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Offering Training in Design, Redesign, Home Staging and Art Consultation Since 1983

Features and Benefits
Most people choose us for the least complicated reason in the world: We make sense.

Start Training for as Little as $99.95! PLUS Get a Directory Listing FREE
Most people choose us for the least complicated reason in the world: We make sense! We deliver on our Promises!

  • Train with the pioneer of online, self-paced, hassle-free home staging and redesign training programs since 2002 - all others are imitators
  • Get instant branding with our semi-custom brochure websites created just for you
  • Get instant promotional materials for offline branding of your messages, products and services
  • Get quick leads from our two International directories - the fastest growing, most popular and largest in the industry
  • Get easy to understand training - the most comprehensive training anywhere - bar none
  • Get the most affordable training anywhere - bar none
  • Get the most flexible training offered anywhere - bar none - up to 10 books
  • Don't be stuck exclusively at a computer for training - we have a balanced approach to training you, using a combination of eBooks, manuals, CDs, slideshows, membership site and videos
  • Learn offline with our manuals, online with our eBooks and members-only site
  • Get the most up-to-date, innovative training
  • Get the most thorough, in-depth basic, advanced and super-advanced training offered anywhere - exclusive
  • Get on-going help by phone (M-F) or email support (every day)
  • Build your personal reference library with up to 1500 pages of detailed, step-by-step guidance not available anywhere else
  • Multiple 8-1/2x11 manuals and multiple eBooks totaling over 1300-1500 pages of straight talk proprietary guidance (Gold/Diamond)
  • Customizable, exclusive stationery, including business cards and promotional postcards for Diamond Deluxe Trainees
  • No fluff - no fillers - straight talk, no-nonsense training and proven solutions that work and get results
  • No hype or misleading, overstated claims or false traffic reports - no false myths or exaggerations or promises
  • Plenty of promotional materials, management tools and other exclusive resources
  • Regular updates, added training, videos and tools to help you be even more successful
  • Choose from the largest selection of "a la carte" options anywhere or take a high-value course (Silver/Gold/Diamond)
  • No hidden charges or fees or renewal fees like elsewhere
  • No certification needed for redesign or staging, but certainly advantageous as industry grows
  • Exam and portfolio required for our highly valued certification - the first to require an exam; the only ones to require portfolio
  • No so-called "accreditation" or "graduation" - which is just hype - most respected and legitimate certification in the industry
  • Certified designations for those that apply (guaranteed at Gold or Diamond level)
  • No previous experience needed - anyone can learn no matter what your age or background
  • Start immediately in comfort and privacy of your home with our fabulous eBooks
  • Train at your own pace to reach goals you set yourself
  • No expensive seminars or classes to attend
  • No flights to book; no hotels to rent
  • No cancelled classes leaving you stranded
  • No babysitters to hire
  • No irritating classmates or surly instructors
  • Hands on training will be in your own home - fret free, hassle free, immediate
  • Start immediately with our eBooks - no waiting like everywhere else
  • Start earning immediately whenever you're ready
  • No tests, no grades, no deadlines, no puffing
  • No expensive associations to join (or get kicked out of)
  • No annual fees or hidden charges, up-charges, surprises
  • 30-day refund guarantees on selected eBooks
  • On-going free personal mentoring by email
  • 2 decorating newsletters per month
  • 1 business building newsletter per month
  • 3 Blogs for encouragement
  • Complete autonomy and no territories and no regulations
  • Plenty of forms, sample contract wording and so much more
  • Custom tools of the trade to help you get clients, announce services, move furniture, plan projects, organize
  • Highly targeted traffic of consumers looking for stagers and re-designers brought by our investment in aggressive ad campaigns to help sustain you
  • No hyped misleading traffic claims (that are actually just students in chat forums, not consumers looking to hire someone)
  • Trainer is a 40 year veteran of 3 distinct design businesses and author of 10 books - (no pretense as an "institute" or "university" or "collegiate terms" like some)
  • Train with the pioneer of on-line training in the industry - stick with the originator of at-home training - the one who revolutionized the way stagers and re-designers train
  • Custom brochure websites or web pages to help you brand your business instantly and professionally and so easily! (See Examples)
  • Membership Site for on-going, up to the minute training, easy fix solutions, ideas, tips, forms, news, how to videos and more (free for Silver, Gold and Diamond trainees)
  • Qualify for designer discounts with popular national retailers for your props and furnishings (Silver/Gold/Diamond level)
  • How to Videos - to teach you even more - coming soon to members-only site

I'd Love to Help You

barbara jennings, barbarajennings, barb, barb jennings Hello, I'm Barbara Jennings. I'd love to help you improve the quality of your life through a life-changing experience. If you've ever dreamed of being an interior designer but never thought you could and didn't want to attend college for 4 years to get a degree, you'll be happy to know that you too can join one of the fast growing industries in the country.

House Staging and Interior Redesign are sweeping the country right now. With the popularity of HGTV shows interest has sky rocketed. There are many opportunities for anyone, no matter where you live, because the need for staginga and redesign is so great. As you explore the opportunities online, you'll quickly discover many methods of training.

You'll find home staging seminars and interior redesign seminars being offered everywhere, in Canada too. But they are very, very expensive and not for everyone's budget or convenience.

I didn't want to make the learning process difficult and overly expensive. So I was the first trainer to introduce a home study tutorial and course. These are two simple industries and one shouldn't need to take a seminar. Hands-on training can be helpful, but it is over-rated. That's why every college and university in the country is developing on-line training programs. It works! And it's far more affordable and convenient.

I've trained thousands of home stagers and interior redesigners, more than any other single trainer in the world. I can help you achieve your goals and dreams too, whether you're looking for supplemental income or a lucrative career level income. I love this business! You'll love it too if you give it a try. Just see how many great testimonials I've received.

Get Started Before Your Neighbor Does . . .

Here's an quick bird's eye view of our many options: Home Staging & Redesign

I invite you to browse the website and see what all I offer you. Check out my Sitemap and you'll find several hundred pages of free tips on a wide assortment of topics. Be sure to sign up for my free twice-monthly decorating newsletter. And if you'd like to start a home staging business or an interior redesign business, I hope you'll seriously consider mine.

Warm regards
Barbara Jennings

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