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August's Decorating Advice from Barbara
Now we're entering the downside of summer. Vacations are either already taken or will take place this month and we're beginning to think about school starting and plans for the fall. Some of you have probably been hit with some extreme weather issues, but I hope most of you are faring quite well and moving right along with your decorating plans for the year.

interior redesign industry specialist, we redesign, use what you already own decorating Arrange Your Stuff!
ANNOUNCING! BRAND NEW AUGUST 2005 BOOK! 189 pages of illustrated drawings and photos of professionally arranged rooms, together with the author's personal notes. An incredible and exclusive manual of redesign training available no where, no, not at any price! The most comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide on the subject of furniture arranging. Designed to complement and supplement Decor Secrets Revealed.

  • exterior home, redesign, interior redesignBefore fall weather sets in, now is the best time of year for most of us to turn our attention to the exteriors of our homes. Whether you're planning on selling your home or not, it's important for the overall value of your home to have a great exterior. So I've included some tips on how to increase your home's value with exterior design.

  • My personal home is bursting at the seams since my two college grads have returned home. That has made me personally enthusiastic about multi-purpose furniture, so I've included some tips on that.

  • It's a good time of year to get rid of things you don't want or need anymore. But why not make some money in the process? I've included some good and practical tips on holding a successful garage sale.

  • I've also included some tips on removing wallpaper and how to care for laminate floors.

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Using Multi-Purpose Furniture Effectively

How to Remove Wallpaper

Tips for a Successful Garage Sale

Caring for Laminate Floors

Exterior Redesign Tips for Your Home

How to Get Curb Appeal

Master List of Decorating Tips

"Arrange Your Stuff!" Is Here Finally!

furniture arranging, arrange furniture, interior redesign I'm very excited at the thought of completing my 8th book which is hot off the press this week. I've filled it up with over 100 line drawings of furniture arrangements: the most typical to solve most problems, plus tons of before and after arrangement solutions. This promises to be one of the best and most practical arrangement guides on the planet. Not only will you see how to professionally arrange furniture the right way, you'll see multiple ways of doing the same room and how you can take those arrangement ideas to tweak your own. You'd be amazed at how many different ways you can arrange the same room with the same things and have it come out spectacularly every time. Get your copy now at the introductory rate: Arrange Your Stuff!.

Local Personalized Help by Barbara
I haven't been conquered by a room yet after 20 years. So if you live in the Southern California area and want personalized help right in the comfort of your home, it's easy to contact me. I have different rates depending on your distance from Huntington Beach and the complexity of the project. For more details of what a room redesign can do for you or someone you know, click here: Interior Redesign Consultations for Southern California Residents.

Interior Redesign Training
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Earn extra money decorating for others. Learn about the rewarding career opportunities in the interior redesign field. No experience necessary. Train at home at your pace. We offer the most affordable and thorough training anywhere. 3 Training Levels to Choose from:
1) Basic Redesign Training
2) Advanced Redesign Training
3) Gold Level Redesign Training

For comparisons and recommendations, visit:

Furniture Arrangement Training

Can't seem to get your room to look right? Struggling with your furniture placement? Do things look "off" no matter where you put them? Well, struggle no more. Help is just a click away. Our fool proof furniture arrangement concepts will solve any dilemma and quite literally just won't fail. Get the details here: Decor Secrets Revealed

Arrange Your Stuff

Embarrassed about how your living room looks? Can't get your family room to function and look good at the same time? Looking for solid tips and training that is easy to understand? Get the details here: Arrange Your Stuff

Floral Design Training

Love floral arrangements? Want to get more pizzazz and drama out of your arrangements? Learn how to design custom floral arrangements for every room in your home. We've got all the tips and how to info. Get the details here: Floral Design Training

Art Consulting Training

Ever wonder who decides what art work to put in a business? Think that might be a fun way to make money? Well, you're right. It's not only creative, it's a way to make extremely good income. Get the details here: Custom Art for Businesses

Wall Grouping Training

Have a ton of family photographs you want to hang up? Have a lot of small art that needs to be grouped together for more impact? Learn the secrets used by interior designers to create beautiful wall groupings. Get the details here: 101 Ways to Dress a Naked Wall

Private Consultations

Need personalized help? If you live in the Los Angeles or Orange County area of Southern California, you can get help for your home immediately without spending a small fortune for consultation and solutions. Get the details here: Personalized Consultation Services

Earn Royalties

Would you like to get an unexpected check in the mail? Now you can get paid simply for referring our websites to your friends, relatives, acquaintances. We pay royalties on two levels. Get the details here: Money in Your Mailbox

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