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Hanging Art is a Cinch When You Know the Tricks of the Trade!

hang pictures, hang art, how to hang artworkEver wonder how to get two framed images hung exactly at the same height, completely level? Ever struggle with getting the height of a picture hung exactly where you want it, without putting 9 holes in the wall before you got it right? Ever struggled with trying to arrange a grouping of pictures over a sofa, not how to hang the grouping nor where to start? Well, you're not alone. These dilemmas and many more just like them are perplexing to many people. But help is finally here and you could be just minutes away from solving just about any problem you may ever face when it comes to hanging art the quick and simple way.

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Now, at long last, you can get our exclusive and brand new eBook called, The Secret Art of Hanging Art, which is a treasure trove of insider secrets and tips on how to professionally hang framed art, pictures, mirrors and anything else you want to put on a wall. Written by Dave Fahs, an installation professional since 1983, and corporate art consultant/interior decorator Barbara Jennings, this is a compilation of step by step procedures they have successfully used for years to hang massive numbers of art images all over Southern California.

It's guaranteed to be everything you ever wanted to know about how to hang a single work of art, a couple of companions and even complex wall groupings. And that's not all, it has easy to follow techniques for the really ambitious home decorator who wants to create and hang a gallery wall, particularly difficult when it's done in a staircase.

Gone forever are those multiple holes in the wall back of your pictures because you got them too high, too low, off center, crooked or the myriad of other faux pas that can happen when you're hanging artwork, pictures, mirrors, shelves and wall groupings, especially.

hanging art, how to hang art, hanging pictures Easy to read, this one-of-a-kind eBook
which you read on your computer is available only here. In just 5 minutes you could be learning all of our secrets, such as:

  • The right tools to use
  • The right hanging hardware to use
  • The latest in hardware choices
  • How to prepare a wall and cover holes, both large and small
  • Selecting the right locations
  • Finding the right horizontal measurements
  • Finding the right vertical measurements
  • The right height for hanging art over furniture
  • The right height for walk-by walls
  • Hanging art that is wired on the back
  • Various types and numbers of hooks
  • Taking measurements correctly and accurately
  • Using screw anchors
  • Hanging oversized art, mirrors and other large pieces
  • How to hang companions
  • Getting the right horizontal measurements for companions
  • Getting the right vertical measurements for companions
  • Hanging a wall grouping
  • Hanging a wall grouping over stairs
  • Security hardware
Written as a compliment to our other book, Where There's a Wall -- There's a Way, these two exclusive training programs will teach you pretty much everything you ever wanted to know about designing with art -- and everything you ever wanted to know about hanging art once you have it.


Imagine knowing just where to put your pictures and being able to get them hung quickly and easily. No more multiple nail holes behind the picture trying to find the best height. Now you'll be able to hang just about anything, just about any where, and do it right the first time!!!!


"I learned so much from this book. Thank you sharing." -- Marie Lee

"This was just what I was looking for. . . . Thanks so much!  Your techniques made it so easy." -- Sue Whitmore

But That's Not All You'll Get

You'll also get free bonus gifts just for ordering The Secret Art of Hanging Art. That's right. I want to make this as valuable and beneficial for you as I can.

As a purchaser of one of my books, you'll be sent a special client only email address that is given out only to my readers so that you can contact me personally for help should you need it
($3000 Value). I know it's one thing to talk about concepts and design principles and it's quite another thing to apply them correctly. So I won't leave you in the lurch without helping you further. In essence, you'll have me as your personal mentor by email should you need me to answer any questions regarding the material in the eBook. How many authors do you know about who are willing to do that?

I have just included another exclusive Bonus called, "A Visual Guide to Coordinating Art Over Furniture" (worth the price of the eBook just by itself
- $29.95 value), which will show you numerous graphic illustrations of do's and don'ts when choosing art to hang over your furniture. Examples will include art over sofas, desks, tables, chairs, TVs, entertainment centers, fireplaces, beds, chests, dressers and walk-by walls. You won't find this kind of teaching anywhere else but within this eBook. It's all included automatically to give you even more value for your money.

When you think of the time and effort you're going to save by using the techniques and tips contained in The Secret Art of Hanging Art, this would be a bargain at twice the price -- but as an introductory special we are offering it at the low, low price of just $19.95 if you purchase it by

And it's only available here, so no need to look elsewhere for it. You won't find it. No one else has it.

You can order your copy through our Secure Server on line and get instructions on how to download it on to your computer in less than 5 minutes, or you can FAX or mail in your order, using the link below.

Order now. Put an end to all your frustrations when it comes to hanging your treasures on your walls.

My Personal Guarantee
If you need help applying the concepts in the eBook, I'll be able to guide your further, just write me. And don't forget you also get the Visual Guide to Coordinating Art Over Furniture absolutely free as well.

"Thank you for your great customer service. You really got back to me quickly and I appreciate that." -- Mona Levitt

Now that's an offer you won't receive any where else either!

Most authors sell you their products and then run off.  Not me. I want you to find all the answers to your questions and help you apply what I teach, so if you need further help, you only have to ask for it from a special email address provided only to those who purchase the eBook. This service is FREE but only to my client readers. Send your questions and you'll get real time answers, usually the same day. Here's how to order:

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"Barbara Jennings has a true gift for seeing how a room can be arranged to enhance the function of the room with furnishings already present, blending it with features such as windows, shelving and fireplaces. During visits to my home, she has arranged the living rooms in two of my homes so that seating encouraged personal interaction and best displayed my furniture and international glassware. The rooms went from ordinary to artful and interesting, always creating comments on how much more presentable they were than before. This she accomplished in half a day, no less! There is no end to her creativity. I have seen her arrange my mother's home twice using the same furniture, all very different, yet all interesting and eye-catching. A person could have her come once a year and re-do everything, not just come one time, and if we lived closer together, she would be doing just that in my home." -- Karen Lockwood, Bozeman, MT

"I really found this book helpful. Thank you for putting it together." - Ashley Smithe

"I was able to design 3 very intricate wall groupings after reading your book. This was a very valuable resource for me. My thanks." - Simone Garson

"It is short and to the point. I like that." - Jennifer Tremont

"Thank you for all your personal help. I must admit I'm kind of all thumbs when it comes to decorating. Your book really helped me visualize what I wanted. Many thanks." - Eva Locklear

"Your training program is the most complete that I have seen. I got Rearrange It and Decor Secrets and they were excellent. By adding Where There's a Wall ... it gave me the complete training I was looking for. Congratulations." - Tammy Abercrombie

"I hate to read through a ton of information to get at what I really want to know how to do. Your book gave me an easy way to learn what I needed to know so I could fit it into my busy schedule. Thanks for making it simple." - Sarah Connors


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