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home staging, staging homes

Christmas Shopping Tips: How to Spend Less Money

Is your Christmas budget smaller this year than last year? Need to budget your shopping? Here are some great tips to help you.

Get on Local Mall's Mailing List - Many malls will alert you to upcoming sales and send you coupons to use at the stores there.

Shop at Outlet Stores - Visit a mall's website and print off coupons or vouchers for a coupon book available at the mall. You can even buy coupon books online for about $3-5.

Visit Coupon Websites - Get coupons from websites that specialize in that, such as keycodecoupons.com or couponcabin.com.

Shop at Warehouse Clubs - There are many warehouse clubs around the country such as Costco, Sam's Club, and BJ's. You can often find deals from 30-50% below retail. Annual memberships run about $40-50 for the year, but well worth it if you find enough bargains to put you ahead of the game.

Craft Store Weekly Coupons - Take all your ads with you when you shop. Many craft stores will accept coupons from competitor stores.

Free After Rebate - Some stores, like office supply stores, sell products that are free after you turn in the rebate coupon. These make excellent stocking stuffers. Why not stick in some free software or pens?

Credit Card Rewards - Do you shop with a rewards card? Discover Card, for instance, can get you gift cards from some 80 retailers. The cards are worth up to double the standard cash rebate value. Suggest to the recipient that they use the gift card in January when most stores drop their prices and run gigantic sales.

Sleuthing for Bargains - ShopLocal.Com allows you to check and see if you can purchase the identical item at a nearby store for less. Use your cell phone when shopping to check competitor pricing. This service can be acquired on your phone for about $2.99 a month and is available from most national cell phone service providers.

Buy Older Models - Last year's electronic models tend to sell for 25% less than the newer ones. Features on newer models that aren't on older models tend to be few and the smaller price might outweigh the value of those features.

Ask for Refund If Prices Fall Later - Not all stores will give one, but if there hasn't been much time pass, you just might get the difference refunded to you.

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