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He rolled his eyes when I started the course - but when I banked $5,000 . . . he was shocked!

use what you own decorating, one day decorating, redecorating, interior redesign trainingI hear that story often and it makes me very happy to have been a part of their success. I taught them - I can teach you too!

It's easy to "claim" you have the most comprehensive training. It's another thing to actually deliver the most comprehensive program. While our competitors try hard to compete, they just don't match up, which is why we're the undisputed leaders.

The home staging and interior redesign industries are booming. As the concepts get more publicized, more people are choosing to enter the field to capitalize on these burgeoning lucrative opportunities. What most of them don't realize is that to be successful, really successful, you've got to position yourself as an expert. Sure you've got to have courage, knowledge and skill, but what is most important is your ability to successfully promote and market your business.

While your competition is chasing after clients the old fashioned way and trying to get by on skimpy training materials, websites that are too little to have any impact and lack luster business approaches and very little design training, I teach you how to truly attain the design skills AND the marketing skills that will help you become an expert to whatever segment of the market you choose to target. You can't be all things to all people and be successful. That's why it's essential to hone your skills and message to a target market that will be receptive to you. With the strategies and techniques you will learn in the Diamond Combo Program, you should leave the competition in the dust. I don't skimp on the training I offer. You shouldn't either.

I'm going to hand you the easiest and most affordable way to start your own lucrative home staging business and/or interior redesign business and get you ready to start making money within a matter of days, not weeks or months - with no tests to take, no assignments to complete, no deadlines to meet. I'm going to take you on an elevator to the top when it comes to learning redesign and home staging! While others claim to be the "most comprehensive" or "the best", it's a hollow, empty claim. Just a little research on your part will easily reveal reality on that issue.

I've spared no time and expense to bring you a finely honed training regimen that is unmatched and unequalled and never will be. I'm talking about virtually all of the essential concepts, tactics, strategies and insider tips you could possibly use to make the kind of money you've always wanted in two very creative, fun decorating businesses of your very own. All for a fraction of the time and money you would have to spend if you attended a seminar or class - and far more complete than any other home course on the market today! I just had a young man call me today who was very discouraged because he had already purchased training from 2 competitors and got very, very little concrete guidance.

TESTIMONIAL - "Great training! Tons of good info and practical hints on so very much. - Vicki McGorray"

Why take a ship to success when a rocket is ready for take off - right here, right now?

diamond standard home staging and redesign combo course
NOTE: We reserve the right to change the contents and pricing without notice. Some items included are not shown in the picture. Some books and CDs may have a different cover but the contents are the same. Shopping cart always has up-to-date pricing and contents.

This training program is recommended only for the creative person that truly wants to make a full time business staging homes or redecorating homes - it's for that elite person who is highly motivated, tenacious and dedicated to becoming a top staging/redesign specialist. It's for those people who are willing to work hard, implement what they learn and know how to follow direction.

TAKE NOTE: If you're just wanting some basic redesign or staging training, I have another route for you to go first. Please go to this page instead: Basic Redesign Training (Rearrange It!). Or if you're just interested in supplemental income in staging or your resources are tight, consider my basic tutorial Home Staging for Profit.

Just for the Elite Individual - 2 Professional Career Level Businesses - Double Certification!

But if you're the cream of the crop, the kind of person who excels in everything you do, the kind of person who wants to learn it all and learn it from the best, the kind of person who is in a hurry to get started on the road to decorating and staging heaven, then read on - you're at the right place at the right time.

Train right at home at your own pace while you're conducting business as usual. Get ready to explode your business right out of the gates after you complete the diamond combo training program.

... Only the Best of the Best Need Read Further ...
From: Barbara Jennings

Have you been a re-designer or stager for a while and are not seeing your business reach the income level you had hoped and dreamed it would become?

Well, you're not alone and I don't want you to feel discouraged. Building a business, any business, takes time and a good deal of hard work. Not only do you have to acquire the skills of the industry you are in, you must acquire the skills of an entrepreneur and learn how to market your business, not just manage it. It doesn't go very far with just a tiny website, a few "guides" and listing in a directory as one trainer would have you believe.

Add to that the X factors, such as: your location, your age, your personality, your work ethic, your management skills, your design skills, your tenacity, your ability to take concepts and apply them to your situation and so forth. There is a plethora of skills and knowledge, mixed with timing and a little luck, that is required.

Most of all, it takes patience, passion and self confidence, courage and a sense of being "driven" to be a success - no matter what profession you are in. And while it may be "fun" to chat online with other students, it mostly winds up to be just a social club where members get jealous of one another and get critical of each other and where enormous amounts of time are wasted in non-essentials. If you've got what it takes, you won't want to waste time in "online communities" where the blind lead the blind.

The Diamond Standard Combo Program
was designed to give you all of the basic re-design and staging entrepreneurial training plus all of the advanced training you're likely to need. When you stop to think about it, re-design (the art of professionally rearranging the furniture and accessories that a client already has) is a very simple, low-risk business. Home Staging involves a more technical issues, but it is a relatively simple business as well.

There are few business models in life that are truly as simple and straight forward as re-design and staging houses.

But Let's Face Facts . . .

Depending on where you live and how you've structured your business, basic redesign services just might not be enough to get you where you truly want to go.

So for those of you who aspire to great things . . . who want the best life has to offer for your business . . . who aren't satisfied with part time income or just getting by but who want a 5 and 6 figure income . . . you're most likely going to need to expand your business in ways you haven't yet thought about doing. Home staging is the perfect business to co-develop.

So, if you want to make even more money ... want to expand your business beyond your wildest dreams ... want to learn how to do it in the comfort of your home, at your own pace ... - then read on!

... My Diamond Standard Combo Receives Rave Reviews ...

Yes, that's right. I've spent the last several months writing my newest training program that is guaranteed to take re-design and staging to a whole new level. But, just for the elite entrepreneurial types, I have developed this Diamond Program Package that will get you everything you need at one time to get going and well on your way to some serious money in redesign and/or home staging. It will be so involved and full of strategies that it will be literally impossible for anyone (not even you) to do everything.

You'll actually have to evaluate each and every idea and concept independently and make some hard choices on the ones that will be right for you, letting the others fall by the wayside temporarily because there simply aren't enough hours in the day to do everything. But instead of buying each part of my full training program one at a time, you can now get everything you need all at once in my diamond program that gives you extra free bonuses, saves you time and saves you money too - and is loaded with tools of the trade, many of which are totally exclusive.

That's not to say some people have rare, natural abilities. But most of us don't. Most of us have to learn the skill, practice it for a while, get good at it, and then take on more advanced skills. But I also recognize that some people want to save time and get everything they're ever going to need all at once. I'm that kind of person. When I make up my mind I'm going to do something and I have a learning curve to go through, I want to get everything all at once and be done with it. I don't want to be caught needing some part of the training only to discover that I don't have it at my fingertips. I want it all now, upfront - no fuss, no muss. 

So that's why I put together this Diamond Standard Combo Training Program (over 1300 pages of training plus tools plus resources plus brochure website and so much more). Now, at long last, you can get everything you're going to need in one gigantic package - everything that is included in our Gold Training Program, PLUS some very useful marketing and management tools to take you even farther down the road to success - or, as I said earlier, you can do each aspect of the training one at a time (see Bronze Program). It will just cost you a little more to do it that way and delay your training while you wait to have something else sent to you.

No One Gives You as Much as We Do - No One!

The Diamond Combo Training Program will give you, in a nutshell:

Read on for more specific details on all of the above products and services.

As the No. 1 Staging/Redesign Trainer in the world, my time has tripled in value, so just having access to me now is worth more than the entire program itself. And I'm pretty easy to get a hold of too, unlike others, because I believe it's really important to be a support system to you. You'll often find me answering the phone myself so you'll know I'm totally reachable.

This isn't your average decorating business training. I can best describe it as layered strategizing. Taking the basic building blocks of re-design, in my diamond training program, you're going to learn how to build on them, expand them, tweak them, and bring such a strong life-long strategy on board, it may even make your head spin and you'll find yourself totally exhausted just getting through it all. 

But never fear. What will initially feel overwhelming will sort it's way out and given time, you'll rise out of the process a stronger re-designer, one capable of going to great heights in our industry.

As I've stated all along, you deserve to have the best-reasoned, the best informed, the most objective and knowledgeable advice you can get so that you can make intelligent decisions regarding your future, so that you don't live to regret paying out a small fortune for information that proved to be inferior or incomplete or that didn't motivate you and sustain you. 

I don't want to see anyone get caught off guard, wind up misguided or make critical, imprudent decisions that could set them back - especially when I've been told by others how disappointed they were in the training they received by my competitors charging thousands of dollars - a small fortune to most people.

I've been redecorating the homes of clients in Southern California, using the furniture and accessories people already own, since 1986 and I know how to do it and do it well. But that's not all I did and that's not all I will teach you to do. I'm semi-retired now, so I'm putting it all down in writing and letting other creative people take up the gauntlet, so to speak. You can take advantage of all of my experience - learn from my successes - avoid my mistakes - cutting your time drastically to reach the top of the mountain. You see, I had no one to teach me. I learned it all on my own over a nearly 20 year period of time. You can avoid all of that, but only if you take advantage of this special, exclusive offer.

TESTIMONIAL - "This was very thorough. I'm so excited I can't decide what to add on next. - Vicky Choimen"

Benefit for a Lifetime!

Let me remind you: You don't need a degree. You don't need to be certified. You don't need to be connected to anyone or anything! You just need to be well grounded in the basics of re-design and then plunge right in. You'll have so many tools at your disposal, I guarantee you that you'll have a hard time focusing in at first. But these will totally equip you and make you feel terrific. And feeling terrific and confident is what it's all about. When people see you confidence, see how you handle yourself, they will feel reassured that you can really help them - and do it right the first time.

diamond standard home staging and redesign combo course
NOTE: We reserve the right to change the contents and pricing without notice. Some items included are not shown in the picture. Some books and CDs may have a different cover but the contents are the same. Shopping cart always has up-to-date pricing and contents.

The Exclusive Diamond Standard Combo Training Program

You get training in all of these very important areas if redesign, home staging, marketing, organization and setting up a business, as well as promotion sales aids, management tools, a plethora of forms and so much more.

Read About It Below

25 Chapters on the Basics of Arranging Furniture and Accessories

  • There are over 600 images in the eBook to illustrate what you're learning
  • How to Assess a Room so Your Arrangements Look Exceptional
  • How to Assess Your Lifestyle for Functionality As Well As Beauty
  • How to Arrange Your Room for Intimacy and Relaxation
  • Where and How to Begin Your Redecorating Arrangements
  • My Personal Tools of the Trade and How to Get Them
  • Where to Place the Major Furniture - What Is the Major Furniture?
  • 11 of the Most Common Arrangement Solutions That Will Solve Most Any Room Dilemma
  • How and Where to Rearrange the Other Furniture and Create the Designer Look You've Always Wanted
  • How to Create Intimacy That Your Family and Friends Will Enjoy
  • The Little Known Trade Secret Most Designers Don't Even Know
  • How to Arrange the Entire Room and Amaze Everyone With Your Creativity
  • How to Make a Room Sparkle and Come to Life gold interior redesign training program
  • How to Create Spectacular Furniture Groupings That Show Everyone You're Really Good
  • The One Essential Ingredient You Need to Get Peace of Mind
  • The Art of Displaying Your Art and Accessories and Add Pizzazz to Any Room
  • How to Virtually Eliminate Every Architectural "Blemish" in the Room
  • The Easy and Proper Design and Placement of Art and Wall Groupings
  • How to Conquer the Two Most Misunderstood Concepts in Interior Arrangements
  • How to Balance Unity with Variety in Your Decorating
  • One Decorating Element Every Room Should Have
  • 21 Arrangement Mistakes You Should Avoid
  • 50 (or more) Before and After Pictures Using What the Owner Already Had
  • Easy Decorating and Redecorating Strategies for the Living Room, Family Room, Bedroom, Kitchen and Bath

176 Pages on Basic Interior Redesign Business

    gold interior redesign training program
  • 12 benefits you will personally receive from a redesign business
  • 8 keys to becoming successful
  • 13 areas a re-designer will address on each project
  • 2 key ingredients needed to be effective
  • The one thing every consultant needs
  • The essence of an interior re-designer's knowledge
  • 4 keys that make the difference in the long term
  • 10 ways to present a professional image
  • 3 crucial elements every client should receive
  • 11 ingredients essential for entrepreneurs
  • 5 ways to identify your target market
  • 1 specific qualification every prospect must pass
  • 3 ways to define the needs of homeowners
  • The 9 most common mistakes homeowners make
  • 3 excuses prospects give
  • 3 criteria you should require before you set an appointment
  • How to identify what homeowners need most
  • How to define a need from a want
  • One great method to organize leads and turn them into clients
  • 9 ways to generate referrals which lead to more clients
  • How to identify the best people to help you promote your business
  • 3 top ways to generate leads
  • 3 essential ingredients for a website
  • How to get 5 new leads at every function you attend
  • How to contact leads and prospects
  • How to respond when prospects contact you
  • 6 common questions prospects will ask you
  • How to discuss issues on price
  • How to use direct mail, flyers and brochures to promote your business

Preparing for Appointments

  • Tips on how to pick a business name
  • How to manage phone discussions
  • One crucial step necessary before leaving an appointment
  • How to graciously manage cancellations
  • The importance of a Pre-Check
  • The most essential accessory you should take along
  • How to get others to promote your business for free
  • How to generate leads over and over again
  • How and where to advertise your business
  • How to turn prospects into clients
  • How to make the phone work for you

Going on Appointments

  • What to take on appointments
  • The 5 most critical etiquette rules you must follow
  • 25 tools you're going to need with you (well, maybe not all of them)
  • 3 ways to create the right first impression
  • How to maintain control in any situation
  • The best way to find everything you need for a room
  • How to interview clients so you know just what to do first
  • How to clarify a client's needs and wishes
  • 20 starting questions you should ask
  • How to respond to the answers you get
  • 2 crucial ways to protect yourself and avoid the pitfalls
  • How to preserve the room when you arrive
  • How to measure a room and what measurements to take
  • 11 rules for traffic patterns and why they are essential
  • How to survey a room for hazards and eliminate them
  • How to properly and quickly assess a room
  • The first element you should focus on
  • The 2nd element that needs attention
  • After the first 2, what next?
  • The most important ingredients to add personality to a room
  • The 16 most common styles
  • 25 ways to express your client's taste
  • Easy tips on the care of wood furniture to give your clients
  • The 10 major goals of good interior design
  • 3 crucial ways to get client feedback
  • Methods for collecting your fee upon completion

Adding Home Staging Services

  • The critical difference between home "staging" and "redesign"
  • 20 great ways to prepare a home for a quick sale
  • 9 types of vendors you will need to help you
  • 4 simple additives that get results every time
  • The 3 top client sources for home stagers
  • 10 secondary sources for home staging leads
  • 19 key elements to building a home staging business
  • 7 ways to increase curb appeal
  • 4 tips for evening curb appeal
  • 251 item checklist of things you can be paid to do

Setting Fees, Marketing and Legal Stuff

  • How to get an instantaneous testimony
  • How to get an instant referral
  • How to preserve the final result
  • How to advise clients on future purchases
  • One thing you should always leave behind
  • One thing you should do immediately following an appointment
  • How to comfortably stay in contact with your client afterwards
  • Why you should retain relationships with clients
  • 9 ways to win friends and influence people
  • 5 ways to select the right fee
  • How to set your income goals
  • How to be comfortable with your fees
  • How to add extra value to your services
  • What kinds of ethics you should maintain
  • How to quote your fees confidently
  • 22 of the most common expenses you should expect
  • The all important guarantee you should offer
  • How to select your legal structure
  • How to choose a good business name
  • 3 licenses you may need and how to get them
  • Tips for managing payroll (if you have employees)

More on Marketing and Becoming Professional

  • Getting a powerful mission statement
  • 9 essential ingredients for a good business plan
  • 5 key elements to include in a start-up budget
  • How to create custom invoices
  • What type of bank account you should open
  • How to set up your phones at home
  • Managing a business address
  • How to develop marketing materials
  • 8 ingredients for a good brochure
  • 2 types of insurance policies you need
  • Tips for tax preparation
  • The most powerful way to promote your business for free
  • 14 steps to get free promotions
  • A sample you can follow
  • 32 ways to promote your business
  • 7 places to submit stories of interest
  • The pitfalls of traditional advertising
  • Website optimization tactics
  • The best viral advertising and how to get it
  • Other methods that generate leads
  • How to cope with a changing economic climate
  • How to get a constant flood of new ideas
  • The Savings Rule
  • The Strategy of Pre-eminence
  • 4 questions you should always ask yourself
  • 21 sources for additional help
  • How to grow your business faster
  • The one essential ingredient that makes a huge difference in growth
  • 6 elements to dynamic growth
  • 6 ways to outperform the competition
  • 4 key factors you should include in your strategies
  • 8 ways to satisfy a client
  • 18 essential elements to world-class strategic marketing
  • 4 major options to choose from

Interviews, In-depth Marketing and Lots of Other Goodies

  • Interview with a top re-designer in Kansas
  • Interview with a top re-designer in Rhode Island
  • A sample design consultation plan
  • 6 steps on how to get people to call you
  • Why most businesses aren't getting referrals
  • 5 steps for getting referrals
  • A 7-step marketing plan
  • 5 ways to reach your niche market and convert them to clients
  • A real case study for free publicity
  • 26 ways to stay organized
  • 15 essentials for a great marketing plan
  • Publicity referral services
  • Questions and answers from real re-designers
  • How to get professional tools and sizzle your services

Don't Let That List Overwhelm You

There's a lot to learn but it's all laid out for you in a sequence that makes sense and written so that practically anyone can understand it easily and instantly. You can always get your questions answered immediately just by filling out one of our forms and submitting it by email or picking up the phone and calling us.

256 Pages on Starting and Growing a Staging Business

home staging, staging homes, home stager
  • The History of Home Staging
  • What Exactly Is Home Staging (Home Enhancement)
  • The Psychology of Home Staging and Enhancement
  • The Benefits You Can Expect as a Home Stager
  • Why Home Staging is So Effective
  • Statistics of Why it Works
  • The Art of Home Staging and Enhancement
  • The Top 10 Mistakes Sellers Usually Make
  • The Top 10 Most Common Problems
  • 16 Ways to Identify Do-It-Yourself Sellers
  • What a Home Stager Does
  • What Separates the Stager from the Seller and Agent
  • How to Identify a Home's Faults
  • How to Identify a Home's Assets
  • How to Portray the Home's Full Potential
  • How to Identify What Is Most Important Immediately
  • How to Turn The Situation Around for the Seller
  • Guerilla Marketing to Overcome the Marketing Challenges
  • Concepts of Staging that Differ From Decorating
  • How to Evaluate the Time Factors for Staging a Home
  • What Kind of Expertise is Needed
  • Attitude and Skills That Are Needed for Success
  • The Role of Interior Design Knowledge in the Process
  • 4 Crucial Aspects to a Professional Image
  • 16 Ways We Support Your Success
  • The Top 5 Real Estate Corporations
  • How to Find Agents Who Suit You
  • How to Find Sellers Who Suit You
  • Four Top Ways to Build a Clientele
  • 16 Sources for Building a Referral Network
  • How to Identify Consultation Seekers
  • The 3 Top Benefits to Sellers
  • Taking Your First Steps and What to Do
  • Effective Ways to Present Services to Agents
  • 44 Important Questions to Ask Agents
  • How to Negotiate Terms With Agents
  • How to Meet With Sellers and What to Do First
  • 48 Crucial Questions to Ask Sellers
  • The Right Ways and Sequences to Tour the Property
  • How to Use the Checklists to Evaluate the Home
  • How to Develop Winning Estimates That Beat the Competition
  • Making Recommendations to the Seller
  • Quick Guide to Pricing Your Services
  • What You Should Always Get Before Starting Any Project
  • A Quick Guide of 20 Tips to Home Enhancement/Home Staging
  • 17 Quick Start Steps to Successful Staging
  • The 12-Step Process Overall Guide
  • 16 of the Most Common Things to Remove
  • 65 Things You'll Probably Need in Your Tool Box
  • 25 Types of Props You Might Want to Inventory
  • Our 9 Steps to Carpet Care and Stain Removal Guide
  • Quick Guide for Polishing and Care of Wood Furniture and Floors
  • Choosing What to Repair and What to Paint
  • 7 Types of Paint and Our Quick Guide to Choosing Paint
  • How to Advice Sellers on Styling
  • 12 Types of Vendors You'll Need
  • The 2 Essential Concepts to Powerful Home Staging
  • 7 Questions You Should Ask Yourself
  • The 5 Top Steps to Any Home Staging Project
  • 6 Top Feelings Your Seller Wants and Needs
  • 15 Basic Furniture Arrangement Tips
  • How to Handle the Seller's Possessions
  • A Unique Addition to Put in Every Room
  • A Unique Addition to Add to Every Box of Removed Items
  • A Complete Moving Tips Guide
  • 25 Page Check List Covering The Most Common Rooms and Areas of Any Home
  • 9 Items the Seller Should Do At the End
  • 11 Additional Services You Can Offer for a Complete Package
  • The 10 Critical Factors of Good Interior Design

Pictures and Videos

  • Access to more colorful before and after pictures than those included in the manual
  • Access to 47 "staging tricks" used by top professionals
  • Access to exclusive design and staging videos that will teach you by example

Guerilla Marketing Tactics for Staging Homes

  • The Easiest Way to Organize Your Prospects Without a Computer
  • Your Best Source for New Clients
  • 8 Powerful Ways to Garner New Clients
  • How to Get Appointments
  • The 4 Questions Everyone Wants to Ask You
  • Three Top Ways to Announce Your Services
  • How to Manage Phone Discussions
  • How to Manage Cancellations
  • 5 Crucial Components to a Great Home Stager
  • A Home Stager's Initial Key Ingredient
  • All About Control, Feedback, Fees, Referrals and Testimonials
  • 5 Critical Things to Do at the End
  • 5 Factors in Determining Your Fees
  • All About Quoting Your Fees
  • 22 Typical Expenses and How to Use Them to Your Advantage
  • 12-Step Sequence for Managing Your Business
  • All About Legal Structures, Names
  • 2 Licenses You'll Need
  • 9 Important Steps to Building a Powerful Business Plan
  • 7 Key Factors for Setting Up a Budget
  • 5 Keys to Financial Organization
  • Creating the Right Marketing Materials
  • 2 Types of Insurance You'll Need
  • Tips on Autos and Taxes
  • The Top Guerilla Marketing Tactic for Consultants
  • How to Implement the Top Guerilla Marketing Tactic
  • 14 Steps To Free Promotion for Your Business
  • 32 Ways to Create a Buzz About Your Services
  • 7 Websites That Will Help You Succeed
  • 3 Other Ways to Garner Clients
  • 6 Ways to Get People to Call You
  • Why Most Businesses Don't Succeed and How You Can Avoid Failing
  • Your Personal Seven-Step Guerilla Marketing Plan
  • 5 Ways to Reach Your Niche Market and Convert Them to Clients
  • Promotional Case Study
  • 15 Essential Factors You Need in Your Plan
  • 26 Ways to Get Organized and Stay Organized
  • 7 More Questions to Ask Yourself
  • The 4 Most Important Strategies for Success
  • How to Become a Leading Strategic Force in Home Staging
  • 6 Tactical Questions You Must Answer
  • 4 Essential Factors for Your Marketing Strategy
  • 8 Ways to Provide Value to Your Clients
  • 18 Things That Influence Business Strategy
  • The 4 Tops Strategy Options You Should Know
  • Questions and Answers
  • Other Helpful Resources

Advanced Strategies to Even Higher Profits (224 Pages)

  • Revisiting the Ten Most Basic Re-design Strategies
  • Paint and Color Consultations
  • Holiday Party/Special Occasion Decorating
  • Exterior Holiday Decorating Services
  • A Decorating Shopping Service
  • Relocation and Move-In Services
  • Real Estate Ready to Sell Service
  • Serving Blended Families
  • Serving Downsized Families
  • Workshops and Speaking Engagements
  • Isolating Your Strengths
  • Creating Displays and Vignettes
  • Public Speaking Tips
  • Fees You Should be Charging
  • Why Some Redesigners Are Successful and Others Are Not
  • The Psychology of Selling Redesign Services
  • The Best Ways to Present Your Services
  • The Psychology of Maximizing Your Profits to Clients
  • How to Maximize Your Profits
  • 10 Killer Ways to Maximizing Your Products
  • More on Getting Referrals
  • Ways to Keep Clients Coming Back for More
  • Guarantees That Have Power
  • 9 Tools for Building Customer Loyalty
  • How to Exhibit at Trade Shows
  • The 6 Top Accessories Clients Usually Don't Have
  • The Top 61 Design Centers in the USA
  • More Tips on Pricing Your Services
  • 10 In-depth Chapters on the Top Ten Strategies to Redesign Super Stardom
  • Selling Home Resale/Staging Services
  • Our exclusive 251 item checklist of things you can be paid to do as a home stager (bonus)
  • The top business forms you'll need tailored for our industry (our exclusive forms -if you see these selling elsewhere, they stole them from us)


Forgive Me for Not Being More Descriptive!

I know it seems like a short list, but that's because I've grouped my top ten strategies together at the end (I devote a full chapter to each one). I don't want you to prejudge anything and I certainly don't want the competition to learn what you'll be learning. Besides, you need to read about them in detail to capture what I'm saying and I won't say anything more about them here. 

But if you've already taken training from me you know that I'm pretty thorough and I give you plenty of information, lots of tips, tried and true procedures and ideas. I've been doing this a long time and I've gleaned lots of ideas from other successful re-designers as well, and organized them into a powerful guide. 

I will be the first to admit to you that even I have not done everything I'll be teaching you. As I said, there isn't time enough to do everything and do it justice. But I've done most of the strategies myself and I can attest to their integrity and the mega profits they can generate for you.

And Yet, There's More - 232 Pages to Start With!

I've just completed the world's only do's and don'ts book for home staging and redesign. It's loaded with 101 actual case studies (a few of mine too). But more than just a book of before and after pictures, you'll get my "no holds barred" critiques. I hold nothing back. I describe the problems in the room, show you how the student tried to improve the situation, point out where they did good and also point out where they missed opportunities - or even bungled the job.

Look, can learn from other people's successes and you can also learn from their mistakes. This one-of-a-kind book is not available anywhere else except from me. And it comes with your course.

And when you couple this manual with my very exclusive and thorough eBook, Decor Secrets Revealed, you will literally be blown out of the water on the thoroughness of the training you will receive.


And Just Look at the Rest
of What You'll Get

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Inclusion in our Membership Site which includes even more online training, how-to videos, forms and additional resources to help you brand, build, promote, advertise and manage your growing business ongoing. We stay on top of what's happening in the industry and continuously develop products and services that will help you enhance your business to make the most profits you can. It's not about starting a business; it's about growing it and sustaining it for as long as you want to be in business. A recent encounter with a woman who described herself as an "old jaded designer", who had switched from full service interior design to one day decorating, is evidence that even those who may have been successful in the past need to keep up with the paradigm shifts in business and how it is done today or be left behind. We will help you sustain your business for the long term.

Your Personal Customized
Web Page

If you don't have a website yet or you plan to create your own, we'll host this customized webpage for you indefinitely until you get your own. Just let us know your URL and we'll link to your site (so long as it isn't hosted by a competing trainer). If you want us to create a brochure website for you, then consider getting our Deluxe Diamond Program instead. Details here




($345 Value)
To help you with credentials that have meaning and power, we've created our own certification program. In the Diamond Standard Course you'll be qualified to earn certification in both businesses and become a Certified Staging Specialist (CSS) and Certified Redesign Specialist (CRS).

We're not like the high priced seminars who will give you a designation of some kind just for attending a seminar. That's pretty meaningless to most prospects you'll talk to later when you're trying to compete in the marketplace. We'll train you so you'll be able to pass our no-time-limit, open book exam and submit your beginning portfolio of work you've done early on to make sure you're operating at a professional level to ensure your success out in the field. Portfolio examples do not have to be paid projects - we just want to see you at work out in homes.

It does you no good whatsoever to lack the ability to articulate design principles you need to know and it does you no good whatsoever to do inferior work because of lack of proper preparation and oversight. When you complete our program, you'll have attained a much higher level of sophistication and expertise and be entitled to promote yourself as a CSS/CRS professional.

And did you notice we said "guaranteed" certification. As a Diamond Standard trainee, we'll help you through the process if you're struggling. We can therefore guarantee you'll pass. Not everyone does when they apply for it "a la carte". But by going "Diamond", we'll help you attain this achievement as we want you to succeed, but we want your success to have marketable strength. Anything less may be unprofessional and we want all our designees to enjoy superior talents in the industry.

Two Lifetime Business Listings
Sample Page Here is an actual directory page in The Academy of Staging and Redesign - Directory. We host the fastest growing directories on the internet - and we spend tens of thousands of dollars EVERY month advertising them. We list your business under your state and each city or town is listed alphabetically so consumers can easily find you in their local area. Our directory is the fastest growing directory for Home Staging and Interior Redesign of any directory on the web. People do their research on the internet these days, so it is imperative that you list your business online. We'll give you two listings in two separately advertised directories to maximize your exposure. You won't find anyone anywhere giving you a lifetime listing. They ALL have annual renewal fees. As a Diamond trainee, you'll never have to pay another listing fee - never!

I hear almost daily from trainees who have been contacted from the directory. Many haven't even received their training materials yet and the directory is bring them business. That is so neat!

TESTIMONIAL - "I want to extend a huge THANK YOU from half way across the country for recommending my name and company to a Real Estate Investor here in St. Paul. I spoke with her today and we are meeting tomorrow to talk about a future relationship for the need she has for a stager. The first project is a 5 bedroom house built in 1884, which is the style I like most. What an amazing network you have set up for stagers across the country, what a connection. Thanks for your recommendation, I won’t let you down! God bless, Kristin Register"

Access to Designer Trade Discounts
You'll gain access to our list of companies where you can get up to 50% off (sometimes more) of products and services for your business and personal needs.

Access to Legal and Insurance Services
You'll gain access to companies who can provide legal forms, legal advice and liability insurance for your business.

Discounted Accounting Services by CPA
If you need help setting up your business and choosing the right legal entity (S-Corp, C-Corp, LLC, Sole Proprietorship), and you need help with your tax returns, we've got a top CPA (Certified Public Accountant) to give you discounted services.

Examples of Powerful Message Branding
Getting prospects to respond to your marketing messages can be difficult. We've got examples you can use verbatim or
to spark your own creativity.

Exclusive Access to Private Diamond Site
Get access to a large number of color photos: before and after projects with explanations, staging trick photos with explanations, and exclusive training videos in interior design and staging at work so you can learn by example. Lots more additional training, forms and so much more you'll be amazed.

Ten Dynamic Marketing Gems
You don't have to reinvent the wheel. We'll give you 10 super simple strategies - little marketing gems - so easy to learn and implement immediately that will help you promote your services to anyone at any time, day or night, in any setting. And you'll have amazing confidence when you use them. We can't tell you more because our competition is always snooping around, but you'll love these and even be able to create some of your own.

Wall Groupings! Secrets of Arranging Artwork and Photos for Your Clients
wallgrouping design, wall groupings, wall grouping designYou'll also get a copy of my soft cover book. This breezy manual will teach you everything you need to know about how design beautiful wall groupings for clients, including all of the important design concepts, installation tips, lots of illustrations and photos, do's and don't, a huge selection of photos of actual wall groupings and much more. It replaces my very popular out of print manual called "Where There's a Wall - There's a Way" 148 pages.

600 Business Letter Templates
Don't fret about what to say in a business letter. We've got plenty of generic templates that give you business language and terminology, but also legal terminology and safeguards. Customize them on your letterhead in Microsoft Word or a text editor of your choice.

Personalized One Minute Promotional Video
See a sample of a recent certified student. We will create one for you once you complete the certification requirements. We will host it for you indefinitely and link to it from your two directory listings.

Start Now Before Your Neighbor or Best Friend Beats You to It - Time is of the Essence, As They Say!

The time is right!  The opportunity has never been better! But those that get in on the lucrative home staging, house fluffing, home enhancement, interior redesign, one day decorating business early are the ones that will reap the largest rewards.

Two of my training manuals alone equal 367 pages of hard-core redesign strategies, concepts, ideas, how to instructions alone. That's just for starters. One book gives you 101 illustrations of wall grouping design, from the simple to the complex, from two companions all the way up to gallery walls. Now I've just added another 189 pages of incredible, easy to follow, easy to understand training on furniture arrangement concepts that virtually take you inside my mind and teach you how I dissect every room to maximize my client's furniture in the most appealing manner. My staging tutorial is currently running 216 pages, meaty stuff.

By the way, at any time you're reading this, if you want to read comprehensive details about any single training product or tool that I offer in this Diamond training program, just check out the white links above the image at the top of this page and you'll find links there to all of them so you can ready about them in their entirety, then come back here to get the Diamond Training Program all at one time.


Just imagine yourself having a hefty bank balance at the end of the month to carry forward. Imagine yourself working smarter and not harder. Imagine yourself having time to treat yourself to a luxurious vacation. Imagine yourself going into a store and not having to look at the price tag before buying what you like.

Here's a Recap of What You'll Get as a Diamond Combo Trainee

Get It All At Once in One Single Transaction

Remember, you don't need to be wildly successful at basic re-design to take the diamond redesign/home staging training. Get what you need slowly - or get everything right now, one price, one shipping charge. Done! That's the way I work, but you choose what's right for you. (If you want to get what you need one at a time, over time, return to my home page and you'll find all the links there at your fingertips.)

Get Your Personal Brochure Web Page Included

That's right - you submit the details and we'll put up a brochure website in the domain name of your choice so you can have instant internet exposure and direct realtors and clients to your online presence. Then we'll link to your official site in two The International Staging and Redesign Directories for double the exposure.

home staging, staging homes, home staging business

Home Staging for Profit (256 pages) will teach you everything you'll ever need to know about how to start a home staging business for profit. Whether you only want supplemental income, or whether you're looking to build a career, this tutorial covers the whole gambit from how to get clients, how to interview real estate agents, how to interview home sellers, a 25-page checklist to guide you and which you can even give out as part of your consultation and so much more I can't list it all here.

arranging furniture, arrange furniture, redesign business

Decor Secrets Revealed (25 chapters/PC compatible) will teach you everything you'll ever need to know about furniture arrangement and accessory arrangement techniques. These are the core design building blocks you will need to be successful as a redesigner. Even if you've had some formal interior design training before, you should take this training to fortify yourself and serve as a reminder. I've even had other people tell me they learned more from me in this one eBook on arrangement concepts than they did in all of their formal design classes in college.

interior redesign training, arranging furniture, arranging accessories Arrange Your Stuff! (189 pages) will teach you virtually everything you need to know to successfully break down a room to it's bare essentials, pinpoint the natural and architectural focal points, analyze the traffic patterns, nail down the major problems the client has been facing, and develop a design plan that will be perfect, not only in functionality but in appearance. You'll truly be equipped to take virtually any room, with any given set of furniture and accessories, and turn it into a "designer's showplace", just by how you arrange what the client already owns. This manual is a one-of-a-kind. No one has done this before.

basic redesign training, redecorating business, redesign, home staging training Rearrange It! (176 pages) will teach you everything you need to know to successfully do basic redesign, where you go into a client's home and professionally arrange the furniture and accessories they already own. It goes into all of the business how-to that will help you organize your business, market it, manage it and grow it. I will be sending you the download instructions for Decor Secrets Revealed immediately, and you can study that while you're waiting for the rest of the course to arrive by UPS. Rearrange It!, then, should be the first training manual you study when your whole course arrives.

home business, decorating business, redecorating business training

Next you'll want to immerse yourself in the extra techniques in Advanced Redesign (200 pages) training, where you'll immediately learn more basic strategies, but a whole lot more - 10 unique strategies that will help you take your business to the level you probably really want it to go to. No one else offers you this kind of advanced training.

hanging art, how to hang wall decor, hanging pictures

After that, you should learn the professional techniques that professional installers use to mount any wall art, mirror, shelf and so on. You'll be faced with clients that have lots of small art and family photographs which you must arrange into beautiful, striking wall groupings. You need professional techniques to do those quickly and effortlessly.

redesign clients, how to get clients, interior redesign seminar

I know you'll be raring to go as soon as possible and start having fun in your new business venture. So to help you here, I've put together a Musical CD Slideshow of 140 slides of some of our before and after pictures to help you until you get some of your own. A picture is worth a thousand words, so our CD is worth 140,000 words. What better way to show your prospects exactly the kind of dramatic improvement a professional redesign can do for them. You'll get 1 of these to get you started quickly and easily. Don't worry about what you'll say to people - just let them see the slideshow and it'll do most of the "selling" for you. More available a la carte.

redesign clients, how to get clients, interior redesign seminar

Not to be outdone, we've also compiled a beautiful Musical Slideshow for the staging industry, comprised of 71 slides set to music. This slideshow is meant for you to loan to a prospect (so we suggest you get several copies). They can take it home to show the spouse. It will show them how powerful a difference a professional stager can make in their prospects for selling their home. A picture is worth a thousand words, so in this case this Show is worth 71,000 words. You get one with your course.

 wallgrouping design, wall groupings, wall grouping design

You'll also get a copy of my soft cover book, Wall Groupings: Secrets of Arranging Art and Photos (148 pages). Never again have to guess at how to arrange and art for clients or for yourself. Full of illustrations and photos, you'll find this an easy guide to decorating with wall groupings.

furniture sliders, carpet sliders

Don't forget the handy furniture sliders (set of 4) that make moving heavy furniture across carpet super easy.

hard floor sliders, furniture sliders for hard surfaces

And lastly, I'm also including a set of 100 ASSORTED PROMOTIONAL POSTCARDS (4x6) to help you launch your business to friends, family and co-workers. 100 promotional cards in all with various messages to help you make contact and keep contact strong with prospects and clients.

floral arrangement, flower arranging

Flower Power (15 chapters) is an electronic book that will teach you all of the secrets of how to create beautiful flower arrangements so you can custom design them for your clients as an added bonus to augment your other services.

No Wait! This Still Isn't All . . .

You'll also begin your road to Certification, and not just certification in one business, but guaranteed certification in BOTH businesses (redesign & staging), which I also offer here. But instead of going through the process with a chance to fail, we guarantee you that you won't fail. We won't let you. We'll work with you as long as it takes to ensure you reach a level of competency where you will be certified to offer talented redesign services and home staging services to your clients. You'll still have to go thru the process, but we'll help you with extra training if you need it, to assist you in any way possible to achieve that level (VALUE: $1500  - If we have to work more with you to guarantee your success).

And we'll list you twice in our International Staging and Redesign Directories for Life (VALUE: $200 per year), and you won't ever have to worry about renewing your listing and paying any additional annual fee. This is just one more value added service you'll get with the Diamond Training Program. That will save you a minimum of $100.00 per year for as long as you own your business and wish to be listed on our Directories.

You'll also get a list of 419+ Redesign/Staging Business Names (VALUE$ 59.95). Pick one and use it (after checking with your county Fictitious Business Name department to make sure it isn't already in use in your county). Or use the list to trigger an idea for your own unique business name.

And you'll get all of the regular free bonuses and the monthly business newsletter promised elsewhere on this site, PLUS a free copy of the current Color Trends Report ($29.95 value).

And let's not forget to extremely valuable ability to write to me or call me for personalized, on-going help any time you need it. There will never be any additional charge for this mentoring program. You get the personal help of a world class redesign trainer at your fingertips. 

I'm available by email at any time and you can even call me and get me. So you can't lose, so long as you are willing to learn and you actively following the instructions and directions and guidance we provide for you.

Start Making Money Right Away!

You could be advancing your business in about 5 minutes from now by ordering your Diamond  Standard Combo Training Program online right now. Get it all now - or get it slowly by going back to our home page and going to each individual training program one by one. You'll first receive your download instructions for Decor Secrets Revealed so you can start your training immediately. You'll download this product and read on your computer. It only comes as an eBook. 

While you're working your way through the design training in this eBook, we'll be processing the rest of your order and getting it off to you by UPS by the next business day. By the time you finish training in the design concepts, you should be receiving all the rest of your materials. Full instructions will come as to how to access the free bonuses as well.

barbara jennings, home therapy, use what you own decorating

BONUS 1 You will be given my private email address so that you can ask me questions that pertain to your own situation. We'll even talk about your business by phone. You'll be able to have me help you personally whenever you need it in a more personalized way. Two clients will make you back more than enough to cover your entire training program - so how good is that? You'd have to get a lot of clients to recover from the high priced seminars out there.

If you paid me privately, it would cost you $10,000 and be a great investment for your business. But I promise I will be here long term to help you. I consider this your Success Insurance if you use it properly. You get to pose questions. You get to submit ideas. You get to say, "Hey, this is how it has worked" or "It's not working. How can you help me?"

My competition mostly runs out on you after the seminar. I'm quite the opposite. I want to ground you. I want to develop you. I want to instill my mindset in you. This is priceless.

Since there is a huge interest among re-designers and others in home resale/staging concepts, I've expanded on the subject, devoting an entire chapter to it in Advanced Redesign. But more than that, I've also put together an exhaustive check list/estimator of 251 things you can do as a home stager and get paid for to help you consider every possible service and detail, then estimate the time it would take to do it and arrive at a reasonable cost estimate to quote to your clients (VALUE: $129.00)

You'll also get my monthly Business Building Newsletter, that is filled each month with additional training to help you build your business to the level you want it. I include my own personal experiences, tips and tactics and strategies for marketing and promoting your products and services. I put a lot of time and energy into my newsletters. I make myself available to you by phone and email too. People are often very surprised when they call and find that I answered the phone. Why do I answer the phone instead of a staff member? Because I want to be accessible to you. I want you to know that it's pretty easy to reach me - at least it is right now.

You can't sign up for this newsletter. You have to qualify to get it by becoming a trainee.

"Dear Barbara, Thank you for getting back with me. I also wanted to take this time to tell you how much I appreciate your monthly letters!!!  Kimi Young"

"Hi, Barbara: I just wanted to drop you note to let you know that I thoroughly enjoy your newsletters and find them most helpful! Thank you for giving us so much support." - Leslie Saez

Whenever I have someone write or call me for help, and it's not possible for me to serve them because of my schedule or distance from my office, I always look to my list of Diamond Trainees and give my referral to them to handle. I can't promise I'll have referrals for you, but I do give out many referrals every month and the Diamond  Redesign/Staging trainees are the benefactors of those.

As a Diamond  Trainee, you will receive referrals from me if (or when) someone contacts me looking for a redesigner/stager in your area. I do not give out referrals to any trainees unless they have gone through the Gold or Diamond Redesign/Staging course. Naturally, if you follow through and submit your full contact information for the Redesign Directory (which you will receive at no additional charge for life), visitors to the Directory will be able to contact you directly. But regardless, I only give out referrals myself to Gold or Diamond Trainees. This is another one of the bonuses you will receive.

decorating parties, entertainment decorating, tablescapes BONUS 6
To sweeten the deal even more, I'm also going to throw in a free copy of Great Parties! Great Homes!, my electronic book on how to decorate for the most magnificent parties and how to host smashing parties, or merely become an enticing guest at someone else's party
(VALUE: $34.95/PC Compatible)
. This eBook will teach you:

  • The standard ways to place a table setting
  • Six international table place settings
  • Four ways to fold a table napkin
  • Eleven table cloth sizes and how many people each will accommodate
  • Nine types of glassware
  • Seven types of knives
  • Ten types of forks
  • Ten types of spoons
  • Nineteen table decorating styles
  • Eleven ways to shape bouquets
  • Four hundred twenty seven flowers and what they stand for
  • A simple party planning guide
  • A guide for planning parties for 50 guests or more
  • Seventy rules of dining etiquette
  • The responsibilities of hostesses, hosts and guests
  • Fifty conversation icebreakers
  • Tricks for remembering names and faces
  • Fifteen ways to keep a conversation going
  • Five more ways to extend conversations
  • Twenty four ways to become a good listener
  • Ten top tips for great listening skills
  • Six topics to avoid at a dinner party
  • Eight conversation killers to void
  • Six ways to exit a conversation gracefully
  • Eight ways to continue a relationship after the party is over
  • How to choose your decorating style
  • Four basic decorating styles
  • Eleven common psychological associations of color
  • How to choose your decorating colors
  • Seven principles of good interior design
  • Ten goals of good interior design
  • Is wallpaper worth the cost and effort?
  • Tips on the care of your wood furniture
  • Seven ideas for decorating with photographs
  • Sixteen ideas for decorating with unusual objects
  • Four things to avoid in your decorating

So you get all this additional training in party decorating, entertaining and decorating table decoration, all as an additional bonus for choosing the Diamond Training Program.


Quite honestly, no one has covered the subject of redesign this thoroughly - no one. Suffice it to say, this doesn't need to offer a bonus at all, other than to answer any questions you might possibly have when you're done. And that's already promised to you in Bonus #1. But I'm trying to make this training as complete as possible, so you won't be left high and dry ever.

People who know, know that having your personal mentor is worth far more than the price of the product itself, because making the application to your personal situation is where the true difficulty lies in learning anything new.

But I'll be here for you, advising you and helping you every step of the way, so long as I breathe and you need me. You have my word on that!

So What Are You Waiting For?

Within minutes you can start building your business in a myriad of ways you've probably never thought about doing. Within just a few minutes you could be on your way to maximizing your full potential, pulling out all the stops. You can start your initial training with the eBook (which you will download and read on your computer) while you wait for the rest of the materials to arrive. You could literally be doing that in about 5 minutes from the time you place your order

You do have to work at it, I won't kid you, so if you're lazy, this isn't the training program for you. But if you really want to make top money, if you crave enjoying the peak of success, then this is the right place and the right time. If so, go get your credit card right now and let's get you going. The ordering process is quite simple.

You can order your copy through our Secure Server on line and get instructions on how to download it on to your computer in less than 5 minutes, or you can FAX, phone or mail in your order, using the links below. It takes longer that way, but it's up to you.

Order now. Cause if you wait, I guarantee you'll never do it and five years from now you'll be regretting it big time as a competitor moves in and takes the business right out from under your nose!  Ground floor opportunities don't come along all that often.  Redesign is just beginning to really take off.  Most people haven't heard of it yet -- but many have.  

Either way, that's good for you, but only if you act soon.  Right now there's very little competition and you can jump in and go!  But first you need to learn how from someone who has done it for years! If you're in an area that has competition, you better find out the advanced strategies before your competitors do so you can take over the scene. You definitely want to gain the edge and this is the perfect training program to help you do just that.


diamond standard home staging and redesign combo course

If you order by

this Diamond Standard Combo Training Program (which gives you virtually everything you need for 2 dynamically related businesses in one) will only be a low, low

  • $1299.95 $699.95 for Continental USA

  • $1349.95 $734.95 for Canada/AK/HI


an instant savings if you were to purchase the items individually, plus you save on shipping charges, can place your order in one convenient step.

Need a payment plan?
See alternative options for enrolling in one of our Diamond courses: Payment Plan.

(For those in Canada/Hawaii/Alaska your charges are slightly higher because shipping, handling, insurance is included in the price.)

You could literally pay for the entire course with just two half-day or one full-day client!

Don't forget, you're getting over $2500 in free bonuses too because each product that makes up this package also comes with it's own free bonuses, added to the ones listed above.

That's a tremendous bargain (you don't even know yet) considering that you won't find this type of training any where else for any price and you could easily pay several thousand dollars for seminars and classes that don't cover nearly the ground that we do (I know of a training program for stay at home moms that costs over $5000 in Britain).

One major competitor in redesign is charging 2.5 times this price for a home study course which doesn't include any kind of advanced program and doesn't include staging. On top of that, it's really difficult to know who out there is really qualified to teach you this business. Do you want to take a chance on them? Go check out their websites and compare. We know you'll come back here after you do. Then ask yourself these important questions:

  • What is it worth to me to learn how to double, triple or maybe even quadruple what I'm now earning?
  • What is it worth to me to leave my competition in the dust?
  • What is it worth to me to become THE HOME STAGER or REDESIGNER in my area that everyone is talking about?
  • Do I want all the advantages of a true experienced redesign/staging mentor teaching me, who has been doing this business since 1983 or do I want some novice who couldn't as a consultant and decided to try training instead or has only been online a few months trying to copy our program?

If you've been considering spending $2000-3500 for a seminar, class or teleconference, you might get decent training (though I've heard many horror stories). How many clients will it reasonably take to recoup your training cost, equipping you in only one business, not two? It will take a few, but it is unrealistic to think you can become professional this quickly without spending some serious money on your business training and tools and web presence.

 Don't delay as this price may go up at any time. You're not going to find an advanced strategy training on redesign AND staging out there any where, I guarantee it.  This is an incredible deal, even at two or three times the price.


Barbara Jennings, Author/Consultant/Trainer


Two Ways to Order

 Method One
The fastest way to order is directly from the Secure Server Order Form link below. Keep in mind that when you use our order form on our Secure Servers, we can email you the instructions to get any software version within your program within 5 minutes so you can start re-decorating/re-arranging immediately.

Secure Server Encryption
Our Shopping Cart is hosted at a secure site called Veracart.Com and all information posted is automatically encrypted for your security. You may check the status of their security certificate at any time during the checkout process. Look for the Secure Status Image and click on it.

CONTINENTAL USA - Click Here to Invest with Peace of Mind Through Our Online Secure Server

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Need a payment plan?
See alternative options for enrolling in one of our Diamond courses: Payment Plan.

Method Two
You can order by check with our FAX or Mail-in Order Form.
Simply print this order form out and send it, along with your payment. After we receive your order and payment, instructions will be sent to you via email.

2) Click Here to Invest by Phone, Fax or Mail

P.S. -  Remember My Free Bonus Gifts

P.S. Remember you're going to get all of my training, and all of my "tools of the trade" in one single, convenient course - PLUS you'll get over $2500's worth of bonuses, guaranteed double certification, your own semi-custom brochure website or webpage, two lifetime listings in the International Staging and Redesign Directories and so much more. You won't learn interior redesign and home staging from any other place that is so thorough and affordable that gives you all of the support you'll find here!

And as far as support goes, the same day I receive your email with one or more questions, that's the same day you'll get a response back from me, all tailored to your personal situation and at no additional charge. You'll get your own personal mentor and instructor by email. That's my personal promise to you.

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TESTIMONIALS - "I am very pleased with the information contained as well as the personal support and support materials available. I certainly feel a lot more confident about going out and offering my services than I did before I took the training. There is some redundancy between the books if you buy the entire Diamond line so it is not as overwhelming as it first appears. That said, it is still much more information than the other courses provide. I was impressed with the practicality of the information. I am sure the advice contained will save me from making many mistakes I might have made otherwise that could have cost me more than the price of the training. This course is an excellent value for the money when you compare it to the other options out there. It offers a nice balance between design training and training on how to run a staging/redesign business. You have an excellent package combined with the ability to consult with you, making your program the best out there. - Victoria Guillot"

TESTIMONIALS - "I can't tell you how impressed I am and I haven't even finished half of your materials. I look so forward to having my "Barbara" time everyday. I will always be so grateful that after researching which route to take in my training,  I found you first. Being in the Wedding industry for so many years and writing a certification course (approved by the state of California then going nationwide) I THOUGHT I WAS THOROUGH! You blow me out of the water. I will keep in touch. Thank you for just being you." - Tina Beene

"Barbara, thank you so much for the delightful video! What a wonderful surprise!!! You do such a nice job, thank you! I received your newsletter today and I really appreciate your comments about my portfolio - thank you for everything - Dena Badger"

"Hello Barbara! I just wanted to send you the link to my company's website . . . and say thank you again-without your wonderful training and guidance, I don't know if I would've gotten to this point!  I officially opened for business yesterday, and through word of mouth I have 2 appointments booked for this week, and a presentation booked for next week with a new real estate company!  - Shelly Landry"

"Anyway, I have been reading the manual and although I am pretty confident with my limited decorating abilities, it is great to know that i am on the right track. I can't put it down!! If I had discovered your website earlier, I could have saved myself a whole bunch of $$. . . . I can't believe that you would have time to write that incredible manual and still do all the other stuff!! - JOY"

"I received yesterday my Diamond Program so I also downloaded the eBook. Wow! I am sooo pleased! I have learned more in one evening, night and this morning (needless to say I got only 4 hours sleep) than I have in many, many hours of design classes! I paged through everything very quickly, reading snip here and there. Despite having worked for 7 1/2 years as a cabinet/closet/storage/kitchen designer I realize now I have only been touching the tip of the iceberg of what I could and should be doing to capitalize on my talents. I can't wait to read more! I'll let you know how my appointment goes. With much thanks, Mary Margaret Connolly"

home staging trainee, interior redesign trainee

"Well, if someone needs "proof" that this stuff works...it happened here folks! Barbara, as I mentioned the "whooper house" had been on the market 9 months and needed to sell in 5 weeks or the owner was going to loose her new house that is being built. In that 9 months, I did found out there had been one flimsy offer and financing didn't go through. I staged the home Friday afternoon getting it ready for the first of 5 open house Sundays. . . . Saturday afternoon an outside realtor unexpectedly called to see the house. Her clients were relatively sure they were going to put a bid on another house but were willing to look at one more house. The house wowed them and they wrote up a contract that afternoon on this house...!!!! UNBELIEVABLE.

Well, being a good realtor, Rosemary, held the open house today, as scheduled, and the owner received another offer!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! The bidding war is on!!! I am tickled pink! And hopefully, one of the offers will be just the right one to get the home sold. Just wanted to share, Candi Hutchison"

"I wanted to let you know that I have been slowly delving into the course work (and really enjoying it!) to begin my own business. I have been a teacher for 28 years and just had enough. I've had a passion for interior design for most of my life, and just felt it was time to take the plunge - so at the end of the school year, I resigned from teaching and am hoping to get my business going by September. I am continually awed by the depth of your website and business in general. There isn't anything that I can't find with the click of a mouse... the information is endless. I am very impressed with the business you have built and what you are willing to share with your "students". Thank you for being so thorough; it is a great help to people like me who are fist timers. - Marylou Pritchard"

"Decorating has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Years ago my Father said (like most Father's) find something you love to do and figure out a way to get paid for it. "I was in a successful business for years, but, I just didn't enjoy what I was doing as much as decorating. I was always asked to help friends, family and neighbors with their décor dilemma's and I really enjoyed that more then anything I've ever done. "Fast forward to February 2005 when I ran across Decorate-Redecorate.com online and had the pleasure of talking with Barbara Jennings. I have to admit I usually do my homework when I have to make a big decision and starting a new career is a HUGE decision. However, my first conversation with Barbara Jennings and I was sold. "I started immediately and was completely blown away by the massive amount of information in her course books. I can't tell you how impressed I was. I couldn't put those books down and I felt so knowledgeable and more prepared each page I read. "Well, now we are well into July 2005 and I just received word that I am officially certified and my certificate is on it's way. I'm still pinching myself. "I started working for a very successful real estate company in my area and I am doing all of their home staging. There is no way I would have been able to get this job if it wasn't for Barbara Jennings. She gave me the knowledge and confidence to go for it. Barbara was there EVERY step of the way. I also just got a job offer from one of the best interior decorating companies in my area and I start in August. I have never been this happy and I will always be so grateful to Barbara and Decorate-Redecorate.com. "(By the way...the reason I received the job offer was because the owner had heard through the grapevine that I took this course)." (Tina Beene, CRS)

". . . what a great book . . I wish I would have read your book before taking training. . I have recommended your book to many of my customers who want to start their own business. It offers many great ideas for those who might not want to go to expense of a training program...." -- Anonymous

"Dear Barbara, I just had to write to you, singing your praises again!!!!!  I just re-read the Seven-Step One-Day Marketing Plan, and I'm nearly done writing mine up.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!  You make everything so logical and easy to understand!!!  I had been reading an Interior Design-specific marketing handbook and felt like I was reading a foreign language!!!!!  Your writing is so much better! Thanks again! - Shelly Landry

"Thank you so much, how very generous of you. I sure am enjoying your books and I am looking forward to working with you. I will e-mail you copies of some of the pictures I have taken, when I figure out how all this new technology works. I have the means I just need to learn the know how. This is very exciting, thank you so much." -- Cathy Dolloff

"I have now completed all the manuals . . . I must say that I am absolutely overwhelmed (in a good way) with the information that I have absorbed throughout, it was way more than I expected. I definitely got my monies worth.

"One other thing I would like to thank you for is Chapter 25 of Decor Secrets Revealed, your eBook. I am not an extremely religious person, but I cannot tell you how important that chapter was to me at the time in my life in which I read it. Your words helped me to make one of the most difficult decisions in my life, it really hit home. It made me focus of the most important members of my family - my husband and children. For twenty years my husband and I allowed our extended family to run our lives in a way that made us compromise our lives and our children's lives as well as our beliefs. Chapter 25 allowed me to re-focus what was most important in my life and I re-read it on a regular basis to make sure that I don't forget it. Isn't it funny how your words about a subject (decorating) that is such a passion for me, could change my life forever. Again, I cannot thank-you enough.

"Barb, I just couldn't wait to tell you how excited and ecstatic I was to receive all of you're e-books and printed books.  They  were sensational; easy to read and understand, filled with personal stories and experiences, and full of valuable information.  Most of all the personal support I received everytime I called.  You were always there.  Thanks for brightening up my world with you're redesign and decorating techniques. Judes Ziemba"

"I basically just switched the dining table with the black chairs to make a cozy conversation area at the end of the room and put the dining table in the front of the room off the kitchen bar. Then, of course, “shopped” within her house to find accessories and artwork to create a more pulled together look. I suggested painting the dining chairs black for a bit more contrast. My client loves the new look and hired me to do the rest of her house with which we are almost finished. The entire house is coming together beautifully. Thank you for all your training, newsletters, and support! - Sharyn Hutchinson"

"Dear Barbra, Sorry that I haven't written to you sooner, but we got home from vacation about a week ago. When I got home a was so anxious to get started. I love everything that I purchase from the Diamond combo training. I was so excited to start and I have already finish reading the Decor Secrets, Great Parties! Great Homes, Where's there's a wall there's a way and the Home Staging. Your training books are so good that every time that I started reading one page I couldn't wait to read the next one. There's so many wonderful idea's. I have learn so much already and I'm anxious now to start my next training book and home enhancement CD's. It was way more than than I expected. I was love my designer bag, the 3 room files with the magnetic sheet for the floor plan and also the file holder. The diamond combo is well worth my money. Well, I better go now and start reading. God bless and have a great day. Lisa Berge"


GOLD TRAINEE 2008 - "I think the ways you describe your experiences and incorporate them into the training arena are exceptional. I know how hard it is to get on paper what you are thinking and what you want to say and my hat is off to you for being able to accomplish that in the expert way that you do. Kudos to your abilities. - Barb Combs, Fairfield, OH"

DIAMOND TRAINEE 2008 - "I feel so empowered. It has really changed me in that not only have I bettered myself by learning a new field of work, but your spiritual outlook and thoughtfulness and care you give each individual student has made me want to be all that I can be. Thank you for that. - Sharon Hendrix, North Las Vegas, NV"

GOLD TRAINEE 2008 - "I feel the training I have received has been very useful and interesting. I have learned a lot, despite my minor in interior design. I like the website and I like the books: Home Staging for Profit, Decor Secrets Revealed, Advanced Redesign and Rearrange It. - Katie Green, Fardo, ND"

DIAMOND TRAINEE 2008 - "The training that I have received is all encompassing, very thorough and I've gained more confidence that I can now go out on my own. - Barbara Smith, Palm Harbor, FL"

DIAMOND TRAINEE 2008 - "I feel it is a great course. You really have a way of making it interesting and the learning process is awesome. - Theresa Creel, Thornton, CO "

GOLD TRAINEE 2008 - "The course was terrific. It is very difficult to convey what you are trying to get across in written words. I believe you did an awesome job of making everything easy and understandable. - Chanda Humphries, Fairfield, OH"

DIAMOND TRAINEE 2008 - "Again, thank you so much for all your wonderful training you have put together. I am in the process of re-reading everything because I am picking up different things this time around now that I have been out there and tried a few projects. You have so much more detailed helpful information than any other materials I have purchased. I am so excited about my new career!!! - Victoria Guillett"