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interior redesign training, home staging training, arranging furniture
interior redesign training, home staging training, furniture arrangement
interior redesign training, home staging training, furniture placement

Decorating with Style and Good Taste

Well, of course, there are decorating "rule" and concepts that will help you in your decorating projects. One would do well to learn them so you can apply them with ease and confidence.

But here are some additional thoughts you might filter through your mind when you're decorating too:

  • Taste - We each have our own unique taste. What I like will never be the same as what you like. And that's perfectly ok. There are no right or wrong answers to the question of "What should I like?" You like what you like; you don't like what you don't like. Saturday I was doing a redesign for a client in my town and we were discussing ideas for a dining room off her kitchen. The room was white and the dining room set was white. I suggested she add a large area rug below the dining room set to bring some color into the area and define a specific area for the table (they had multiple cat feeding dishes strewn around on the white tiled floor). She liked the idea. For the two vacant corners, which were small areas on the outside of a large window, I suggested two bamboo trees. My client expressed a dislike for Asian decor. That's her right. She didn't have to explain to me. It wasn't a racist statement. She simply doesn't care for that style. So I came up with ideas that were more suitable to her taste in decor. No problem.
  • Taste is about what is right for you and your unique individuality. Don't let a designer put into your home the "designer's taste" as that will not reflect your personal style, but the designer's.
  • Good taste should be in a constant state of evolution. My personal home has undergone many changes over the years: Asian, country, Rustic, American Indian, African, antique. As you change or circumstances in your life change, as you tire of certain colors and yearn for new looks, don't be afraid to break from the past and go in an entirely new direction. As people we don't stay the same - we mature - life changes us and our circumstances - our taste in furniture and accessories will change too. Go with it. Experiment. Learn. Take chances. Express yourself. Be conservative. Be bold. Be dramatic. Be unusual. Be artistic. It's all good.
  • Look for ways to mix the high and the low together. Avoid huge extremes with cliff-like drop-off points. But don't make everything in a room exist on one level. Mix it up.
  • Know when to push the envelope and go for it and when to stop. When it starts to feel cluttered, take something away. Know when to edit. Some styles require more editing than others.
  • Be tasteful, but don't be stale or "too safe". That's boring. Take a few chances. Add elements of surprise. Combine different textures.

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