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How to Use Plants in Your Home Decorating

Here are some more tips to help you with your decorating.

Are your cathedral ceilings making you feel overwhelmed with all that extra vertical height? Do your extra high ceilings make your artwork seem small and out of proportion? Just because a wall reaches to the sky, doesn't mean you have to let it overpower your furniture and accessories.

decorate, redecorate, plants By placing a wallpaper border or wood trim on the wall at normal ceiling height and placing either different, but coordinating wallpaper or paint above the border from what is below the border, you will visually "cut" that wall in half and reduce dramatically the area you need to "accessorize" with artwork or accessories. You could also use other decorative trims to achieve the same effect. You could also use wood to make a large bordered off area on the wall, then hang a creative wall grouping inside the bordered space. This will greatly reduce the proportions of the amount of wall space that "needs" to be decorated and draws even more attention to the artwork that you do have.

decorating with plants, high walls, tall walls redecorating high walls, tall walls Or try hanging potted plants at various heights from the ceiling to "eat up" some of the space. I recommend artificial plants as you're not going to want to get up there every week to water and you certainly don't want water dripping down from above.

Use decorative ceiling hooks that come with toggle bolts, which you can get at any hardware store. Hanging baskets are great and they are very light weight. Be sure to vary the heights for a more interesting arrangement.

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