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Nevada Home Staging and Interior Redesign Directory

No soliciting for advertising allowed. Here are some of the top home staging and interior redesign specialists in the State of Nevada. Each consultant is an independent entrepreneur and solely responsible for the claims and representations they make. They are listed in alphabetical order according to the city where they are located.

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City Stager/Redesigner Phone Additional Info If Provided

Henderson Sandy Chisholm, CSS/CRS (702) 815-6004 S/R

Henderson Lynn Masters (702) 417-3354 S/R Styling-Spaces.Com

Henderson Darelle Holden (702) 353-1423 S/R DivaDesignAndStaging.Com

Henderson Lynn Marie Kerr (702) 558-5331

Las Vegas Lauren Starcevich (702) 372-2795 S/R

Las Vegas Mary Langdon Fredericks (702) 360-8927 S/R

Las Vegas Macarena Sansone (702) 743-8025

Las Vegas Christine Kasper (702) 274-8221 (/)

Las Vegas Michelle Wagner (702) 461-3239 (/)

Las Vegas Lynn Meyer (702) 255-7775 (/)

Las Vegas Linda Gokmen (702) 528-1333 (/)

Las Vegas Sharon Laird (702) 434-1063 (/)

Mesquite Sherry Hunt (702) 346-2510 S/R

North Las Vegas Sharon Hendrix, CSS/CRS (702)405-7660 S/R HendrixInteriors.Com

North Las Vegas Teresa Smith (313) 671-6726 S

Reno Kathy Grant, CSS/CRS (775) 787-6744 S/R

Reno Danielle Lancaster (775) 851-3648

Reno Regina Schmidt (719) 339-4619 (/)

Reno Lisa Phillips (775) 327-3244 (/)

Reno Kelli Shaw (815) 383-4049 S/R

Sparks Terry Maurizio Tagle (775) 626-5943 S/R

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The above listings are Nevada home staging and interior redesign professionals who have either taken training from this company or who have purchased a listing. Home staging is the art of preparing a home to be sold. Interior redesign is the art of arranging furniture and accessories that client's already own for a dramatic, more professional look. Some home stagers and redesigners offer both services and some do not. The stagers and redesigners listed here reside in Nevada (NV).