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arranging furniture, arrange furniture, interior redesign training, home staging training
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Top 6 Small Projects for January

Want some quick ideas to make your house more of a home? Personalization can make a huge difference and it doesn't take much.

Start with your doorknobs. Get rid of those antique brass knobs that are paihnt-spattered and dated. Go for brushed nickel. Get a cleaner line with a level. You may find good prices online with large selections. If you buy enough at one time you can often get them shipped to you for free. While you're waiting for them to arrive, you can take off the old door handles with a power drill and screw-bit extension. Using the longer bit helps you maneuver around the door handle easier and a power drill saves your energy and eliminates wrist turning. Put some newspaper under the door to catch the unwanted dirt that will probably have accumulated over time.

Next are the toilet seats. I'm not necessarily advocating a transparent toilet seat with lights like you see here. I don't think this particular item needs to draw attention to itself, do you? But it needs to look nice regardless. Take off that old dingy seat cover and throw it away. Opt instead for a clean white seat with exposed metal hinges to complement your new door handles and fictures. Your local home improvement store will offer several selections. You should find ones with hinges in brass, polished chrome or brushed nickel. Use gloves when removing the old seat and have paper towels and cleanser ready to remove dirt that collected under the hinges.

Then there's the thermostat. It's a small thing, but you don't want it to stick out like a sore thumb. It's nice to be able to set your heating and air conditioning to a set level where it comes on and shuts off automatically, keeping the environment cozy and comfortable for you. Spend the extra $20 to get one that will allow you to set different schedules for each day of the week. That way you're not locked into the same level of temperature every day, all day, when your schedules likely change. Before removing your old thermostat, however, make sure it is working properly. Then if the new one doesn't work, you'll know it's the fixture and not something else.

Now for the glass shower doors. Check at Home Depot for standard-sized glass doors. You can cut them to size yourself with a hacksaw. Installation is relatively easy. Just follow the directions. If you're replacing current shower doors, buy a good scraper and razor blades to remove the old silicone and caulk. For good water-tight installation, you want a clean surface before you start.

Update your dimmer switches and switchplate covers. I just got through painting a family room for a family, after removing tons of wallpaper. Naturally the switchplates need to be removed as well. Plain white switchplates are as little as $1 each at Home Depot. For fancier ones, check out online stores. There is a new touch-pad dimmer that will remember your last setting. Plus, a double click turns the lights on to full capacity. Nice feature.

My cats wreaked havoc on my screen doors, so I have to replace the screen ever so often. I also like fresh air on warm days, without the bugs. The least expensive route is to rescreen yourself. But you might also consider a mobile screen service. You should be able to find them listed in your local Pennysaver or newspaper. The will do the measuring, build your screen right in your driveway and install it - should be less than one hour start to finish.

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Introducing the New Diamond Redesign/Home Staging Training Option

With January comes our newest training program package: The Diamond Program. Rather pricey, we know, but the Diamond Program gives you a custom-designed, highly professional, fully functional, easy to navigate Redesign and/or Home Staging Website. You can hire a web designer anywhere - but this is the only place you'll find a web designer/redesigner/home staging expert all in one to create a website for you that will give you instant credibility. Nowadays you must have a website. We've seen a lot of websites out there by redesigners and home stagers that are, quite frankly, embarrassing. Don't let that happen to you and your business. People will judge your ability as a redesigner/stager based on the look and feel of your website.

I have visited hundreds of redesign/staging websites, and have only seen a small segment who's sites were impressive enough for me to feel comfortable hiring them. When you're in the design business, you better have a well designed website to represent your services. Otherwise you'll be leaving a lot of money on the table while your competition is raking it in.

To get all the full details of our new Diamond Redesign/Staging Option visit: Diamond Redesign Training.

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Imagine attending a sophisticated party full of interesting people you've never met before. Imagine being asked what you do for a living. See the look of admiration on their faces as you hand out your professionally design business card. Imagine the flood of compliments as your hostess tells them you did all the decorating.

Decorating for Parties


You've just finished redesigning a client's living room. Picture yourself bringing in a beautiful floral arrangement you created just for them. Ahhh, the oos and ahs. You leave and go home to your office where the fragrance of beautiful flowers is everywhere in the arrangements you've made for yourself.

Floral Design Training


artwork, pictures, how to hang, hanging art
You've had 5 works of art leaning up against the wall for several months. You've been stepping around them and over them for some time. They're there because you're just not sure where to hang them or how to hang them. The walls were freshly painted and you don't want to put any unnecessary holes in the walls.

Secret Art of Hanging Art


wallgrouping design, hanging art, artwork placement
Most of your art and framed pictures are small. You know you shouldn't just scatter them about the room as that would make it very cluttered. You're concerned about how to place the art in and around furniture. So you've been living with nothing on the walls at all and your home looks pretty sterile and unappealing.

101 Ways to Dress a Naked Wall


Life is very hectic for you. There's a lot of stress all around you. Your home is messy and unorganized and it's driving you nuts. You don't have time to fix the problem and you don't even know what's wrong, but it urks you never-the-less. You'd love to have someone come in and wave a magic wand and turn your home into a showplace. You live in Southern California not too far from Huntington Beach.

Local Interior Redesign Advice


interior redesign, interior decorating, interior design
Imagine yourself totally independent, free to have fun while you work. Imagine the feeling of prestige when you describe what you do for a living. Imagine leaving a client's home after getting a hug for making their living room look spectacular. Imagine making $75-150 an hour for doing what you love. Imagine . . .

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arrange furniture, arranging furniture, furniture arrangements
Imagine being able to completely redecorate any room in your home in a day. Imagine your husband saying "Wow! This looks great! Where did you learn how to do this?" Imagine your children being proud to show off your home to their friends.

Arranging Furniture Training


Imagine walking into a high rise building, taking the elevator to the top suite, meeting the facilities directory and being hired to create an art program for the business. Imagine seeing the art you chose, framed and hanging in their suite of offices. Imagine the thrill of the employees seeing their workplace become beautiful and a more pleasant work environment. Imagine it! The next time someone asks you what you do for a living, imagine telling them you're a Corporate Art Consultant.

Corporate Art Consultant Training


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