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Rearrange Your Living Room Today!
Three Arrangements - One Room!

Here are three different professional furniture arrangements for the same room. See how you can really alter the look of a room by how you arrange it. Which one do you like best?

redecorate living room rearranging living room rearrange living room

It's amazing how quickly you can completely alter the look and feeling of any room, simply by rearranging the furniture and accessories you already have.  Don't get locked in, thinking there is only one way to arrange your furniture and accessories. Most room have at least three variations that you could use.  To learn how the professionals do it, all you need to do is get your personal copy of Decor Secrets Revealed, an online eBook that is available ONLY at this web site.  Written by the West Coast pioneer in one-day decorating, the popular concept of using what you already own, you could be one your way to a new, improved home in the next 5 minutes. In Decor Secrets Revealed you'll find 25 chapters packed with all the design secrets and tips I've used since 1986 to create stunningly beautiful homes for my clients, using the furniture and accessories they already own. Now you can learn these same trade secrets that interior designers, consultants and decorators don't want you to know, so that you can create professional furniture arrangements yourself for a fraction of what it would cost to hire a professional to come to your home and do it for you.

"Is the book easy to read and understand? YES!!! Is the book informative and useful? YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! Does the book inspire me to try re-decorating?  ABSOLUTELY YES!!!!! Updates will follow as I continue on this exciting adventure........!!!!" - Sandy Finch

My insider tips and secrets on this room and many others are fully explained in Decor Secrets Revealed, which is only available at this web site. How to redecorate with the art and accessories you already own is also covered in another new eBook coming soon. But one of the best values you'll find anywhere, is my special email address, where you can write me for personalized answers to your decorating questions or projects -- FREE OF CHARGE. My local clients pay $100 per hour for this help. I'm committed to helping you any way I can.

There's a 60-Day Refund Guarantee if you purchase Decor Secrets Revealed now. Remember, you'll also get my special email address for FREE personalized consultation. Click on the link below for specific details.

Decor Secrets Revealed

Private Decorating Advice by Email


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