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Autumn Decorating Ideas

Have you ever decorated just for the fall season? Well, if you haven't, then perhaps it's about time to try it out. You might be astonished at the results that fall decorating efforts will bring. Adding seasonal touches in just a few key spots will keep your decorating fresh and fun for the whole year.

Now's a good time to venture into your basement, attic, garage or back room in search of all those other accessories you own but rarely display. After being in storage for a while, you'll be amazed at how quickly you fall in love with them all over again. So dust them off and bring them out for another period of enjoyment.

Chances are you've purchased more accessories since you last used them, so each time you bring them out, you're adding them to new items you've acquired. Because of this, your autumn decorating displays will never be the same as they've been in the past.

But to spur you on, here are a few standby ideas and guidelines:

  • Colors - Concentrate on these colors: orange, yellow, rust, green, brown, black, tan, red, purple, plum, blue. Within these major color categories, you'll want to have various intensities, moving from tints to darker shades.
  • Fall Foliage - Visit your local hobby store or artificial floral supply store. They are always coming out with new products that are fabulous for autumn decorating: grasses, vines, flowers that truly look realistic, branches, fruit. By winding tendrils around chandeliers or railings, and by arranging bouquets in bottles, baskets or urns, you'll get in the mood in a hurry. Try weaving vines through your table top displays as well.
  • Twig Bundles - Twigs come in all shapes and sizes and are ideal accents when you just want a touch of color somewhere. You can tuck them almost anywhere. Tie a bunch together and stand on end. Make 3-5 bunches and stand them on end down the center of your rectangular dining room table. Or place them in a circle around a larger centerpiece for round tables.
  • Gourds - Nothing quite says "fall decorating" like gourds placed here and there amongst your other accessories. Use small ones on your candlesticks on the mantel. Dress them up a bit with Spanish moss and ribbon. Buy a large glass container, about 2 feet tall, and fill it with different sizes of gourds in different colors. Place it on the top of an armoire or use as the basis for a centerpiece on your table. Sprinkle artificial blossoms inside for more color.
  • Baskets - I love baskets of all sorts, sizes, colors. You name it - I like the textures. And they are usually quite inexpensive as well. But for fall decorating ideas, I love the baskets that are extra rustic, even discolored or stained. You can fill them with flowers, large walnuts, branches, twigs, anything that's got your fall colors. How about a bunch of fallen maple leaves that have turned orange and red already?
  • Candles, Fruit, Veggies and Aromas - Look for fall colored decorative and scented candles to add the extra touches for your autumn decorating ideas. Fall colored vegetables and fruit make fabulous filler for decorative plates and bowls. Work them into your displays. Buy some cinnamon and cloves and some apple cider. Cook them together on a slow burner and let the aroma fill your home.
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