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Request for Listing Revision

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If you currently have a listing and would like to make a revision, please use the form below to make your request. Please DO NOT use this form if you are not already listed. If you wish to join the directory, please click on the "Join Directory" link just above this paragraph. Thank you.

Request for Revision
Fill out the requested information and submit it using the button at the bottom of the form. Allow 3 business days for changes.

NOTE: Failure to indicate your name, city and state in your request will result in no changes being made. Give our webmaster a break. We cannot, and will not, hunt for your listing.

NOTE: Do NOT submit a website link UNTIL or UNLESS your site is actually working. We will NOT include dead links. Links to websites are provided only for Silver, Gold or Diamond Trainees or those who have purchased their listing "a la carte". We also do not link to websites hosted by other trainers or to websites marketing competing training programs. Fraudulent requests, such as claiming to be a Gold or Diamond trainee when you are not, will cause your listing to be permanently deleted. Please note that we do check our records. Thank you.

NOTE: Do NOT submit multiple requests for the same changes. We make changes right away but it takes the DNS servers 24-48 hours to display the new page. Please do NOT send us more than one request unless you don't see the change after 7 days. And please do not call us if you want your name removed. Our phone lines are reserved for order taking only. You MUST use this form. Thank you.

Listing Information Changes

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Note: Your website must be fully functional or we will not link to it. We do not link to websites created by other trainers and we do not link to websites of competing trainers. You must pay for the listing "a la carte" or be a Silver, Gold or Diamond trainee to qualify for a link to your website. Bonus listings given because of a purchase to a business tutorial do not qualify for a website link, however, we will include your email address.

NOTE: You must submit your name, city and state or your listing will not be changed! Do not submit multiple requests. The DNS servers take 24-48 hours to display updated pages. Do not call us about this as we have no control over how soon the new page will be displayed.

Click the button above to submit requests for changes in our International Directory.
Forms capable browser required -- Just Press the button ONCE!
If you make a mistake, just click on the "Clear Form" button and re-enter your information.

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