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Certification Announcement Postcards - only for CSS or CRS designated candidates who have passed the exam and portfolio review process!

home staging postcardsPostcards are an excellent way to announce to the world that you have become certified. People are usually impressed with such credentials and it is a great time to make contact, even with people you have contacted in the past.

Now you don't have to create your own announcement cards, because we've done that for you.  All you need do is decide how many cards you want and mail them out to your list of prospects and clients. Be generous in sending these out because they can only help you build your business in a powerful way and can really only be sent out once.

Since they are postcards, you save on postage and your investment is low. We've put a generic message on the front but will customize it with your name and business name, leaving you with plenty of space on the back for a quick, personal note, and your contact information.

Save Time! Get the Word Out Fast!

  • Minimum 100 cards per purchase - customized for you
  • High gloss coated on top side
  • Strong marketing message geared to announce your achievement
  • No gloss coating on back - suitable for your hand stamp or label to be affixed or to handwrite your contact information
  • Professionally designed and printed
All are beautiful and will represent your certification achievement in the most professional manner. Your investment is only $49.95 per hundred plus shipping/handling.

Do NOT purchase these unless you have been granted our certification. We check records and if you have not completed the process or never even applied, your order will be voided and will not process. These cards are strictly for those individuals who have passed the exam and passed the portfolio submission process and been advised by us of their achievement.nt.

Purchase The Cards Below if You Are a CSS/CRS Achiever

Purchase The Cards Below if You Are a CSS Achiever

Purchase The Cards Below if You Are a CRS Achiever

Order Your Beautiful Announcement Cards to Celebrate Your Certification

CSS/CRS Achievement Cards

CSS Achievement Cards

CRS Achievement Cards

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