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How to Break Into the Home Staging
and Interior Redesign Business! 

Build Your Income to Over $100,000
Using the Most Advanced, Comprehensive
and Innovative Home Study System in the Industry


The Silver Course provides intensive training in starting a home staging business as well as an interior redesign business, but provides only training. It does not provide any promotional aids or action tools to help you jump start and promote your business.

Silver Combo Course


The Diamond Home Staging and Interior Redesign Courses are our intensive courses that provides you with our comprehensive home staging training (as well as interior redesign training), dual certification, listings in our directories, promotional aids, and action tools - but also allow you to either create some elements yourself or have our professional team do it for you. They are presented below in order of comprehensiveness and the degree of our involvement in your training and start up development.

Naturally our most intensive course is the Sapphire Course listed at the bottom, which gives you everything in the Ruby Course, but goes beyond that, including an extra tutorial, bonus and our personalized, customized marketing and PR expert to walk you thru your own private business start up.

Diamond Standard Combo Course
Diamond Ruby Combo Course
Sapphire Combo Course


We recognize that not everyone can afford to purchase a course or may just be exploring the idea of entering the home staging or redesign field. So for you we offer many "a la carte" options in both training, visual aids, designer tools, certification and directory listings. Please explore all of these options and make the selections that make the most sense to you.

Books | Visual Aids | Designer Tools

Checklist of "A La Carte" Options"

Succeed with Our Home Study Certification Business Courses, Books, Directory, Visual Aids, Action Tools and Exclusive Industry Resources and Training

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