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Contact only if you are seeking the services of a member, otherwise please do not solicit them. Here are some of the top home staging and interior redesign specialists in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom, France, Austria, Spain, Barbados, Ireland, Sweden, Germany and more. Each consultant is an independent entrepreneur and solely responsible for the claims and representations they make. They are listed in alphabetical order according to the country and city where they are located.

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City Stager/Redesigner Phone Additional Info If Provided

Australia, Dundowran Beach QLD Christine Bickley 617 41288097 S/R

Australia, Gold Coast Jo-Ann Moriarty 0433 743309 (/)

Australia, Gordon Jill Luke (035) 368-9636 (/) lukelodge@

Australia, Kambah John Boulsover (02) 6231-5001 (/)

Australia, Lower Templestowe Dawn Curzon (03) 9852-3346 S/R

Australia, Queensland, Oxenford Maggi Cameron 617 5580 5744 R

Australia, Queensland Browyn Case 07/4056-1493 (/)

Australia, Queensland Carla Potter 07/5594-2145 (/)

Australia, Queensland Helen Woodward-Brown 0423526 (/)

Australia, Queensland Maggi Cameron 617.5580.5744

Australia, Sutherland Glenda Mary Wing 612.9521.5889 S

Australia, Toowoomba Kylieanne Simpson 042 758-0368 (/)

Australia, Victoria Alison Sutherland (613) 9795-0503 (/)

Australia (Western), Perth Robyn Camillerir (040) 321-4545 (S/R)

Australia (Western), Dwellingup Leeanne O'Connor (089) 538-1885 (S)

Austria, Mattighofen Elisabeth Genser 43.699.11154738 (R)

Austria, Kilb Kersten Sitte 00043.2748.60313 S/R

Austria, Mollersdorf Markovic Dalibor (436) 506189865 (/)

Barbados, St. Thomas Cheryl Small (246) 421-7119 (S)

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro Marina Dumas, CSS/CRS (21) 22870411 S/R

Estonia, Harjumaa Liina Kurvits +3725022372 (/)

France, Paris Angela Ker Mei Chong (068) 544-2240 (/)

France, Mouchan Antoon Blokland 33562683740 (R)

Germany, Gerzen Reiko Siewert (49) 8744-966604 S/R

Germany, Munchen Edith Blesinger (49) 8964-5327 S*/R*

India, Ahmedabad Gujarat Shanker Damodaran (919327067935 A

Ireland, Drumkeen, County Donegal Stephanie Bonner (079) S/R

Ireland, Westport Co. Mayo Angela Wilson (087) 905-0052 (/)

Kuwait, Safat Adel Al Waqayan (965) 661-1222 (/)

Lebanon, Hazmieh Tania Ingea 009 6133 25698 A

Luxembourg, Helmsange Flammang-Malini Carmen 00352661338499 S/R

New Zealand, Auckland Patricia Allen (0064) 9 278 1403 (/)

New Zealand, Canterbury Donald Copping +6433375550

New Zealand, Christchurch
5th Island
Alison Merchant (643) 356-1501 (/)

New Zealand, Nelson Susanne Brutscher (643) 540-3672 S

Singapore Kelvin Chia (065) 9889-0166 (/)

Seletar Camp, Singapore Amanda Riggir (65) 97814948 S

Singapore, Singapore Irene Lim (659) 147-4483 (S/R)

South Africa, Capetown Revendran N. Govender (27) 21 556-9684 (/)

South Africa, Roodepoort, Gauteng Nikki Wilson +27(0) 722065369 S/R

South Africa, Randburg Honeygirl Mokoena +27 (0) 82 441-2276 S honeygirl.mokoena

Sweden, Stockholm Nina Grapenmyr +467-0727-4361 (/)

Sweden, A Stersund Julia Hallqvist +46730547991 S

The Netherlands
Aileen Adicipta Ningrum 31.648633130 S/R

United Arab Emirates, Dubai Nisha Sood 00971502459381 R

United Kingdom, Colchester Jo Smart 01206323110 (R)

United Kingdom, Sittingbourne Cathrine Hollister 01795 553176 (S)

United Kingdom, Durham Alison Berry (/)

United Kingdom, Ripon Alison Sellers (004) 42765604272 Art

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The above listings are international home staging and interior redesign professionals who have either taken training from this company or who have purchased a listing. Home staging is the art of preparing a home to be sold. Interior redesign is the art of arranging furniture and accessories that client's already own for a dramatic, more professional look. Some home stagers and redesigners offer both services and some do not. The stagers and redesigners listed here reside in Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, Singapore, France, Barbados, South Africa, Sweden, New Zealand, Kuwait, Ireland, Austria, India, Estonia and other countries other than the United States or Canada.