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arranging furniture, arrange furniture, interior redesign training, home staging training
interior redesign, furniture arrangement, furniture placement
arranging furniture, arrange furniture, interior redesign training, home staging training
arranging furniture, arrange furniture, interior redesign training, home staging training
arranging furniture, arrange furniture, interior redesign training, home staging training
arranging furniture, arrange furniture, interior redesign training, home staging training

The Current Color Trends

PHOTO COURTESY COLOR MARKETING GROUP - If you want to stay on top of the current color trends for last year and next year, you can get my "Current Decorating Color Trends" report. Most people don't know it, but interior designers and product manufacturers pay over $600 per year to be associate members of the Color Marketing Group, the group that decides the color trends of the future. This is how they get the insider information in advance so that they can plan their product lines and guide their clients into the color palettes that are cutting edge and fresh.

This explains why you can go into a store, pick out a wallpaper and find fabric to "match", or the right color of paint to "match". It explains why our appliances turn out to be the right color, our window covering choices seem to "match perfectly" with our carpet choices. This doesn't happen by accident, nor does it happen by magic. The colors you are buying today were pre-determined at least 2 years ago and today's color palette is the result of careful pre-planning.

But it's nice that members of the Color Marketing Group get all this advanced knowledge. But what about the rest of us? Do you know where color is heading? If you're going to redecorate your existing home, or you just bought a new home, do you know what the current palette is or will you be caught choosing colors that are passe and difficult to match? Well, don't get concerned. Help is here.

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Now that you've hopefully subscribed to my free newsletter, you should know that for just $9.95 (if you order by midnight tonight), you can receive online colors and explanations that are currently hot, trendy and defining the colors for this season and next year. When you consider that you invest a lot of money any time you decorate or redecorate, and that you won't be redoing your projects for many years to come, don't you think you ought to know what colors are "in" now so that your efforts won't immediately "outdate" you and so that you have the greatest selection of coordinating products to choose from? Believe me, there's nothing worse in the decorating field than the frustration of not being able to find the right products to coordinate with what you already have or are planning to do.

Ordering your online copy is easy. After you place your order, you will receive an email within less than 5 minutes with a special link. To order your online copy by credit card and get the special link to access these color trends immediately, choose the Secure Server Link below (recommended option).

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