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34 Powerful Reasons Why Our
Home Staging and Interior Redesign Courses
Are the Best in the Industry and
Why They Can Save You Hundreds or
Thousands of Dollars
Year After Year!

We may not be the most famous, but Donald Trump wrote, "It's nice that people think Dom Perignon is a good champagne, because it is. But it isn't the best. When I hear people bragging about drinking it, it's an automatic tip-off that they're not clued in. Always remember that the most famous doesn't always equal the best."  When you're the best, you don't have to advertise it everywhere, making future students pay through the nose for the advertising - when you've got the best program, word just gets around on its own.

  • You won't have to leave home to get your training.
  • You won't have to pay any airline fee.
  • You won't have to pay for any hotel bill, taxi expense or food expense.
  • You won't have to be away from your family.
  • You won't have to sit at the back of a noisy room trying desperately to hear a speaker or remember what they said or try to decipher your notes later.
  • You won't have to share projects with other students who have differing ideas, tastes, personalities and working styles.
  • You won't be stuck at a computer for 3 weeks or more to learn what to do from a novice - getting a neck cramp, a back ache, a headache and weary eyes.
  • You won't have to pay hefty annual renewal fees to stay active and connected and maintain access to support, new ideas and creative innovations.
  • You won't be stuck learning from someone pretending to be knowledgeable, who got their training from us but claims they figured it out on their own.
  • You won't be promised guaranteed employment that turns out to be just clever marketing or filled with "loopholes" leaving you feeling duped.
  • You'll be able to train at your own pace in the privacy of your home with a combination of several training methods, not just one - such as: (eBooks, manuals, online articles, CDs, online videos, forum).
  • With 8 books and 5 eBooks written and published by Barbara Jennings, you'll learn from the master trainer herself, not some "copy cat" pretender
  • You'll get access to hundreds of free tips pages on all sorts of decorating and business subjects, giving you the most comprehensive training you'll find in the industry. When you consider you'll only remember 5-10% of what you hear at a seminar, having your own library of reference material at your fingertips is crucial to your on-going success and ability to understand before implementing.
  • You'll enrich your future with the most affordability, coupled with the most flexibility and most comprehensive materials and tools in the industry - savings you hundreds of investment dollars to use to build your business and the ability to recoup your investment quickly.
  • You'll get your training from the first person to create a home study course for both home staging AND interior redesign and the best selling author in the industry, bar none. Why would you want to learn from anyone else?
  • The certification designation you will earn here (CSS/CRS) is the most difficult to achieve - but that's exactly why it's the most valuable and prestigious. Others claim many things but they make you pay high prices year over year to retain your designation. Their perception of their designation by the public is diluted and trivialized because it's offered to anyone willing to pay the big bucks, with NO accountability for talent, knowledge or skill.
  • Certification can be earned for either CSS or CRS, or one can earn a dual certification in staging and redesign.
  • Upon completion of your certification qualifications, you'll receive a custom video created by us using your images. It will be hosted by us on our highly visited website and we will feature you in our "Success Stories" pages with full contact information.
  • Depending on the course you take, you will either receive your own custom page hosted on our website that will feature your talents or you'll receive a semi-custom brochure website which we will create for you and host for you for one year using your custom information, contact information and photos. A nominal renewal fee will only apply to the renewal of the domain name and hosting fees.  Renewal is optional. We'll work hard on your behalf to make sure your site is found locally so that people can see your talents and reach you easily and quickly.
  • You'll receive the ability to use the CSS and CRS designations in your promotional materials and on your website with no restrictions and no renewal fees.
  • You'll receive a beautiful certificate of completion when you have been approved through the certification process. It's suitable for framing and carries our exclusive designation emblems. No one gets this without earning it - which means our designation is NOT watered down to a meaningless "claim" like elsewhere.
  • You'll receive not just one training manual, but you'll receive 3 electronic books, two basic business manuals, an advanced manual, two design books and a few other very helpful items or tools (depending on the course level you select).
  • You'll receive concentrated interior design training in furniture placement, accessory placement, wall grouping design, color and much more - all from a talented professional designer and artist (not from a former real estate agent or internet researcher). This is a much neglected subject from other trainers who don't have the design background at all.
  • You'll receive a special username and password to our "members only" website that will provide you with on-going training, more forms than you'll ever need, start up information and videos. This will be a lifetime membership with NO outlandish annual renewal fees like others charge.
  • You'll receive the best selling books "Home Staging for Profit", "Rearrange It", "Advanced Redesign", "Arrange Your Stuff", "Where There's a Wall - There's a Way", and in some cases "Staging Luxurious Homes" or "Staging Portfolio Secrets" or other manuals written by best-selling author, Barbara Jennings.
  • You'll also receive the exclusive Staging for Sellers CD and the Interior Redesign CD. Both are musical slideshows created so you can show prospects what the service is all about. Showing is always far more effective than telling.
  • You'll also receive either a set of generic promotional postcards or custom postcards with matching business cards, depending on the course you select.
  • Depending on the course, you may receive the beautiful, colorful Home Staging Showcase Book, a powerful tool that you can show to prospects and clients any where you are. It will pictorially convince prospects to hire you as their personal home stager. You'll love this beautiful linen-bound book portfolio.
  • You'll be privy to dozens of special trade-only discounts and offers that others will never know about.
  • You'll receive two business listings in our highly traffic'd International Staging and Redesign directories hosted on two different websites (not just one), which automatically doubles your exposure over night, in addition to your own web presence. And we won't try to mislead you by claiming high student traffic is the same as high visitor traffic.  High student traffic is meaningless to you. The only traffic that counts is buyer (visitor) traffic. If a Diamond trainee, you'll also get preferred ranking in your city and state.
  • You'll receive three (3) monthly newsletters: two will focus on design concepts and the third one will help you build your business each month. It is filled with articles, questions and answers, certification announcements, new product announcements and special discounts. These newsletters are personally written by Barbara and not some staff person, so you get in-depth on-going training.
  • You'll receive the members only website access, all of your newsletters, directory listings and other benefits as a lifetime subscription. Others only give you a one year access and then charge hefty renewal fees year over year. You'll never have a renewal fee with us (except for a possible website) and that can save you thousands of dollars over time.
  • Our superb customer service is second to none. You'll get prompt, courteous service that is private and secure. You'll be treated with VIP status and get preferred listings in the directories for your city and state
  • You'll also receive the ability to write to Barbara Jennings at any time for free on-going mentoring - yes, personal mentoring with Barbara - all at no additional charge no matter how many times you write in. Just send in your questions and get a personalized response directly from Barbara. It will be answered right away and with a detailed response.
  • And don't forget, we are the only website offering you FREE membership in our ever growing forum where stagers and designers get together to share ideas and solve problems. Everyone else charges you a yearly fee to maintain access to their forums - we don't - so you continue to get the best value year after year after year.
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