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home staging, staging homes, how to stage homes
home staging, staging homes

Designing a Formal Kitchen With Flair and Style

There's just something about the formal kitchen that is timeless and always welcoming and appealing. Perhaps it reminds us our our younger years and growing up. There's just something comforting about it and it inspires feelings of safety during uncertain times.

While this kitchen has formal elements, it also is relaxed. The colors are warm and cheery. The arched soffited opening features a stone wall at the back that really accentuates the cooking area and provides shelves above for well placed accessories.

Design elements added to the corner of the island further emphasizes the style. The appliances are woven into the style, minimizing the look so they aren't overbearing.

Make use of every inch. Custom spice shelves were added to the sides by the 60" range. Visit kitchen retailers and study the layouts of all the kitchens, whether they are in your style or not. This way you will come away with many ideas that you might be able to add to your existing kitchen or incorporate into your remodeling plans.

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