covered it all with precision.”  - Carrie St. George

“I’ve taken many design classes and you’re the first person I’ve run across who really taught me the ins and outs of this part of interior design. I would highly recommend your book to anyone interested in a career in this field. Congratulations.” – Marjorie Whitmore

"Hi Barbara, I received the book yesturday (Pro Art Consulting), Thanks so much! I already read the first 13 pages and its great, I love your attention to every detail. I already know that this book will change my life for the best. Thanks again, Anonymous"

While it usually takes between 2 and 3 weeks to implement an art program once the proposal has been approved, the anticipation of the final outcome is always exciting. No two jobs are exactly alike. I can work when I want, where I want, with whom I want. There's no one looking over my shoulder and I can really express my own unique creativity, while bringing my clients the perfect art program to achieve their goals.

Does That Sound Like Something You'd Like to Do?

You don't need a degree in interior design nor art nor art appreciation nor art history to do this kind of service. You don't need any consulting license. You do need a good working knowledge of how to arrange art and how to hang it (provided for you in Decor Secrets Revealed, right here on this web site), but other than that you just need to learn how to provide the service, get the appointments and bank the money! I don't know any other business where I can make such good money for such little time, and with so little risk and have such fun.

And my books literally cover every conceivable area you're likely to run across. Pro Art Consulting has everything you need to do it right! And it even comes with an iron clad 30-day guarantee in case you are not satisfied, so there's absolutely no risk to you.

Check Out My Special Bonuses

BONUS #1 - Value $30 With your eBook you'll also get a FREE copy of my special Report "Designing Art Over Furniture" ($30.00 value), which is a series of 60 graphic images that shows you the do's and don't of selecting the right size of image and format for over typical office furniture. I tell you what is wrong and what is right and why. You can only get this Free Bonus Report with your purchase of Pro Art Consulting.

BONUS #2 - Value $20.00 As an additional free bonus, you'll receive my bonus report called, Art Consulting Case Study, which is a study of the corporate art consulting concept that I just finished creating. The art project retailed for a little of $10,000 and my profit was just over $5,300 for about 3 day's work. I've filled the report with explanations of what I was doing and it's loaded with 30 photos of the job, taken right as it was being installed. This report alone is worth $20.00 or more.

BONUS GIFT #3- Value $359.00 per year You will also receive my FREE Redesigner's/Art Consultant's newsletter (for sample, click here) which will focus on all kinds of concepts, tips and training for starting, developing and managing a home-based business as a consultant. Other readers of Rearrange It and Pro Art Consulting will be allowed to submit questions, tips and ideas. Subscriptions to this newsletter and all content is carefully monitored and you can only be accepted if you are in the redesign or art consulting profession. Right now getting a subscription is FREE with your purchase, however, that could change in the future, so act now.

barbara jennings, art consultant, art consultant trainer BONUS #4 - Value $5000 And just like all of my eBooks, you will also be given my secret email address just for those who purchase my books so that you can ask me questions that pertain to your own situation.  All I ask is that you read the eBook in it's entirety once, maybe even twice, and then fire any questions you have to me. I will gladly answer them immediately. I'm the world's No. 1 Redesign Trainer and the ONLY Decorative Art Consultant Trainer to my knowledge. My time and expertise is extremely valuable now and I don't take that for granted - nor should you. There is no where else you can go on the planet and find this kind of personalized support and mentoring, at no additonal charge! No where! No one else offers you that kind of follow up, just for the price of a book! I usually respond to any questions posed to me the same day I get the email, so you'll have a quick answer to your questions.


Value of Free Bonus Gifts: $5409.00

"Wow, Barbara, thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly! I really appreciate your advice. I will let you know how I go! (Pro Art Consulting)" - Megan Tozer, Australia

Thanks so much for going the extra mile for me . . . I'm a fan for life now!" -- Midge Weidner

That on-going promise to personally help you should convince you how serious I am in wanting to help those that would like to experience the creative world of corporate accessory design and have their own part time or full time business as well. I used to have one of those dead-end, boring left brain jobs working hard for someone else who treated me poorly. But I got out of the employee rat race in 1972 and have never looked back! So can you!

So Get Out Your Credit Card Now and Get Free!

Within minutes you can start your new business as a corporate art consultant. It's prestigious! It's fun! It's creative! There's a lot to learn, to be honest, but it is very logical and just about anyone can do it. You do have to work at it, I won't kid you, so if you're lazy, it's not for you. This is not a get rich quick scheme. But if you enjoy art and people, if you crave color and design and creativity, this is where you belong! At least you owe it to yourself to check it out!

You can order your copy through our Secure Server on line and get instructions on how to download it on to your computer in less than 5 minutes, or you can FAX or mail in your order, using the links below. It takes longer that way, but it's up to you.

Order now. Cause if you wait, I guarantee you'll never do it and five years from now you'll be regretting it big time!  Ground floor opportunities don't come along all that often. Even though I started 17 years ago, you'd be amazed how many people have never heard of corporate art consulting services. You'd be amazed how many companies are never contacted, even by local galleries. There is a lot of money to be made in the art field, you just have to know how to find it and how to get it. And that's just what Pro Art Consulting will teach you. The rest is up to you.

If you order by

this eBook (which should sell for $399.95 or higher due to all the years it took me to fine tune this type of career) will only be a low, low price of $99.95 (eBook version to be read on your computer), our special introductory rate (or $139.95 plus S/H for non-refundable printed version). You won't find this training any where else on the planet so it's a real bargain! Don't delay as this price may go up at any time. It's only available here. I not only teach you how to start and build a business in this lucrative field, but I teach you exactly how to do the creative part too. That is literally 192 pages of gold! Most how-to books only give you theory. I promise you, I have covered the subject so thoroughly in this 3-Part Business Primer that I literally got exhausted time and time again and had to lay the project aside over a 4 month process and come back to it repeatedly.

This is an incredible deal, even at a much higher price.  Where else can you start your own art consulting business and literally have almost everything you need for less than $170??? Where else can you have a world-class trainer in redesign and decorative art consulting give you on-going personal mentoring? I have done such a thorough job in laying it all out for you, I know I will prevent you from making costly mistakes, the kind of mistakes I made early on because I had no one to teach me. I don't want to belabor the point. But I honestly am very proud of what I have accomplished in this eBook. I will literally be shocked if anyone should ask for a refund because I have poured everything I've learned over 22 years into this Primer and some of the concepts, strategies and procedures cost me thousands of dollars in strategic training from marketing gurus or years of trial and error to develop and perfect.

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Remember My Four Bonus Gifts

You'll get my free Report called "Designing Art Over Furniture", which will teach you how to choose the best sizes and formats for clients, showing you 60 graphic images that says it all with a glance. You'll also get my free bonus report, Art Consulting Case Study, which will show you exactly what I did on the $10,000 art project I just finished. You also will be entitled to personalized help from me via my special email address and a listing in my consultant's directory on this website. It's like having your own personal mentor looking over your shoulder at no additional charge!  You won't find that anywhere either!  All the consulting promises I've ever read on the internet have a hefty fee attached to them. I don't see anyone anywhere offering on-going consultation for free.

My Personal Guarantee
As with all our other informational products, you get a
30-Day Money Back Guarantee if not delighted and you'll also receive my special email address just for clients where you can get additional personalized help FREE, so if you need help applying the concepts in the books, I'll guide you further. For fastest service click on the left link.  Here's how to order:

"Dear Barbara thank you very much, I can't wait to finish reading your masterpiece! - Veronika Hollmannova"

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The fastest way to order is directly from the Secure Server Order Form link below. Keep in mind that when you use our order form on our Secure Servers, we can email you the instructions to get the software version of the manual within 5 minutes so you can start re-decorating/re-arranging immediately.

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