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home staging, interior redesign
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Make Up To $100,000+ Per Year in
Home Staging and Interior Redesign

Train with the most widely read and respected expert in the industry who leaves no stone unturned in this comprehensive, easy to follow course!

barbara jennings, home staging, interior redesignHello, I'm Barbara Jennings and it's my pleasure to be your guide and mentor. I'm here to help you understand the real opportunity you have to get instant training that is thorough, easy to follow, easy to understand and easy to execute. It will give you the confidence you seek, answer your questions, challenge your thinking, excite you, motivate you, encourage you and sustain you in your quest for a profitable and enjoyable business in home staging and interior redesign - two fast growing industries today.

Before I tell you about this course, let me point out just what has gone into creating it for you so that you'll capture a glimpse of why it is so superior to all other courses, seminars, classes and online programs out there.



1) To date it has been developed, improved, revamped, updated no less than 16 times. When I first started putting this course together, I noticed that most trainers taught strictly by conducting expensive seminars. They hyped and promoted the absolute need for "hands on" training, claiming you couldn't possibly learn any other way. Of course this was far from the truth as they have now discovered. I became the first trainer to offer home study courses in staging and redesign over a decade ago.

2) I also noticed that most people prefer to study at home with a great set of manuals that thoroughly explain the overview of the business, but also get down to the real specifics. So to date I've written and published 13 manuals and eBooks that leave no stone unturned. I'm not talking about short pamphlets or booklets either - I'm talking about legitimate, fully developed manuals - each in excess of 150-250 pages long giving you over 1900+ pages of high powered instruction. I know you aren't interested in just theory - you want practicality. So I've made them extremely useful, bringing you multiple check lists and forms, pictures and explanations - all sorts of beneficial food for thought and very explicit instructions of what to do, what to avoid and why. Don't be fooled by online "schools" who deliver everything to you online at your additional expense while making you think you're getting hard copy training. That method benefits them, not you.

3) It didn't take a genius to know you don't want to be stuck exclusively and totally at a computer for your training. I'm confident you want flexibility in the training process and you also enjoy a measure of variety in the style of how you learn. So my course is comprised of a combination of 3 electronic books (for clarity and speed of starting and they are loaded with over 1000 pictures and illustrations) AND 9 in-depth manuals (so you literally have your own reference library in your home to keep forever and refer to as often as you wish). I also developed an in-depth private "members only" website for you to provide you with even more quality and exclusive training, articles, statistics, trade discounts, videos, downloadable forms and more.

4)  I knew you wanted practical tools of the trade to help you actually do the work for your clients. So I pulled together the most practical tools that I use every time I do a project and I included them in the course so you don't have to buy them separately and pay extra for them. And, just as important, I created top notch promotional aids for you as well so you have things you can use immediately to promote your business which will lead to your first clients and first profits.

5) I also recognized how important an official designation or certification would be to you, so I implemented a phenomenal process that will make you proud and give you the confidence you seek and deserve to be competitive and well respected in the industry. Your designations will be two-fold and the fees are already included in the course, not like elsewhere.

6) Since having a web presence is so important, I've created an inexpensive way to fast track your new business on the web, giving you your own website (hosted for one year) and two directory listings on our highly visible website. These, of course, are also included in your course.

7) Lastly I knew you wouldn't want to be alone in the process and it was important to you to know I'd be there long term to advise you, encourage you, help you, answer your questions, keep you up to date and keep finding ways and products to help you long term. It's why I give lifetime access to everything at no additional charge - something no one else out there will do for you. And further, you'll be receiving monthly support with insightful newsletters and free personalized email support plus you can join me on FaceBook for personal friendship and tips.

In summation, it is my goal to give you the absolute maximum yield out of the whole experience that you can possibly get - both monetarily and creatively - both personally and professionally.


The Diamond Ruby Course is the most comprehensive course available anywhere with over 1940 pages of down to earth training (updated frequently), exclusive promotional sales aids and the best tools in the industry. It offers our most comprehensive selection of training, visual aids, tools, internet marketing strategies and on-going support.

diamond ruby home staging and interior redesign course

Let us not forget we currently offer 89 on-demand videos, audio interviews and video slideshows for unbelievably great training in the Diamond site by Barbara Jennings and other industry experts.

NOTE: Not all items are included and we reserve the right to make changes without notice or make substitutions where deemed necessary. For current information, read below or check our Shopping Cart under the course category of your interest.

However, this course is just for those superior individuals who know how to study, know how to apply what they learn, aren't afraid of following directions, have leadership qualities, love people, love decorating and aren't afraid to try something new and different.

Obviously there are many, many people who don't meet that level of criteria.

But if you love to be challenged and you love the idea of making huge profits in a business staging homes and rearranging furniture (actually two services together), then keep reading. I've got a jewel of an opportunity to share with you.



At the top of this page are drop-down menus that will take you to other sections of my programs. But this page, and this page alone will tell you about my all inclusive program called the Diamond Ruby Combo Course. It is the premier Diamond program (there are two LESS INCLUSIVE ones). You could say it will give you The Works! because it literally includes ALL of my training (both in design and business) and ALL of the tools, sales aids, support systems and operations that have taken me 6 years to develop.


diamond ruby home staging and interior redesign course

(NOTE: Course subject to change without notice. Shopping Cart always has up-to-the minute details on pricing and contents. Not all included products are pictured here and some that are have been replaced or discontinued. Some books or CDs may have different covers than shown above. Some items may have been discontinued.)

Currently Included in the Course:

  • Home Staging for Profit Manual (256 pages)
  • Home Staging in Tough Times Manual (210 pages)
  • Staging Portfolio Secrets Manual (264 pages)
  • Staging Luxurious Homes Manual (228 pages)
  • Getting Paid for Home Staging Manual (192 pages)
  • Home Staging for Yourself Checklist Manual (106 pages)
  • Do's and Don'ts in Staging and Redesign Manual (232 pages)
  • Rearrange It Manual (176 pages)
  • Advanced Redesign Manual (200 pages)
  • Wall Groupings! Art of Arranging Photos & Art Manual (149 pages)
  • Decor Secrets Revealed eBook - core design training
  • Great Parties! Great Homes! Networking eBook - core networking training
  • Flower Arranging eBook - core flower arranging training
  • Set of Four Carpet Furniture Sliders
  • Set of Four Hard Floor Sliders
  • Two Musical Slideshows on Staging and Redesign on CD for sharing
  • Staging Powerpoint Presentation CD with script
  • Redesign Powerpoint Presentation CD with script
  • 100 Postcards (50 each of 2 styles)
  • Dual Certification Certificate (upon completion of requirements
  • Two Lifetime Priority Directory Listings - no renewal fees ever
  • Newsletters, Many Bonuses, Reports, Mentoring (see below)
  • Lifetime All Access Diamond Member's-Only Training Website - no renewal fees 

What This Course Will Give You

This course will give you all of the insider secrets, tactics, strategies and training you could dream of getting. It includes everything you would expect to get and a ton of stuff you won't be expecting. In a nutshell, you'll get:

  • How to Start a Business Staging Homes for Sellers
  • How to Start a Business Redesigning Homes for Occupants
  • How to Link Both Together Into a Thriving, Creative Career
  • How to Use a Plethora of Tools I've Developed to Shorten the Road to Success and Do Most of the Work For You
Don't get me wrong. Nothing just falls in your lap. If it did, everyone would be doing it. You do have to work at your business. The core concepts to staging a home are actually easy and common sense. But I've developed the most creative, the most thorough and extensive training program in the world (since 2002), together with powerful, professional sales and marketing aids, to ensure your success if you just do as I recommend. Over 10,000 individuals have walked through some aspect of my courses and training before you.

When you consider that the average person only remember 10% of what they hear at a seminar, and they get headaches if stranded at a computer, you'll quickly see the value of our Mixed Methods of training (eBooks, manuals, online). With that in mind, let's discuss in detail what's included in the Diamond Ruby Combo Course - which gives you lifetime access at no additional charge.

TESTIMONIAL - "This course is worth its weight in gold. I cannot imagine a more comprehensive tutorial anywhere. This has been one of the best life choice I have ever made. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. - Audrey Schechner"


Home Staging is a Decorating Business so It is Essential You Learn the Design Concepts and Techniques of Interior Designers as They Pertain to This Industry - We've Got You Covered!

While some of our competitors claim that home staging is only a real estate business, and not a decorating business, if you don't have solid interior design knowledge and skills, you may get a business started, but you'll fail to sustain it. You must be good at design too. That's why we've poured so much time and energy into bringing the finest training you'll find on the key elements of design that you'll need to know. Here's a brief overview of just one of the design trainers in your program:

  • There are over 600 images in the eBook to illustrate what you're learning
  • How to Assess a Room so Your Arrangements Look Exceptional
  • How to Assess Your Lifestyle for Functionality As Well As Beauty
  • How to Arrange Your Room for Intimacy and Relaxation
  • Where and How to Begin Your Redecorating Arrangements
  • My Personal Tools of the Trade and How to Get Them
  • Where to Place the Major Furniture - What Is the Major Furniture?
  • 11 of the Most Common Arrangement Solutions That Will Solve Most Any Room Dilemma
  • How and Where to Rearrange the Other Furniture and Create the Designer Look You've Always Wanted
  • How to Create Intimacy That Your Family and Friends Will Enjoy
  • The Little Known Trade Secret Most Designers Don't Even Know
  • How to Arrange the Entire Room and Amaze Everyone With Your Creativity
  • How to Make a Room Sparkle and Come to Life
  • How to Create Spectacular Furniture Groupings That Show Everyone You're Really Good
  • The One Essential Ingredient You Need to Get Peace of Mind
  • The Art of Displaying Your Art and Accessories and Add Pizzazz to Any Room
  • How to Virtually Eliminate Every Architectural "Blemish" in the Room
  • The Easy and Proper Design and Placement of Art and Wall Groupings
  • How to Conquer the Two Most Misunderstood Concepts in Interior Arrangements
  • How to Balance Unity with Variety in Your Decorating
  • One Decorating Element Every Room Should Have
  • 21 Arrangement Mistakes You Should Avoid
  • 50 (or more) Before and After Pictures Using What the Owner Already Had
  • Easy Decorating and Redecorating Strategies for the Living Room, Family Room, Bedroom, Kitchen and Bath

That's one of the core design training components. But then you need to learn how to converse easily with people in social settings and decorate for parties.

Why social settings, you ask? Good question. Social situations are where a huge amount of business begins to be conducted. These could be meetings, networking groups, parties, volunteer organizations, one on one situations. They could be events you host yourself or ones you're invited to attend. Whatever the setting, social events are necessary happenings when it comes to building a business and you want to be confident in getting the most out of them. So we have a specific trainer that teaches you all about them and how to be a great hostess and guest. It also teaches you how to throw dynamic parties and offer decorating services to your clients as part of your many services. In this trainer, you'll learn:

  • The standard ways to place a table setting
  • Six international table place settings
  • Four ways to fold a table napkin
  • Eleven table cloth sizes and how many people each will accommodate
  • Nine types of glassware
  • Seven types of knives
  • Ten types of forks
  • Ten types of spoons
  • Nineteen table decorating styles
  • Eleven ways to shape bouquets
  • Four hundred twenty seven flowers and what they stand for
  • A simple party planning guide
  • A guide for planning parties for 50 guests or more
  • Seventy rules of dining etiquette
  • The responsibilities of hostesses, hosts and guests
  • Fifty conversation icebreakers
  • Tricks for remembering names and faces
  • Fifteen ways to keep a conversation going
  • Five more ways to extend conversations
  • Twenty four ways to become a good listener
  • Ten top tips for great listening skills
  • Six topics to avoid at a dinner party
  • Eight conversation killers to void
  • Six ways to exit a conversation gracefully
  • Eight ways to continue a relationship after the party is over
  • How to choose your decorating style
  • Four basic decorating styles
  • Eleven common psychological associations of color
  • How to choose your decorating colors
  • Seven principles of good interior design
  • Ten goals of good interior design
  • Is wallpaper worth the cost and effort?
  • Tips on the care of your wood furniture
  • Seven ideas for decorating with photographs
  • Sixteen ideas for decorating with unusual objects
  • Four things to avoid in your decorating

Before the core of your materials have arrived, you'll have a chance to learn about floral arrangement design so you can add this service to your growing list of revenue streams.

floral arrangement, flower arranging

We're going to teach you, not only how to build a staging and redesign business, but how to maximize your profits by offering other services and products as well. Flower Power (15 chapters) is an electronic book that will teach you all of the secrets of how to create beautiful flower arrangements so you can custom design them for your clients as an added bonus to augment your other services.

It's creative, fun and easy once you know the basics. This training will take your design training another notch higher and really mold you into the kind of arranger and designer you've always dreamed of becoming.

By the time the rest of your course arrives by UPS, you'll have had plenty of time to absorb these 3 eBooks and you'll be well on your way to completing the design portion of your training. From here on out, the rest of your essential training will be in printed manuals for greater flexibility and ease of training.

Now for the core of your basic home staging business training to get you grounded right.

home staging, staging homes, home stagerThis manual is updated continuously, so you'll be getting the most current version available. It is the introduction to the business of conducting a home staging business from your home. It has been hailed as the absolute best basic business guide on the subject. We've packed it with virtually everything you'll need to know to get start and build your career business.

Here are just some of the topics we'll cover:

  • The History of Home Staging
  • What Exactly Is Home Staging (Home Enhancement)
  • The Psychology of Home Staging and Enhancement
  • The Benefits You Can Expect as a Home Stager
  • Why Home Staging is So Effective
  • Statistics of Why it Works
  • The Art of Home Staging and Enhancement
  • The Top 10 Mistakes Sellers Usually Make
  • The Top 10 Most Common Problems
  • 16 Ways to Identify Do-It-Yourself Sellers
  • What a Home Stager Does
  • What Separates the Stager from the Seller and Agent
  • How to Identify a Home's Faults
  • How to Identify a Home's Assets
  • How to Portray the Home's Full Potential
  • How to Identify What Is Most Important Immediately
  • How to Turn The Situation Around for the Seller
  • Guerilla Marketing to Overcome the Marketing Challenges
  • Concepts of Staging that Differ From Decorating
  • How to Evaluate the Time Factors for Staging a Home
  • What Kind of Expertise is Needed
  • Attitude and Skills That Are Needed for Success
  • The Role of Interior Design Knowledge in the Process
  • 4 Crucial Aspects to a Professional Image
  • 16 Ways We Support Your Success
  • The Top 5 Real Estate Corporations
  • How to Find Agents Who Suit You
  • How to Find Sellers Who Suit You
  • Four Top Ways to Build a Clientele
  • 16 Sources for Building a Referral Network
  • How to Identify Consultation Seekers
  • The 3 Top Benefits to Sellers
  • Taking Your First Steps and What to Do
  • Effective Ways to Present Services to Agents
  • 44 Important Questions to Ask Agents
  • How to Negotiate Terms With Agents
  • How to Meet With Sellers and What to Do First
  • 48 Crucial Questions to Ask Sellers
  • The Right Ways and Sequences to Tour the Property
  • How to Use the Checklists to Evaluate the Home
  • How to Develop Winning Estimates That Beat the Competition
  • Making Recommendations to the Seller
  • Quick Guide to Pricing Your Services
  • What You Should Always Get Before Starting Any Project
  • A Quick Guide of 20 Tips to Home Enhancement/Home Staging
  • 17 Quick Start Steps to Successful Staging
  • The 12-Step Process Overall Guide
  • 16 of the Most Common Things to Remove
  • 65 Things You'll Probably Need in Your Tool Box
  • 25 Types of Props You Might Want to Inventory
  • Our 9 Steps to Carpet Care and Stain Removal Guide
  • Quick Guide for Polishing and Care of Wood Furniture and Floors
  • Choosing What to Repair and What to Paint
  • 7 Types of Paint and Our Quick Guide to Choosing Paint
  • How to Advice Sellers on Styling
  • 12 Types of Vendors You'll Need
  • The 2 Essential Concepts to Powerful Home Staging
  • 7 Questions You Should Ask Yourself
  • The 5 Top Steps to Any Home Staging Project
  • 6 Top Feelings Your Seller Wants and Needs
  • 15 Basic Furniture Arrangement Tips
  • How to Handle the Seller's Possessions
  • A Unique Addition to Put in Every Room
  • A Unique Addition to Add to Every Box of Removed Items
  • A Complete Moving Tips Guide
  • 25 Page Check List Covering The Most Common Rooms and Areas of Any Home
  • 9 Items the Seller Should Do At the End
  • 11 Additional Services You Can Offer for a Complete Package
  • The 10 Critical Factors of Good Interior Design

Guerilla Marketing Tactics for Staging Homes

  • The Easiest Way to Organize Your Prospects Without a Computer
  • Your Best Source for New Clients
  • 8 Powerful Ways to Garner New Clients
  • How to Get Appointments
  • The 4 Questions Everyone Wants to Ask You
  • Three Top Ways to Announce Your Services
  • How to Manage Phone Discussions
  • How to Manage Cancellations
  • 5 Crucial Components to a Great Home Stager
  • A Home Stager's Initial Key Ingredient
  • All About Control, Feedback, Fees, Referrals and Testimonials
  • 5 Critical Things to Do at the End
  • 5 Factors in Determining Your Fees
  • All About Quoting Your Fees
  • 22 Typical Expenses and How to Use Them to Your Advantage
  • 12-Step Sequence for Managing Your Business
  • All About Legal Structures, Names
  • 2 Licenses You'll Need
  • 9 Important Steps to Building a Powerful Business Plan
  • 7 Key Factors for Setting Up a Budget
  • 5 Keys to Financial Organization
  • Creating the Right Marketing Materials
  • 2 Types of Insurance You'll Need
  • Tips on Autos and Taxes
  • The Top Guerilla Marketing Tactic for Consultants
  • How to Implement the Top Guerilla Marketing Tactic
  • 14 Steps To Free Promotion for Your Business
  • 32 Ways to Create a Buzz About Your Services
  • 7 Websites That Will Help You Succeed
  • 3 Other Ways to Garner Clients
  • 6 Ways to Get People to Call You
  • Why Most Businesses Don't Succeed and How You Can Avoid Failing
  • Your Personal Seven-Step Guerilla Marketing Plan
  • 5 Ways to Reach Your Niche Market and Convert Them to Clients
  • Promotional Case Study
  • 15 Essential Factors You Need in Your Plan
  • 26 Ways to Get Organized and Stay Organized
  • 7 More Questions to Ask Yourself
  • The 4 Most Important Strategies for Success
  • How to Become a Leading Strategic Force in Home Staging
  • 6 Tactical Questions You Must Answer
  • 4 Essential Factors for Your Marketing Strategy
  • 8 Ways to Provide Value to Your Clients
  • 18 Things That Influence Business Strategy
  • The 4 Tops Strategy Options You Should Know
  • Questions and Answers
  • Other Helpful Resources

Access to Exclusive Design and Staging Videos

  • 47 Staging Tricks of the Trade Photos and Descriptions
  • Multiple Color Before and After Pictures of Staging Projects
  • Exclusive Design and Staging Videos in Protected, Private Locale

You'll also get trained in the basic business concepts for the interior redesign or redecorating business - related to staging, but different.

gold interior redesign training programInterior redesign differs from home staging. The goals are completely different - almost opposite, in fact. When you're working with a redesign client, the owner will continue to live in and enjoy the home indefinitely. So you'll be helping them establish their personality through their decorating. In home staging you'll be eliminating personality from the dwelling so that it will appear to the greatest number of buyers. That is a big difference. You live in a home one way; you sell it another way.

There will be some overlap on business set up practices, but here are some of the topics we'll cover in Rearrange It!

  • 12 benefits you will personally receive from a redesign business
  • 8 keys to becoming successful
  • 13 areas a re-designer will address on each project
  • 2 key ingredients needed to be effective
  • The one thing every consultant needs
  • The essence of an interior re-designer's knowledge
  • 4 keys that make the difference in the long term
  • 10 ways to present a professional image
  • 3 crucial elements every client should receive
  • 11 ingredients essential for entrepreneurs
  • 5 ways to identify your target market
  • 1 specific qualification every prospect must pass
  • 3 ways to define the needs of homeowners
  • The 9 most common mistakes homeowners make
  • 3 excuses prospects give
  • 3 criteria you should require before you set an appointment
  • How to identify what homeowners need most
  • How to define a need from a want
  • One great method to organize leads and turn them into clients
  • 9 ways to generate referrals which lead to more clients
  • How to identify the best people to help you promote your business
  • 3 top ways to generate leads
  • 3 essential ingredients for a website
  • How to get 5 new leads at every function you attend
  • >How to contact leads and prospects
  • How to respond when prospects contact you
  • 6 common questions prospects will ask you
  • How to discuss issues on price
  • How to use direct mail, flyers and brochures to promote your business

Preparing for Appointments

  • Tips on how to pick a business name
  • How to manage phone discussions
  • One crucial step necessary before leaving an appointment
  • How to graciously manage cancellations
  • The importance of a Pre-Check
  • The most essential accessory you should take along
  • How to get others to promote your business for free
  • How to generate leads over and over again
  • How and where to advertise your business
  • How to turn prospects into clients
  • How to make the phone work for you

Going on Appointments

  • What to take on appointments
  • The 5 most critical etiquette rules you must follow
  • 25 tools you're going to need with you (well, maybe not all of them)
  • 3 ways to create the right first impression
  • How to maintain control in any situation
  • The best way to find everything you need for a room
  • How to interview clients so you know just what to do first
  • How to clarify a client's needs and wishes
  • 20 starting questions you should ask
  • How to respond to the answers you get
  • 2 crucial ways to protect yourself and avoid the pitfalls
  • How to preserve the room when you arrive
  • How to measure a room and what measurements to take
  • 11 rules for traffic patterns and why they are essential
  • How to survey a room for hazards and eliminate them
  • How to properly and quickly assess a room
  • The first element you should focus on
  • The 2nd element that needs attention
  • After the first 2, what next?
  • The most important ingredients to add personality to a room
  • The 16 most common styles
  • 25 ways to express your client's taste
  • Easy tips on the care of wood furniture to give your clients
  • The 10 major goals of good interior design
  • 3 crucial ways to get client feedback
  • Methods for collecting your fee upon completion

Setting Fees, Marketing and Legal Stuff

  • How to get an instantaneous testimony
  • How to get an instant referral
  • How to preserve the final result
  • How to advise clients on future purchases
  • One thing you should always leave behind
  • One thing you should do immediately following an appointment
  • How to comfortably stay in contact with your client afterwards
  • Why you should retain relationships with clients
  • 9 ways to win friends and influence people
  • 5 ways to select the right fee
  • How to set your income goals
  • How to be comfortable with your fees
  • How to add extra value to your services
  • What kinds of ethics you should maintain
  • How to quote your fees confidently
  • 22 of the most common expenses you should expect
  • The all important guarantee you should offer
  • How to select your legal structure
  • How to choose a good business name
  • 3 licenses you may need and how to get them
  • Tips for managing payroll (if you have employees)

More on Marketing and Becoming Professional

  • Getting a powerful mission statement
  • 9 essential ingredients for a good business plan
  • 5 key elements to include in a start-up budget
  • How to create custom invoices
  • What type of bank account you should open
  • How to set up your phones at home
  • Managing a business address
  • How to develop marketing materials
  • 8 ingredients for a good brochure
  • 2 types of insurance policies you need
  • Tips for tax preparation
  • The most powerful way to promote your business for free
  • 14 steps to get free promotions
  • A sample you can follow
  • 32 ways to promote your business
  • 7 places to submit stories of interest
  • The pitfalls of traditional advertising
  • Website optimization tactics
  • The best viral advertising and how to get it
  • Other methods that generate leads
  • How to cope with a changing economic climate
  • How to get a constant flood of new ideas
  • The Savings Rule
  • The Strategy of Pre-eminence
  • 4 questions you should always ask yourself
  • 21 sources for additional help
  • How to grow your business faster
  • The one essential ingredient that makes a huge difference in growth
  • 6 elements to dynamic growth
  • 6 ways to outperform the competition
  • 4 key factors you should include in your strategies
  • 8 ways to satisfy a client
  • 18 essential elements to world-class strategic marketing
  • 4 major options to choose from

Interviews, In-depth Marketing and Lots of Other Goodies

  • Interview with a top re-designer in Kansas
  • Interview with a top re-designer in Rhode Island
  • A sample design consultation plan
  • 6 steps on how to get people to call you
  • Why most businesses aren't getting referrals
  • 5 steps for getting referrals
  • A 7-step marketing plan
  • 5 ways to reach your niche market and convert them to clients
  • A real case study for free publicity
  • 26 ways to stay organized
  • 15 essentials for a great marketing plan
  • Publicity referral services
  • Questions and answers from real re-designers
  • How to get professional tools and sizzle your services

Staging Luxurious Homes is also part of your advanced training so you can specialize if you like.

This manual covers the business side of developing a huge clientele among the upscale community where you live. Wealthy homeowners operate by a different standard and mindset from the rest of the population. In order to work and profit from this segment of your community, you need to understand their mindset and develop a higher level of skills.

  • Chapter One discusses who the affluent are and defines them for you. You'll learn where the largest concentration exists, 4 distinctive ways they got wealthy.
  • Chapter Two will teach you how they think, how they work, what motivates them, why they become dissatisfied.
  • Chapter Three gives you the six main methods of making contact with the affluent.
  • Chapter Four teaches you 12 dynamite ways to meet wealthy prospects, and gives you the keys to 33 highly targeted women's associations where you can become known and valued by thousands and thousands of high income prospective clients. And that's not all. You'll be taught 9 different ways you can structure your business to capitalize on these highly prized relationships, plus you'll learn about the 12 rules for governing your professional conduct to ensure your success.
  • Chapter Five will teach you the differences between quality prospects and the rest, the secrets to what drives their decisions, how presenting your services to them needs to be different from the main stream prospect, the 3 critical aspects you absolutely must give them.
  • Chapter Six identifies the essential ingredients necessary for getting a relationship started, 14 steps that move you in the right direction, another 10 to take as you progress, 12 things they need from you in order to trust you, 4 styles of operating that will make them respect you professionally, when/what and how to ask for what you want, and so much more.
  • Chapter Seven deals with your appearance, etiquette, image, wardrobe, first impressions, vocabulary, plus a lengthy segment on how to attract the affluent. I break it all down for you with lots of strategies and concepts and tactics, even great to use for other types of clients and prospects.
  • Chapter Eight focuses your attention on how to sell to affluent prospects, developing your personal Credo, 12 all important tenets you should make part of your overall motto and philosophy, 9 killer ways to reach out to prospects, and page after page of other helpful tips.
  • Chapter Nine is all about pricing, how it differs or doesn't from the mainstream, how to simplify giving quotes that take the guess work out of options.
  • Chapter Ten covers how to service wealthy clients and gives you some examples of where some companies have missed the mark totally, so you don't fall into those traps, including a detailed Credo tailored for the upscale market adapted from one of the most well-known service oriented mega corporations on the planet who rose to prominence on the commitment to their Service Creed.
  • Chapter Eleven discusses the pseudo-affluent, how to recognize them and avoid them.
  • Chapter Twelve teaches you 7 key elements on how to become a member of the affluent society in your area. Motivational, if I do say so myself.
  • Chapter Thirteen is a complete checklist of specific steps you need to take on a daily basis, 37 things you must do, 43 things you must not do, managing the Monday Morning Blues and a whole lot more.

Staging Portfolio Secrets will teach you critical techniques to get clients easily. This is key to your success.

Staging Portfolio Secrets is one of my newest manuals of little known but highly effective strategies on how to create a powerful business portfolio. But it goes much further and trains you how to use your portfolio to get new business over and over again. In turbulent times or during economic growth times, you cannot afford to miss out on the concepts you'll learn in this manual. Getting face to face appointments with the most targeted people you need as clients is the core of this training, along with the step by step process toward creating a visual portfolio that will focus on your strengths as they relate to the home staging industry. You'll get this manual automatically with your course.

Just read the topics I cover:

  • Building a Six Figure Home Staging and Redesign Business
  • Discovering Your Accomplishments
  • New Ways of Thinking
  • Keys and Wall Bangers
  • Pulling Together Your Strengths
  • Pulling Together Your Biographical Information
  • Writing Copy That Sells
  • The Referral Letter
  • Getting Past the Gatekeeper and to the Top Real Estate Agents, Home Owners and Executives
  • Preparing for the Interview
  • The Referral Interview
  • Dress Codes for Interviews
  • Reading their Face Language
  • Tips for Photos and More
  • How to Shoot the Best, Most Attractive Photos
  • Using Humor
  • Getting All the Testimonials and Letters of Reference You Can Use
  • Using Success Stories Effectively
  • How to Use Your Portfolio
  • Presentation Cases
  • Layout and Design Ideas
  • Using the Web to Promote Your Portfolio
  • Bonuses and Additional Resources
  • Useful Forms

Getting Paid! Easy Financial Strategies for Home Stagers and Redesigners Because Everyone Wants and Deserves to be Paid

My newest book, Getting Paid covers a very neglected topic that is essential to home staging in particular. Many books cover the subject of how to get business and how to do projects in all kinds of industries. But no one really writes about how to make sure you actually get paid for your work. In this guide I'll teach you powerful strategies and tactics you can take that will make is really impossible for someone to skip out on paying you for your work. It's essential to staging because quite often you're involved in doing the project over many days and it involves so much more than just arranging furniture. So you want to protect yourself as best you can, especially when economic pressures are everywhere. (Paperback, 191 pages).

  • How to Make Sure You Get What You Want – 5
  • Don’t Act Like an Elephant – 6
  • Know What You’re Worth – 7
  • Cultivate This Important Habit– 9
  • Work on This Important Aspect– 10
  • Get Comfortable with This Topic – 11
  • Avoid Working For or With These Types– 12
  • Know What You Want to Get – 13
  • It’s Not What the Market Will Bear Or Is It? – 14
  • What Things Are Not Your Friends - 19
  • It’s More Than Getting an Agreement or Contract – 24
  • Three Types of Positions to Take
  • Positioning - What is it? – 36
  • How to Recognize the Salable Property – 37
  • How Distance Can Help You – 41
  • What to Focus on Rather Than Features – 41
  • Important Points to Make to Agents – 44
  • How to Separate the Serious From the Non-Serious – 45
  • Arriving at an Agreement – 47
  • Effortless Clue About Paperwork – 49
  • How to Pass the Flinch Test – 50
  • Restraints That Will Hamper You – 53
  • How to Protect Your Reputation – 54
  • Making Sure Your Business Conduct is Right - 55
  • Answering the Question: Is the Customer Always Right? – 61
  • How to Turn a Negative Into a Positive – 66
  • Legal Action is Always a Possibility – 68
  • How to Limit Your Deals the Smart Way – 71
  • Collecting the Data You Might Need – 74
  • The Best Time to Close Your Deals – 77
  • The One Thing You Want to Always Be – 79
  • The One Thing You Always Want to Do – 80
  • Why It’s All About Compensation – Not Deals – 82
  • One Last Protective Strategy – 86
  • Learning How to Face Reality – 87
  • Sometimes Tough Love is Required - 88
  • More Ideas, Aids and Tools – 92
  • Top Paint Companies in USA - 117
  • A Handful of Successful Stagers – 124
  • Landing the Project So You Can Make a Profit - 134
  • Learning to Receive - 138
  • Turning Profits Into Riches - 141
  • What is Your Net Worth? - 144
  • Managing Your Profits - 146
  • Focusing on Your Opportunities - 147
  • Focusing on Promotion - 148
  • Overcoming Promotional Resistance - 151
  • My Final Challenge to You - 152
  • Questions and Answers - 154
  • How to Make Sure You Survive Hard Economic Times - 163
  • Twelve Tips for Success - 163
  • Reasons to Advertise in a Tough Economy - 166
  • Coping with Changing Times - 168
  • Publicity Still Pays Off - 171
  • Master the Art of Talking Points - 172
  • Black Belt Marketing Strategies - 174
  • Surviving the First Ten Years - 181
  • Additional Resources - 185-191

This is the only comprehensive tutorial you'll find anywhere at any price on this subject! It's 191 pages (6x9) of no nonsense home staging financial strategy training. 

Home Staging in Tough Times is an Exclusive Component You Can't Get Anywhere Else and Good to Know During Down Cycles of an Economy

Tough Times Call for Extraordinary Tactics

FROM THE BACK COVER - Whenever consultants face challenging times, either economically or personally, the need for deeper, fresh, compelling business tactics and strategies becomes more necessary, even vital for survival for some entrepreneurs.

Home Staging in Tough Times brings together some of the most cutting edge marketing strategies in the home staging industry ever put in print, teaching readers how to think and operate “outside the box” and meet the challenges of the times with a deep passion, a high ethical standard and well-deserved hope. Readers will be introduced to a host of practical tips, ideas and concepts never before published by Barbara Jennings, national best selling author in the industry. Jennings doesn’t just give theory, but she makes the more difficult applications for readers, filling her pages with a multitude of examples, forms, sample letters, sample promotional articles, encouragement, creativity and so much more.

Her easy going conversational style is personable and makes for a pleasant read.

Learn how you can ratchet up your profits from your home staging business, generate more clients in new and unusual ways that work especially well in down markets and keep your business prospering no matter what circumstances currently surrounding you.

Let me tell you briefly about what type of information you can expect to receive:

  • Chapter One deals with changing your mindset from what has worked in the past to what needs to work for you in the present and future. You might think this goes without saying - but it actually needs saying and explanation too. Unless you change your mindset from the standard one to a more creative, "outside the box" kind of mindset, you won't get it and your business might not survive.
  • Chapter Two focuses on some more cutting edge tactics for promoting and marketing your business. I'm going to come at it from a different angle than what I teach in my basic training. You're going to discover some more in-depth strategies that you may not have thought of before and see how you can apply them in a down market - a market in which they thrive even better than an up market.
  • Chapter Three will discuss how you can orchestra projects and deals in a cashless manner so that it doesn't matter if you have any cash or not and it doesn't even matter if your client doesn't have any cash. You'll learn all about this type of business dealing and I'll give you the theory, but then I'll also adapt it for you within our industry. This should challenge you enough to come with some additional ideas and nuances of your own.
  • Chapter Four delves deeper into the cashless and creative thought process, tactics, strategies and mindset that can propel your business to new heights in all sorts of ways - way beyond the norm. You'll discover that you're not even limited to your own business but that you can expand and repeat these same ideas in a multitude of ways. Your profits could literally explode.
  • Chapter Five - This is the practical chapter because it's filled with form after form after form that will help you pull all this together into the kind of cohesive unit that will serve as the base for all your ideas, tactics and strategies. You know, I've taken a lot of seminars in my day and read a lot of books. Many have been very, very good - but they would have been soooooo much better if the authors had included practical forms and steps to serve as a thought-provoking guide and organizational tool. I've done all that for you. Not to worry.
  • Chapter Sixx is a frank discussion of how to hire some of the most critical vendors you'll probably need for your home staging services. It is included because these businesses are not only sources for cashless deals but because they are excellent sources for you to leverage your business through and with. But if you don't have them lined up and allied to you, you won't be able to take advantage of them to build your business - and help them build their business at the same time.
  • Chapter Seven gives your my closing thoughts and feelings and is a brief motivational piece. You know, when times are tough, we all need to band together to help each other. We need to break down the negative feelings of competition and see that competition and changing times can act as a blessing in disguise. It is a message of hope and a challenge to renewed motivation.
  • Chapter Eight refocuses you on some critical resources I've made available to help you in your business. I'm devoted to my readers and students and I'm not interested in steering you into training or products that you don't need. On the other hand, I would be remiss as your mentor and teacher if I did not at least mention them so you can avail yourself of them if you choose.

This manual is 210 power-packed pages, 8.5x11 full sized format.

Do's and Don'ts in Home Staging and Redesign - 101 Case Studies - Your Chance to Learn From the Successes and Failures of Others - No One Else Offers This Type of Training

You'll be thrilled at the inclusion of this one-of-a-kind book. You won't find this anywhere else because it's just another one of our exclusive manuals. It's filled with 101 case studies of actual, real, bona-fide rooms that have either been staged or redesigned by a wide variety of students all across the nation, Canada and elsewhere. You'll see the way the room looked prior to professional help and how it looked afterwards. I'll point out the problems inherent in the room, what was done to improve the room, and teach you what could have been done or should have been done to take the room to full completion. You'll learn from the mistakes and successes of others in the industry in this 200+ training guide. What could be better than that? Is there any doubt that we offer the most complete training anywhere?

Advanced Redesign is also part of your advanced training. Learn How to Build Even More Profit With Value Added Products and Services

Advanced Redesign is yet another manual that will teach you the importance of developing multiple streams of revenue by adding what we call "back end" products and services. There are many ways to approach clients and they have many different kinds of needs and wants. The more services you offer, the greater your profits, so we'll load you up with many ideas - too many, actually, to do all of them. But pick and choose what works for you.

  • Revisiting the Ten Most Basic Re-design Strategies
  • Paint and Color Consultations
  • Holiday Party/Special Occasion Decorating
  • Exterior Holiday Decorating Services
  • A Decorating Shopping Service
  • Relocation and Move-In Services
  • Real Estate Ready to Sell Service
  • >Serving Blended Families
  • Serving Downsized Families
  • Workshops and Speaking Engagements
  • Isolating Your Strengths
  • Creating Displays and Vignettes
  • Public Speaking Tips
  • Fees You Should be Charging
  • >Why Some Re-designers Are Successful and Others Are Not
  • The Psychology of Selling Redesign Services
  • The Best Ways to Present Your Services
  • The Psychology of Maximizing Your Profits to Clients
  • How to Maximize Your Profits
  • 10 Killer Ways to Maximizing Your Products
  • More on Getting Referrals
  • Ways to Keep Clients Coming Back for More
  • Guarantees That Have Power
  • 9 Tools for Building Customer Loyalty
  • How to Exhibit at Trade Shows
  • The 6 Top Accessories Clients Usually Don't Have
  • The Top 61 Design Centers in the USA
  • More Tips on Pricing Your Services
  • 10 In-depth Chapters on the Top Ten Strategies to Redesign Super Stardom
  • Selling Home Resale/Staging Services
  • Our exclusive 251 item checklist of things you can be paid to do as a home stager (bonus)
  • The top business forms you'll need tailored for our industry (our exclusive forms -if you see these selling elsewhere, they stole them from us)

wallgrouping design, wall groupings, wall grouping designYou'll also get a copy of my soft cover book (148 pages) called Wall Groupings: The Art of Arranging Art and Photos. This breezy manual will teach you everything you need to know about how design beautiful wall groupings for clients, including all of the important design concepts, installation tips, lots of illustrations and photos, do's and don't, a huge selection of photos of actual wall groupings and much more.

Wall Groupings! picks up where Where There's a Wall - There's a Way left off. While there are many more illustrations in the older version (making it ideal to own both copies), you'll find that either choice is an excellent one to learn how to arrange wall groupings in your home. When the first published book sells out, it will not be reprinted, so if you want both copies, be sure to order them both today. We are on our last box of the original book.

Includes the following: 1) Learning the Rules; 2) Illustrations of Groupings; 3) A Potpourri of Actual Wall Groupings; 4) Drawing Your Own Ideas; 5) Templates to Copy; 6) The Good, the Bad and the Ugly; 7) Additional Resources.


2) Lifetime Inclusion in our Diamond Membership Training Site which includes even more online training, how-to videos, forms, designer discounts and additional resources to help you brand, build, promote, advertise and manage your growing business ongoing. We stay on top of what's happening in the industry and continuously develop products and services that will help you enhance your business to make the most profits you can. It's not about starting a business; it's about growing it and sustaining it for as long as you want to be in business. A recent encounter with a woman who described herself as an "old jaded designer", who had switched from full service interior design to one day decorating, is evidence that even those who may have been successful in the past need to keep up with the paradigm shifts in business and how it is done today or be left behind. We will help you sustain your business for the long term. Best of all for you, there are NO ANNUAL FEES to keep your membership, unlike all other organizations. 


3a) Set of Furniture Sliders for Carpeting - Don't worry about doing projects by yourself. With these handy, heavy-duty sliders, you'll be able to move just about any piece of furniture over carpet that you need to move. I've got a helper these days, but I've done plenty of projects all by myself too. You'll love these little guys. I always take more than one set because I often want to move 2 or 3 pieces of furniture at the same time and this way I don't have to constantly move the sliders more than necessary. The sets included are different from what's pictured but work just as well.

3b) Set of Furniture Sliders for Hard Floors - And with all the ceramic and wood floors out there, you'll want to be sure and have sliders for moving furniture or appliances over hard floor surfaces. These handy workers are all the help you'll need. With more and more homes using wood flooring, tile, marble and slate floors, you don't want to be without these great little "guys". They make the whole process so easy. I would never go out the door without them.

4) GUARANTEED DOUBLE CERTIFICATION (CSS/CRS) ($395 Value) - To help you with credentials that have meaning and power, we've created our own certification program. In the Diamond Ruby Course you'll be qualified to earn certification in both businesses and become a Certified Staging Specialist (CSS) and Certified Redesign Specialist (CRS).

We're not like the high priced seminars who will give you a designation of some kind just for attending a seminar. That's pretty meaningless to most prospects you'll talk to later when you're trying to compete in the marketplace. We'll train you so you'll be able to pass our no-time-limit, open book exam and submit your beginning portfolio of work you've done early on to make sure you're operating at a professional level to ensure your success out in the field. Portfolio examples do not have to be paid projects - we just want to see you at work out in homes.

It does you no good whatsoever to lack the ability to articulate design principles you need to know and it does you no good whatsoever to do inferior work because of lack of proper preparation and oversight. When you complete your certification requirements, you'll have attained a much higher level of sophistication and expertise and be entitled to promote yourself as a CSS/CRS professional. You'll have immense pride in your achievement and you won't be second to anyone for prestige and respect. You'll also get preferred listings in our main directory to separate you from the rest as a specialist with distinction.

To achieve certification and get our prized designations, you must take an open book, no time limit exam and submit before and after pictures of your early work, along with 3 testimonials. You are allowed to download and print off the exam immediately so you know what to look for as you study. There are no assignments other than that.  If our panel feels that you have missed critical information on the exam or have not captured some of the important design issues in your work, you will be advised of what our concerns are and given a chance to revisit those issues and correct them. This process helps give you the validation most students desire as well as catching any missed training or misinterpretations that might exist so that when you do complete the process you can be certain you are functioning at a professional level that will help you maintain your business long term and get referrals for providing an excellent service. 

This is why our designations are so highly respected and valuable and works in your favor when you are being compared to other programs that require little accountability or none at all.

And did you notice we said "guaranteed" certification? As a Diamond Ruby trainee, we'll help you through the process if you're struggling. We can therefore guarantee you'll pass. Not everyone does when they apply for it "a la carte". But by going "Diamond", we'll help you attain this achievement as we want you to succeed, but we want your success to have marketable strength. Anything less may be unprofessional and we want all our designees to enjoy superior talents in the industry. We're on YOUR side, unlike many other situations.

5) Consultation Guide to Give Out

This 105-page guide (which you can additionally purchase at a discount in sets of 5 or 10 at a time) will help you present your services to "do it yourself" clients as part of your consultation or as an extra value-added product. They will marvel at how all-inclusive and helpful it is. So whether you just do consultations or a full staging service, you should never leave empty handed. Purchase more of these guides in bulk at a discount, and just pass the cost on to your clients. Then you make money and they cost you nothing. For more information on this visit:  Home Staging for Yourself Guides.

6) Business Postcard Pack


These cards are generic but have room for you to attach a label or write in your contact information. They will tide you over until you can make your own custom products. You'll be given access to a nationwide low cost printer in the private Diamond website where you can order your own custom business cards, postcards, letterhead and more. We use them and recommend them highly.

8) Two Lifetime Preferred Business Listings
Sample Page Here is an actual directory page in The Academy of Staging and Redesign - Directory. We have over 2,000,000 monthly hits to our websites. We host the fastest growing directories on the internet - and we spend untold hours EVERY month promoting our website. We list your business under your state and each city or town is listed alphabetically so consumers can easily find you in their local area quite easily. Our directory is the fastest growing directory for Home Staging and Interior Redesign of any directory on the web. People do their research on the internet these days, so it is imperative that you list your business online. We'll give you two listings in two separately advertised directories to maximize your exposure. You won't find anyone anywhere giving you a lifetime listing. They ALL have annual renewal fees. As a Diamond trainee, you'll never have to pay another listing fee unless you want to. We hear almost daily from trainees who have been contacted from the directory. Many haven't even received their training materials yet and the directory is bringing them business. I can't promise that will happen for you, but be prepared - it might.

TESTIMONIAL - "I want to extend a huge THANK YOU from half way across the country for recommending my name and company to a Real Estate Investor here in St. Paul. I spoke with her today and we are meeting tomorrow to talk about a future relationship for the need she has for a stager. The first project is a 5 bedroom house built in 1884, which is the style I like most. What an amazing network you have set up for stagers across the country, what a connection. Thanks for your recommendation, I won’t let you down! God bless, Kristin Register"

9) Access to Designer Trade Discounts
You'll gain access to our ever growing list of companies where you can get up to 50% off (sometimes more) of products and services for your business and personal needs.

10) Access to Legal and Insurance Services
You'll gain access to companies who can provide legal forms, legal advice and liability insurance for your business.

11) Discounted Accounting Services by CPA
If you need help setting up your business and choosing the right legal entity (S-Corp, C-Corp, LLC, Sole Proprietorship), and you need help with your tax returns, we've got a top CPA (Certified Public Accountant) to give you discounted services.

12) Examples of Powerful Message Branding
Getting prospects to respond to your marketing messages can be difficult. We've got examples you can use verbatim or to spark your own creativity.

13) How to Take Exceptional Photographs for Your Portfolio
Learn the tricks of the trade that magazine stylists use to enhance their photographs and draw the reader into the ambience of the room. Beat your competition with your stunning portfolio of unmatched superior quality, style and beauty.

14) Home Staging Musical Slideshow
Let our 121 beautiful slides to soft music convince homeowners to hire you to stage their home. A picture is worth 1000 words. We'll we've got a host of pictures that should convince almost anyone that staging is not only a necessity, but a bargain when hiring someone like you. Now on one CD with Redesign show.

15) Redesign Musical Slideshow
Not to leave out homeowners who plan to stay in their homes, let our 140 slides of redesigned homes do the "selling" for you. Loan them to prospects so they can show the spouse what a redesigner could do for them. Set to beautiful music, this pictorial showcase will get clients for you if you use it properly and get additional sets at our discounted price. Both slideshows are on the same CD.

16) Explicit details on how to hire vendors
for your staging services and projects. Hire the wrong company - disaster! Use these tips to help you weed out the poor service providers from the good ones. Learn how to furnish empty houses and much more. (32 page report)

TESTIMONIAL - "Dear Barbara, Thank you so very much for the fabulous video, I was so excited when I seen it. And yes I have emailed everyone I know, to view it. The article you wrote on me was also great, you really have a way of making people feel really good about them selves. I feel like I have won the lottery, by completing this course, and the results are endless.I really do hope I can get some business off of this. All I want to do is watch it over and over, and by the way I wish I could stick my hand in some of the pictures to re-arrange some of the pictures. . . . Again Thank You So Very Much Terry Creel ( Terry's Home-Staging & Re-Design )"

17) The Home Staging Powerpoint Presentation Slides with Script (bonus item)

You're likely going to want to make a few group presentations to real estate agents. Many offices have several agents and it will save you much time and effort to make your presentation to them all at once. Or you might get an appointment to speak at their association meetings. So having a cool powerpoint show will be very helpful to you. The show does not work on a Mac computer, however, so you must have a PC computer to show it or have PC adaptability from the Mac. One gal who showed the presentation to a group of agents had them clamoring for more information as soon as she finished and were saying, "When can you start?"

18) The Interior Redesign Powerpoint Presentation Slides with Script (bonus item)

This powerpoint presentation is geared for speaking to a group of homeowners interested in decorating. It shows multiple before and after pictures of the impact that great furniture arrangement techniques can have on a room and points out the benefits of hiring a professional re-designer, such as yourself, to help them in their home.

19) 398 Free Options for Promoting Your Services

Promoting a business these days is very effectively done over the internet. You'll get my exclusive list of 398 related websites that will accept specialized information about you and your business. It comes in an Excel Spreadsheet and is so fabulous I'm only giving access to it to Diamond Ruby trainees. No exceptions. You must have Microsoft Excel to see it however. ($400 value)

20) Samples of 5 Actual Tactics Used for Recent Promotionals - Promoting a business off line or online is just one of many ways to grow your business. We'll give you samples of 5 recent tactics we've used to promote our business and you can take the idea to create your own. This exclusive for Ruby Course only.

21) Ten More Dynamic Marketing Gems
You don't have to reinvent the wheel. We'll give you 10 super simple strategies - little marketing gems - so easy to learn and implement immediately that will help you promote your services to anyone at any time, day or night, in any setting. And you'll have amazing confidence when you use them. We can't tell you more because our competition is always snooping around, but you'll love these and even be able to create some of your own.

22) Highly Effective Methods of Marketing in a Recession
A Multitude of Ways to Promote Your Services in a Down Market That Are Completely Free to You
- I can't disclose just what this is because of the competition, but you'll get access to great basic and advanced training in highly effective methods of marketing your business with little to no effort on your part. Especially effective in a recession.

24) 600 Business Letter Templates
Don't fret about what to say in a business letter. We've got plenty of generic templates that give you business language and terminology, but also legal terminology and safeguards. Customize them on your letterhead in Microsoft Word or a text editor of your choice..

25) Preferred LIFETIME Directory Listings
Once you complete certification, we will make your directory listings stand out from the crowd and give you preferential listings at the top of any group in your city. People will just naturally gravitate to your listing rather than your competitors.



You will be given my private email address so that you can ask me questions that pertain to your own situation. We'll even talk about your business by phone. You'll be able to have me help you personally whenever you need it in a more personalized way. Your success is my success, so it gives me great pleasure to tell you that I was the first person in the industry to offer this kind of on-going, free mentoring.


You'll also get my Business Building Newsletter, that is filled each month with additional training to help you build your business to the level you want it. I constantly get letters about how terrific and helpful the newsletter is. I include my own personal experiences, tips and tactics and strategies for marketing and promoting your products and services. I put a lot of time and energy into my newsletters. I make myself available to you by phone and email too. People are often very surprised when they call and find that I answered the phone. Why do I answer the phone instead of a staff member? Because I want to be accessible to you. I want you to know that it's pretty easy to reach me - at least it is right now.

"Dear Barbara, Thank you for getting back with me. I also wanted to take this time to tell you how much I appreciate your monthly letters!!!  Kimi Young"

"Hi, Barbara: I just wanted to drop you note to let you know that I thoroughly enjoy your newsletters and find them most helpful! Thank you for giving us so much support." - Leslie Saez

Whenever I have someone write or call me for help, and it's not possible for me to serve them because of my schedule or distance from my office, I always look to my list of Diamond Trainees and give my referral to them to handle. I can't promise I'll have referrals for you, but I do give out many referrals every month and the Diamond  Redesign/Staging trainees are the benefactors of those.

As a Diamond Ruby Trainee, you will be eligible to receive referrals from me if (or when) someone contacts me looking for a re-designer/stager in your area. I do not give out referrals to any trainees unless they have gone through the Diamond level courses. Naturally, if you follow through and submit your full contact information for the Redesign Directory (which you will receive at no additional charge for life), visitors to the Directory will be able to contact you directly. But regardless, I only give out referrals myself to Gold or Diamond Trainees. This is another one of the bonuses you will receive.

So you get all this additional training in party decorating, entertaining and decorating table scapes, all as an additional bonus for choosing the Diamond Training Program.


So What Are You Waiting For?

Within minutes you can start building your business in a myriad of ways you've probably never thought about doing. Within just a few minutes you could be on your way to maximizing your full potential, pulling out all the stops. You can start your initial training with the eBook (which you will download and read on your computer) while you wait for the rest of the materials to arrive. You could literally be doing that in about 5 minutes from the time you place your order. 

You do have to work at it, I won't kid you, so if you're lazy, this isn't the training program for you. But if you really want to make top money, if you crave enjoying the peak of success, then this is the right place and the right time. If so, go get your credit card right now and let's get you going. The ordering process is quite simple.

You can order your copy through our Secure Server on line and get instructions on how to download it on to your computer in less than 5 minutes, or you can FAX, phone or mail in your order, using the links below. It takes longer that way, but it's up to you.

Order now. Cause if you wait, I guarantee you'll never do it and five years from now you'll be regretting it big time as a competitor moves in and takes the business right out from under your nose!  Ground floor opportunities don't come along all that often.  Redesign is just beginning to really take off.  Most people haven't heard of it yet -- but many have.  

Either way, that's good for you, but only if you act soon.  Right now there's very little competition and you can jump in and go!  But first you need to learn how from someone who has done it for years! If you're in an area that has competition, you better find out the advanced strategies before your competitors do so you can take over the scene. You definitely want to gain the edge and this is the perfect training program to help you do just that.



diamond ruby home staging and interior redesign course

NOTE: We reserve the right to change the contents and pricing without notice. Some items included are not shown in the picture, such as members only website, eBooks, directory listings, certification, and so forth. Some books and CDs may have a different cover but the contents are the same or updated. A few items have been discontinued. Shopping cart always has up-to-date pricing and contents. See above for current contents.


Now you can have an instant savings if you were to purchase the items individually, plus you save on shipping charges, can place your order in one convenient step, get guaranteed double certification and a lifetime listing in two International Directories PLUS your own semi-custom website plus lifetime inclusion in the members-only site for on-going training and support - and so much more besides.

Need a payment plan?
See alternative options for enrolling in one of our Diamond courses: Payment Plan.

For your personal library, we give you 3 eBooks and 9 manuals (equivalent to 1940+ pages - no one in the industry does as much), all the promotional and management tools you're likely to need, business listings, certification, tools of the trade, sales aids and website, so there is no stone unturned on any aspect of either business.

(For those in Canada/Hawaii/Alaska your charges are slightly higher, including airmail shipping.)

You could literally pay for the entire course with just two half-day or one full-day client!

Don't forget, you're getting over $399 in free bonuses too because each product that makes up this package also comes with it's own free bonuses, added to the ones listed above.

That's a tremendous bargain (you don't even know yet) considering that you won't find this type of training any where else for any price and you could easily pay several thousand dollars for seminars and classes that don't cover nearly the ground that we do (I know of a training program for stay at home moms that costs over $5000 in Britain).

Don't waste your money on over priced seminars or member sites where you're totally stuck at a computer for ALL your training and where you'll have to pay monthly or yearly renewal fees forever. It's so unnecessary!

  • What is it worth to me to learn how to double, triple or maybe even quadruple what I'm now earning?
  • What is it worth to me to leave my competition in the dust?
  • What is it worth to me to become THE HOME STAGER or REDESIGNER in my area that everyone is talking about?
  • Do I want all the advantages of a true experienced redesign/staging mentor teaching me, who has been doing this business since 1983 or do I want some novice who couldn't as a consultant and decided to try training instead or has only been online a few months trying to copy our program?

If you've been considering spending $2000-3500 for a seminar, class or teleconference, you might get decent training (though I've heard many horror stories). How many clients will it reasonably take to recoup your training cost, equipping you in only one business, not two? It will take a few, but it is unrealistic to think you can become professional this quickly without spending some serious money on your business training and tools and web presence.

 Don't delay as this price may go up at any time. You're not going to find an advanced strategy training on redesign AND staging out there any where, I guarantee it.  This is an incredible deal, even at two or three times the price.

Barbara Jennings, Author/Consultant/Mentor


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P.S. Remember you're going to get all of my training, and all of my "tools of the trade" in one single, convenient course - PLUS you'll get over $2500's worth of bonuses, guaranteed double certification, your own semi-custom mini website, a lifetime listing in the Academy of Staging and Redesign - Directory and so much more. You won't learn interior redesign and home staging from any other place that is so thorough and affordable that gives you all of the support you'll find here!

And as far as support goes, the same day I receive your email with one or more questions, that's the same day you'll get a response back from me, all tailored to your personal situation and at no additional charge. You'll get your own personal mentor and instructor by email. That's my personal promise to you.

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