arranging furniture, arrange furniture, interior redesign training, home staging training
interior redesign, furniture arrangement, furniture placement
arranging furniture, arrange furniture, interior redesign training, home staging training
arranging furniture, arrange furniture, interior redesign training, home staging training
arranging furniture, arrange furniture, interior redesign training, home staging training
arranging furniture, arrange furniture, interior redesign training, home staging training

Need a Simple Way to Compare Training Programs?

Need a simple way to compare the most popular training programs being offered around the country in the field of redesign and home staging? Here is a simple way to compare. Choose the direction that makes the most sense.

TESTIMONIAL - "Dear Barbra, Sorry that I haven't written to you sooner, but we got home from vacation about a week ago. When I got home a was so anxious to get started. I love everything that I purchase from the Diamond combo training. I was so excited to start and I have already finish reading the Decor Secrets, Great Parties! Great Homes,Where's there's a wall there's a way and the Home Staging. Your training books are so good that everytime that I started reading one page I couldn't wait to read the next one. There's so many wonderful idea's. I have learn so much already and I'm anxious now to start my next training book and home enhancement CD's. It was way more than than I expected. I was love my designer bag, the 3 room files with the magnetic sheet for the floor plan and also the file holder. The diamond combo is well worth my money. Well, I better go now and start reading. God bless and have a great day. Lisa Berge"

Home Staging CheckList 80 page guide (5x8) A few pages, if at all
Home Staging Training 216 pages (9x11) Varies (extent unknown), some have separate programs for additional fees.
Staging Luxurious Homes 232 pages (6x9) None
Basic Redesign Training 168 pages (9x11) Varies, from a few hand-outs on up
Advanced Redesign/Staging 224 pages (9x11) More commonly none
Decorating Training (Design) 15 chapter eBook
450+ color photos
Hands-On Training in comfortable, relaxed format
Yes, varying degrees of hands-on training as a class
Redesign Sketch Manual (Design) 189 pages (9x11) None
Semi-Custom Mini Websites Custom webpage hosted indefinitely on our server until you get your own website link submitted to us Some offer tiny "semi-custom" websites, visited mostly by other students, not bona fide client prospects; sites have duplicate copy and benefit the trainer, not particularly the student
Hosting Fees None $250 per year (3-5 times the going rate for a lot less with extremely limited changes available)
Certification Genuine Certification (Exam & Portfolio) Certificate for Attendance at Seminar; Certificate for Buying Their Program
Wallgrouping Training (Design) 128 pages Most don't have
Tablescapes, Decorating and Hosting Parties (Design) 15 Chapter eBook Not available
International Directory (Marketing) $100 annually (unless Gold or Diamond) $150-250 Yearly or more depending
Powerpoint Presentation to Realtors 65 Slides with Script None
Powerpoint Presentation on Redesign 60 Slides with Script None
Slideshow CDs (Marketing) 140 Slides None
Custom Stationery Matching Sets (business cards, promotional cards, thank you cards, letterhead) Some offer but not without spending thousands for their program
Home Staging Postcards Sets of 100 Unknown
Interior Redesign Postcards Sets of 100 Unknown
Hard Floor Sliders Set of 4 Varies
Carpet Sliders Set of 4 Varies
Secret Art/Hanging Art (Design) 17 pages Varies, Extent Unknown
Organizer Album Album with Templates No
Organizer Tote Available a la carte Usually not available, and certainly not a la carte
Current Color Trends Report (Design) Updated Online Report Unknown
Free Online Decorating Tips Pages Thousands Few, If Any
Free Decorating Newsletter (Design) Bi-Monthly on Decorating Quarterly or none, varies
Experienced Redesign Trainer Since 1979 Varies, many are newbies
Student Ratio 1:1 1:4, 1:6, 1:15 depending
High Traffic High quality traffic Student traffic mostly
Detailed Explanation of Program Extensive Online Information Available Online, some charge $5 for info
On-going Free Support Yes (email/phone) Varies
Free Bonuses Yes - Plenty Doubtful
Private Free Business Newsletter Monthly Quarterly or less often
Train at Home Yes Travel Usually Required
Air Travel None Needed Student Pays/Extra
Hotel Charges None Needed Student Pays/Extra
Ground Travel None Needed Some Provided
Travel Meals None Needed Some Provided
Scheduling Start Immediately Wait for Their Schedule
Training Cancellation Risk No Risk Possible Cancellations
Autonomy True Self Employment Association determines what you can and cannot do following training
Professional Directory Yes Yes, some
Training Fees $100-$1100 depending
on option chosen (4 available),
no travel or hotel expenses ever
$1850-$3500 depending, plus
travel and hotel to seminars
Online Chat Coming soon Must buy $1000 program to access
Refund Guarantees 30 Days on Selected eBooks None

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TESTIMONIAL - "Dear Barbara, Just wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased I am with the basic ReDesign-It! course eBook. I am slowly going through it a second time now, but this time I'm trying to concentrate on absorbing its content. I thought you might like to know that I was pleasantly surprised at the number of "parallels" between the in-house sales training I'm receiving at the office, and many of the sales-related approaches and customer service-related policies you've presented in your course.  (In a business that is fraught with conflicting messages and teachings, it's extremely encouraging [and validating] to find this level of compatibility.)" - Terry Steimel