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The Decorating Organizer/Tote

Are You a Do-It-Yourself Decorator/Redesigner?

We're pleased to announce a hot home improvement item that can make your decorating projects easier to manage and organize. It's a "must have" item for anyone working on a project. I've come to expect the best, and quite frankly, feel I'm totally worth it.

It's stylish! It's functional! The only "requirement" is that you are in the mood to look terrific and feel professional.

Have you ever felt like this? Help! I've got all this stuff that I have to take with me to the home improvement store or the drapery store or the paint store and I just don't have an easy way to do that! Help!

I've certainly been in that predicament, more than I can say. But no more.

I've found a nifty organizer/tote bag that will not only carry all of my stuff, but heck, organize it too! So gone are the days when I would be schleping stuff in plastic bags or just loose. I can carry everything in one easy professional looking tote, including my keys and cell phone, which all have their own handy compartments.

With the Decorating Organizer/Tote there is a place for everything! It allows you to organize, store, carry, transport, and display everything needed for a successful (and fun!) decorating project. When is the last time you experienced hands free shopping when decorating?

Here's What It Looks Like

Today, as we all try to balance the many areas of our lives; personal, family, home, career, health, and finance - we find ourselves in search of ways to simplify and organize our life. Rather than having it all, people today are looking for moments when it all comes together. This is the inspiration that leads the product development team at The Assistant Product Group. While striving to develop innovative and unique solutions to a wide variety of organizational challenges, we hope to "assist" our customer in getting organized, feeling confident, and looking great. After all, by getting organized, we have more time for the important areas of life - isn't that what balance is all about?

What Are Its Features, You Ask?

I hesitate to list all of the engineering that went into creating this:

  • It organizes and displays files for rooms that you are decorating.
  • It has a magnetic floor plan with perforated magnetic furniture pieces and grid paper.
  • It has a display page for samples when matching colors.
  • It includes a business card display page.
  • It gives directions on "how to draw your own floor plan"
  • It gives directions, tips, and inspiration sheet
  • It has a pocket for receipts and warranties.
  • It has storage for larger samples.
  • It holds tile samples, brochures, magazines, etc.
  • It even replaces a purse when shopping.

And How Will That Benefit You?

Well, isn't it obvious?

  • It's going to make your life stress free whenever you go shopping for something for your home.
  • It's going to make you feel professional, even if you aren't.
  • It's going to make finding what you need super easy.
  • It's going to eliminate so many hassles at the store, forgotten measurements or colors.
  • You can place the tote in your shopping cart and open it to your swatches and samples.
  • You can configure your room on the magnetic grid to double check your sizes and space before you buy any furniture.
  • It will jog your memory of what you really need so that you don't overbuy or get the wrong color or whatever else can go wrong (and something always does go wrong, doesn't it?)

Begin remodeling a single room or your entire home. The Decorating Shopper/Tote will help you organize and simplify your project to make it a more enjoyable experience.

If you are a woman who is fashion minded, likes organization, (or needs to be organized!), values time, and has a place to call home - then the Decorating Organizer/Tote is for you!

Here Are Some Specifics I Know You Want to Know

The organizer/tote is a three-part system unique to the home improvement market. It provides the components necessary for the user to organize, store, plan, carry, transport, and display everything needed for a successful decorating project. The project can be as simple as decorating a single room or as complex as decorating an entire home. With the Decorating Organizer/Tote - you'll get organized, believe me!

The 3 room files (12 1/4"w x 11 1/2"h x 1"d ea.), which includes self-adhesive labels, a display page for samples such as fabric, paint chips, carpet, laminate, etc., grid paper, a magnetic surface with perforated magnetic furniture pieces for easy space planning, storage for business cards, and two expandable pockets for larger samples, receipts, warranties, etc.

The file holder (13"w x 11 1/2"h x 4 1/2"d) stores the room files and additionally will hold a large tile or granite sample, magazines, etc…

The file holder then fits into the designer carry bag (15"w x 13 1/2"h x 6"d), replacing the need to carry a purse by providing a place for keys, pens, a water bottle, calculator, tape measure, wallet, digital camera and more!

When a decorating project is complete you can simply store the product on a shelf. It will be convenient to reference in the future when looking for a paint color or a warranty of product in a particular room.

And You Can Get Refills Too

Each Room File Includes:

  • Display Page for coordinating samples and color matching
  • 30 Room Identification Labels
  • 2 Expandable Pockets for receipts, contracts, warranties, brochures and larger samples
  • Floor Plan Sleeve (use the magnetic surface and furniture pieces included in the Decorating Assistant)
  • Business Card Storage 12 Sheets of Graph Paper

Pretty cool, huh?

TESTIMONIAL - "I also wanted to tell you how much I love my decorator's organizer tote.  It's genius.  I only wish I had designed it!!!  Honestly, for the longest time I searched for something that was like a portable file with lots of different sized pockets that could also function as a purse.  I'll bet you could market it as a portable home file, to business travelers, to scrapbookers, and to professional organizers who go crazy over this kind of thing.  Good job! - Sara Alpert"

Aren't You Just Dying to Have It?

You know you are! That's the way I felt when I first discovered it. And now I wouldn't go anywhere without it, except if I'm in an evening gown, of course. You don't have to be a redesigner or home stager, but you can't stop being a woman.

Our Special Pricing

I can afford a room full of these uncompromisingly irresistible totes. Never mind. All that matters is that you have one, just one. Price: $127.45 (includes shipping to USA address, slightly more to Canada).

P.S. Using this, you could be standing in Paris, in San Francisco, or even in midtown Manhattan and still look better than everyone else. Even if it is bigger than your purse. It enhances the way you look to the world, and, quite possible, vice versa.


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