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interior redesign, interior decorating, interior design
Make incredible income as an interior redesigner and/or home stager. Work from home. No experience necessary. No expensive seminars. Train at home. Feel proud of your career. Be the envy of your friends. Gain respect from your family and relatives.

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Completely redecorate any room in your home in half a day. Learn the secrets of interior designers using the furniture you already own. Arrangement techniques are easy to learn and apply. Impress your spouse, children, family and friends.

Arranging Furniture Training


Start a new career as a prestigious corporate art consultant. Create beautiful offices for businesses with custom framed art and installation services. No art degree needed. No experience needed. Train at home at your own pace. Barbara Jennings, a 20 year consultant, teaches you how to start your own home-based business.

Corporate Art Consultant Training

interior redesign training, home staging training, furniture arrangement training

3 Top Decorating Mistakes Most People Make and How to Avoid Them!

Pictured below are some rooms owned and decorated by some pretty unique people who love to build collections of various artistic and decorative treasures from around the world. I don't have a problem with WHAT they have acquired, but there are classic examples of arranging techniques that need some adjustments. It's a common problem that I see everywhere I go. 

It doesn't take much to make a space feel uncomfortable to most people. That's why, over the years, decorating "rules" have emerged. While they have changed dramatically over time, and while tastes differ, there are some basics that will never change. Some people say, "Rules are made to be broken." Other people say, "Well, decorating is personal and if you like it that's all that matters."

I wish it were so, but it's not. If you're a hermit and no one ever comes into your "space", then have it however you want it and be done with it.

But most people don't fall into that category. Most people enjoy other people visiting their space, whether it's a small apartment, a dorm room, a condominium or a full sized home. And most people want other people to enjoy being in their home, to have other feel comfortable and relaxed, and for other people to think they have good taste and common sense.

Most of the homes that my clients hire me to rearrange suffer from many of the same decorating issues -- issues which are easily corrected. So, you see, you don't have to have expensive furnishings or accessories (though I do recommend that you look for things of quality that fit into your budget), but where you place your furniture and how you display your accessories is of paramount importance if you want to achieve a space that is welcoming, inviting, visually appealing and functional, all at the same time.

Your friends aren't going to tell you your home feel uncomfortable to them. Most likely, your extended family isn't going to say anything either. So if you're not getting the kind of response you're looking for from other people, chances are you've made some decorating blunders that you aren't aware of. But don't fret, help is only a click away.

decor secrets, decorating, redecorating That's why Decor Secrets Revealed was created. It's a jam-packed 25 chapter eBook on the very subject of properly arranging your furniture and accessories. Written by the West Coast pioneer of the "use what you already own" redecorating concept, Barbara Jennings is a whiz at instantly spotting these kinds of decorating mistakes and she has put down in writing all of the secrets, tips and tricks she has used since 1986 to help you immediately discover what you need to do to make your space look spectacular, using just what you already have.

"Is the book easy to read and understand? YES!!! Is the book informative and useful? YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! Does the book inspire me to try re-decorating?  ABSOLUTELY YES!!!!! Updates will follow as I continue on this exciting adventure........!!!!" - Sandy Finch

But that's not all! With your copy of Decor Secrets Revealed, you'll not only get a great book that you can read right on your computer in about 5 minutes, you'll also receive the special free personalized consultation by email, given only to internet clients which Barbara offers. Yes, that's right. With your copy of Decor Secrets Revealed, you'll also get a special email address where you can write for FREE personalized help in applying the principles you will learn. Her local clients pay $100 per hour for her help, so this is an incredible offer to make this as valuable to you as she possibly can. Click on the link below for more details.

How to Arrange Furniture Properly

"Rearrange It!" - How to Start a Successful Decorating Business from Your Home and earn $75-100 per hour working part time or full time. Written by a 20 year decorating home based business expert.
Get Paid to Decorate

"Decor Secrets Revealed" - How to rearrange your furniture and accessories just like professional interior designers do in those decorating magazines. Written by the West Coast pioneer in one-day-redecorating concepts.
Professional Furniture Arranging

art, decorating, redecorating, family room decorating EXCLUSIVE!
"Where There's a Wall - There's a Way" - 101 Ways to dress a naked wall: design concepts and 101 illustrations of how to design simple to elaborate wall groupings, using framed art, photos, mirrors, shelves, plants and art objects. Templates to help you do your own.
Arranging Art Perfectly


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