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Join the fastest growing, most popular directory in the USA and Canada: The International Directory of Home Staging and Interior Redesign .

Every day our directory gets thousands of visitors from all across the US and Canada. You could be missing out on a new client right now because your name is not yet listed. But joining is easy! You can join right now for a one time fee of $165.00 (with basic training manual) or $135 (without manual).

The Home Staging for Profit Manual (256 pages/large 8.5x11 format) is an excellent trainer for helping you get started in this exciting field. It will teach you how to start your own home staging business, how to get clients, what to do on appointments, how to price your services, legalities of setting up your business and a host of other details.  If you don't have the basic tutorial, we highly recommend you get it. If you already have it, not to worry, you can list your business without paying for it twice.

And we'll list your business under the State or Province where you are located. Cities are listed alphabetically so that prospects can find you easily. If you have a website already, let us know your URL and we'll place a link in the directory next to your listing (as long as it is not hosted by a competitor and you link in advance back to our directory from your website). Be sure to link back to the directory page so that your clients and prospects can see you are associated with our prestigious training center.

You can't get a directory listing AND a how-to book on starting a home staging business anywhere else - and because we host the largest directory of its kind, you'll be listed among the best in the business. You may even be contacted before your manual arrives. If so, just tell the party that you're "booked" full at the moment, wait for your manual to arrive, then proceed when you're ready.

Testimonial - " . . . in the meantime I got a request for staging services from you posting my name on your website. I have made contact via e-mail and am hoping it turns into a client.. so thank you for that! - Susan Stewart"

Testimonial - "Hi Barb, I got my first lead today, just like you thought (from directory). It was a request for home staging . . . " - Polly Gugino

Testimonial - "My first inquiry about home staging just came from a woman who got my email address from your site! Wow and thanks! Anna Pritchett"

Testimonial - "Hi Barbara, I love all your training materials. They have been VERY helpful and interesting. I’ve also just received an inquiry from your website, so thank you! - Ken Calhoun"

Testimonial - "Hi Barbera, I got an e-mail asking me if I still did home staging.  It came from your web site.  I'm so excited." - Heidi Cammann

Testimonial - "I got my first staging job from a gal who saw my name, phone number and email on the decorate-redecorate site under find a professional! How exciting! . . . Thanks." - Susan Paulson-Davis

Testimonial - "I bought a couple of different training items from you and I believe I am listed in your directory. Thank you! I have gotten several calls and one email from that listing. Very Fondly yours, Lisa Conover"

Here's How to Join
It's easy to join our elite group of Staging and Redesign Specialists.

  1. Do Not submit your listing until you pay the $165 or $135 fee at the bottom of this page.
  2. Introductory Offer includes listing + "Home Staging for Profit" manual or listing only.
  3. Fill out the form to give us the information for your listing.
  4. Click on the "Submit My Listing" link after paying the fee.
  5. Please allow 3 business days for your listing to appear.

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Two Ways to Order

Method One
The fastest way to order is directly from the Secure Server Order Form link below. Keep in mind that when you use our order form on our Secure Servers, we can email you the instructions to get the software version of the manual within 5 minutes so you can start re-decorating/re-arranging immediately.

Secure Server Encryption
Our Shopping Cart is hosted at a secure site called Veracart.Com and all information posted is automatically encrypted for your security. You may check the status of their security certificate at any time during the checkout process. Look for the Secure Status Image in the upper right corner and click on it.

1) Listing With Manual $165 (plus S/H)
2) Listing Without Manual $135

Method Two
You can order by check with our FAX or Mail-in Order Form.
Simply print this order form out and send it, along with your payment. After we receive your order and payment, instructions will be sent to you via email.

2) Or Order by Phone, Fax or Mail

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