arranging furniture, arrange furniture, interior redesign training, home staging training
interior redesign, furniture arrangement, furniture placement
arranging furniture, arrange furniture, interior redesign training, home staging training
arranging furniture, arrange furniture, interior redesign training, home staging training
arranging furniture, arrange furniture, interior redesign training, home staging training
arranging furniture, arrange furniture, interior redesign training, home staging training

Frequently Asked Questions About Interior Redesign and Home Staging Businesses

Which Basic Training Should I Take?

It's kind of hard for me to make recommendations because I don't know what you know and what you don't. My basic tutorials (Rearrange It and Home Staging for Profit) are excellent. They do, however, have business overlap with each other and with Pro Art Consulting, because they are training for everyone, whether they have had a business before or not, whether doing only one business or several simultaneously. That overlap cannot be helped because we have people ordering the training in a hundred myriad combinations. Please understand that.
  • If your focus is redesign, get Rearrange It.
  • If your focus is home staging, get Home Staging for Profit.
  • If your focus is art consulting, get Pro Art Consulting.
While there will be some overlapping training in management, marketing, publicity, organization, I think you'll be very pleased with the hard target training on each business as it differs from the other types of businesses. Please be sure to read the list of topics for each eBook/manual as well. When one teaches multiple types of businesses, there will always be a degree of overlap in the training just as there would be if one took more than one business seminar.

What's the Difference Between Redesign and Staging?

Interior Redesigners work with the client to reposition the furniture and accessories the client already owns so that the home is more functional and more beautiful. It is a service to home owners who plan to remain in the home after the service is completed.

Home Staging, on the other hand, is the service of working with a home owner who wishes to sell the home. The owner might be currently living in the home or might already be out of the home. The home might already be on the market or might be in the preparation stage of going on the market. Regardless, staging services help make the home more salable leading to quicker sales at higher prices.

Is One Business More Lucrative Than the Other?

That's hard to say. The answer is different for everyone for many factors. Do both simultaneously for the largest profit potential. Our training programs are set up so that you can focus on just one business or both. You can literally tailor the training to suit your goals, background, experience, education and resources. Why leave money on the table? Redesign and Staging are so closely related, you can easily offer both services at the same time.

What Evaluation Criteria Should I Use?

How well any of the businesses does will depend largely on a number of factors, but here are some of the top ones:

  • Are you likable?
  • Do people tend to trust you?
  • Do you have good visuals for them to "see" how the services have helped other people? (we have those for you already)
  • Do you do a good job of stressing "benefits"?
  • Do you enjoy people and want what's best for them over what's best for you?
  • Do you have homes for sale in the area that don't sell quickly?
  • Do you have lots of real estate agents to contact (for staging)?
  • Do you have a good supply of middle income homeowners within reasonable driving distance?
  • Have you prepared yourself adequately with the proper design skills?
  • Are you self-motivated? Determined? Focused? Driven to succeed?

Should I Get the eBook Version or the Printed Version?

The advantage of eBooks (when available) is that you can download them to your computer and start your training immediately. They are also less expensive but you do have to read them on your computer. We suggest you read the material in stages and take notes for better retention of the training just like you did in high school. The advantage of the printed versions (when available) is that they are more flexible and you can write in them and carry them around. However, they are non-refundable and slightly more expensive and you have to wait for them to be shipped via UPS ground. They are usually shipped the day following your order placement.

What is the Main Difference Between Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond Levels?

The Bronze level allows you to tailor the training to suit your needs: resources, experience, education, background, timing. The Silver Level gives you all of our current training in redesign and staging - just training. It is a combo program for two businesses. The Gold Level in Redesign and the Gold Level in Staging give you all of the training in that particular business, plus all of the design training we currently offer, plus some of the best tools of the trade to start your business off right. The Diamond Level is our Guerilla Combo Package for two businesses: redesign and staging. It is the best value overall because it gives you virtually everything you really need to be a success in both businesses for maximum income potential. You get the most for your money, in other words.

But no matter what level you start at, you can't go wrong. The point is not where you start or how to start, but where you end up. You can get where you want to go eventually with any level. Pick the one that makes the most sense to you. Either way, we'll be here long term to help you and advise you. Guaranteed.

I'm Still Not Sure. Which Level is Best for Me?

First, decide whether you want to focus on redesign or staging or both businesses simultaneously.

To get everything we currently offer on Redesign & Staging simultaneously, you'll find the best value from the Diamond option. It is the most thorough, all encompassing program we offer. You may not know right now which business you want to do more, but that's ok. You should consider getting the training for both and then let your local market tell you which one they want most from you.

However, if you strongly favour one above the other and don't wish to learn both businesses, then the Gold Staging program offers virtually everything just for staging and the Gold Redesign program offers virtually everything just for redesign.

It's really hard for me to advise you, but my own personal philosophy is that if I'm going to venture into a business, I want to get everything I'm going to need up front. Not only do I not have to worry about missing out on something I really should have, but the investment will help me make a huge commitment to match it and keep me focused on going forward when the little fears sneak in to try to stop me.

This page might help you sort out the maze.

Home Staging vs. Interior Redesign

Gold and Silver Redesign are excellent routes for high achievers, and so is the Diamond Level. Silver gives you strictly training for both businesses (no tools of the trade). Gold gives the same training as silver, but adds some important tools, but not as complete as Diamond.

If I were in your shoes right now, I would pick the Diamond Combo Program, because I would want to give myself the absolute best advantage over my competition and the best chance for career level success. But you'll have to make that determination based on your personal goals, the time you'll have to commit to your business and your present resources. While we don't offer you a payment plan, you can create one just using your credit card and determining how much of your investment you'll pay off each month.

If your resources are very tight or you kind of struggle with follow thru or you're just looking for supplemental income, then you might want to start out more gradual and pick and choose what's best for you from either the Bronze level. Be comfortable with your decision.

Why Are Some of the Prices on the Form Different From the Shopping Cart?

The order form prices (other than on eBooks) includes shipping and handling. The shopping cart price does not include shipping until you have entered your address into the system as you go through the process. The pre-calculated shipping and handling charges on the form are based on the average, as we have no way of telling how far from California a buyer might live who chooses to mail in a check or money order. So the charge listed may be slightly +/- what is listed in the shopping cart for the same item.

Why Can't I Just Print Off a Copy of the eBook Myself?

Not all of our eBooks come in printed formats. If you purchase one that also comes as a manual, the eBook version is not printable. All printed versions must be purchased from us. If you really want to learn and the eBook is not convenient enough, then you are welcome to convert after your purchase to a printed manual for $50 more plus shipping/handling. There is a link in the download instructions before Step One to assist you in doing that (if you have already purchased the eBook) or you can purchase the printed version from the outset. We have many people who choose eBooks, many who convert to printed versions after previewing the material, and many who purchase the printed version from the outset.

We do not allow eBooks to be printed because there is too much piracy on the internet and because some people would print off a copy and then ask for a refund anyway thereby getting the information for free at our loss. eBooks that are filled to the brim with photos are not printable for technical reasons and we do not offer printed versions because the expense is too prohibitive for such a small niche market.

We do have beautifully printed books, in most cases, though some of the smaller market books remain comb bound with clear plastic covers.

So you must ask yourself whether it's worth it to you to have a printed version for the small extra charge, continue to read in the eBook format, or whether you want to learn from the high priced seminar people for thousands of dollars instead. We make no apologies for the manner in which we offer our trainings because we give excellent training at an unbelievable price when compared to the high priced interior redesign seminars or home staging classes or home staging seminars floating around.

Are All of the People Listed in Your Directory in the Business of Redesign or Staging?

We haven't even begun to list all of the people who have taken our business training in the Directory. This is just a portion of our trainees. Some people elect not to be listed and many just haven't completed their materials yet. But compare this list to the list of any trainer out there and you'll see why we're ranked No. 1 in the world.

Why Do Some Seminar Trainers Drop the Organizations They Used to Promote Heavily?

While we can't speak for them, we've been told that the organizations they belong to want to control how they operate their businesses. Some have been asked to leave for marketing "outside their box", while others have elected to leave on their own because the organizations have not lived up to their promises. These are just two reasons why we warn people about joining expensive organizations. It's absolutely not necessary for success (as a matter of fact, it is NOT part of the definition of success) and we feel it's better to remain autonomous.

What Do You Advise About the High Priced Seminars?

It's always difficult to advise people, especially when one feels so confident about the caliber of their own program. To me, to be honest, home staging and redesign are simple businesses.  In over 40 years of being in the graphic and interior design fields, in one form or another, I've only had one person mildly interested in my background prior to hiring me.

I've never been a part of anyone's organization. I got to where I am without certification of any kind. So I know full well that it's absolutely not a criteria for success nor will it guarantee your success in any way, shape or form.

So "What is?" you might ask.

My answer: 1) being a likeable person; 2) being trustworthy; 3) being able to convey the benefits to a client effectively; 4) being able to make the client happy; 5) gaining referrals successfully because you made clients happy; 6) being tenacious and properly marketing and promoting your business.

None of the above requires certification or an ASP, IRIS, IDS, ASID or any other designation. We have certification in redesign and staging available to you if you want it, but it's certainly not necessary.

The seminar route will use up monetary resources that you could put to better use in marketing and promoting your business.

Are you the kind of person who needs someone to hold your hand, pat you on the back, act like a cheerleader in a classroom? If you need that kind of momentary validation, take the seminar. But if you "need" that, you might want to evaluate more carefully whether you are cut out to be an entrepreneur or not.

If you're intelligent, if you can understand the copy on my website, if you're a self starter, if you have a "never give up" determination, then you're perfect for one of my career courses.  If you're not sure, start out more gradually through our Bronze program and break into the business slowly.

We will, of course, be here long term to support you, advise you, cheer for you, etc. Just not in person.

AND - we will, of course, save you hundreds or thousands of dollars when compared to the average costs of the high priced seminars.

How Do I Compare Your Certification With Others?

Our certification is private (CRS - Certified Redesign Specialist or CSS - Certified Staging Specialist). ASP is a private certification too. Note: there is no such thing as "accredited" certification. Accredited is a word that belongs with a four-year college or university, not a 5 day seminar - but that's my opinion.

Is it necessary? Of course not. But some people just like to promote themselves as certified by someone. It is no guarantee of success.

Guaranteed CRS/CSS certification comes with any of our Gold or Diamond Programs. It may also be applied for through our Bronze program, but is not guaranteed at that level.

If you purchase at our Silver, Gold or Diamond level, the materials and tools are not refundable. Only eBooks purchased individually (bronze level) are refundable in 30 days. Starting a business, any business, requires dedication and investment. A refund shouldn't even cross the mind of a committed individual.

I'm not the right trainer for everyone. I don't try to be. Am I right for you? I don't have the answer to that - but I'm confident you'll figure it out.

If what I've written makes sense to you, if you feel the copy on my website makes sense to you, then you should feel very confident in the caliber of training you'll get from me. My tutorials and manuals are written in the same style you see on the website.

I don't take you by the hand to someone's home to play for a day or two. I believe my training to be far more effective and all-compassing than what you'd learn in that format. Believe me, it would be rare to find yourself getting as much "hands-on" training as is typically promoted. There just isn't enough time or energy to do it in those situations. People often come away disappointed and feeling cheated.

Instead I offer you two eBooks on decorating, 2 manuals on wallgrouping design and breaking down a room and putting it back together again. I offer you a thorough basic training (redesign or staging), backed by an advanced manual. I offer you all of the necessary tools of the trade to make your job easy to accomplish and to help you market successfully: organizer tote, announcement cards, slideshows, carpet sliders, floor sliders, guaranteed certification, lifetime listing in directory, tons of bonuses, 3 newsletters per month, 3 blogs with nearly daily postings. Nearly 300 pages of free tips, tons of testimonials. No one matches that. Not even close.

If that isn't enough, the problem lies not here.

You are the X factor. You are the missing ingredient of the equation.

I've done my job right and better than anyone out there, and way more affordable than anyone.

But you have to learn and do and follow thru. Only you know what kind of person you are and only you can determine your goals.

If this seems a strong answer, it's my passion coming out. I'm very zealous about saving people money and giving the absolute best value for their investment. Lastly, no matter what route you take, you won't go wrong unless you fail to act and fail to stay the course. It takes time to build a business and hard work too.

Success can also be stated thus: Successful people are the ones who are willing to do the things that unsuccessful people are not willing to do. What are you willing to do?

How Do I Make a Change to My Directory Listing?

It is imperative you supply us with the City and State and Name of Website where your listing is located. Failure to provide this information will cause your request to be ignored. We do not have time to look up this information for you. To request a change, fill out the form here: Request to Change Directory Listing