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Staging Homes for Profit?
How to Get Hired as a Home Stager!

home staging, house fluffing, staging homesUse Our Home Staging Slides and Professional Script to Easily Present Your Services to Real Estate Agents and Brokers

Having trouble presenting your staging services to real estate agents? Need great visuals that are simple?

Whether you're new to the business of home staging or an old pro, it can be daunting to make a professional presentation, especially to a group of agents. Most people have a fear of speaking in public. Compound that with the fact that being a home stager is a creative business and is best described with images and not words.

So doesn't it behoove you to have the right presentation that is easy to understand, visual and easily adapted to any situation?

Picture Yourself at a Real Estate Agent's Office

  • You need to show this agent or broker what home staging is all about and how it can help him/her sell homes more effectively
  • You're not at all worried about your presentation
  • You've got a top notch slideshow to make the case for you
  • You've got a pre-written script to go with the slideshow
  • You've memorized the script, changing the minor contact details to fit you and your business
  • You've already prepared for the questions the agent will most likely ask
  • You know that if you can get this agent on board, you'll probably get the other agents in the office to use your services too
  • You pop the CD into your laptop computer (or into the agent's computer)
  • The agent is glued to the monitor, watching the slides carefully as you talk about each point and picture shown
  • You've concluded the slideshow and answered the agent's initial questions
  • You can't believe that making a professional presentation could be this easy
  • You're gleaming as you set the appointment to preview the agent's first home listing that needs your staging talents.

Don't Make Costly Mistakes That Can't Be Undone

It's a mistake to try to convince a real estate agent or broker about home staging services with just words. We are in a visual business. Most people are visual learners. So why beat your head against the wall trying to convince someone logically. You've got to reach their emotions. And you don't have much time to do that effectively. You've got to reach out and grab them.

A phone call should only sell the "appointment", at which time you want to "show" them, not "tell" them. How better to do that than with a professionally created and written slideshow about home staging. Don't make the mistake of believing that everyone knows what staging is all about. Even if they have heard about it before, they probably don't understand it. And most certainly don't have a clue as to how it can benefit them. That goes for the agent as well as the home owner.

You will hurt your chances of landing projects immensely if you don't have good visuals to show.

TESTIMONIAL - "I was really scared to make my first presentation to an agent, even though I knew him from before. It was really neat to be able to show the slides. He didn't even mind that I referred to the script once or twice. I can't thank you enough for making this tool available. I don't think I could have done it otherwise. - Joyce Remineur"

Can it really be as easy as all that?

  • Yes, it can!
  • A picture is worth a thousand words - we've got 50 slides to do the work for you
  • Most people are visual learners and you'll now  have great visuals
  • The 29-page script will provide you with catch phrases and expressions that communicate the concepts and benefits
  • You won't have to wonder about what to show or what to say
  • You can change the script at any time for any reason
  • You change the slides one at a time when you're ready to show the next one
  • The slides point out the major benefits of a home staging service, using text and photos
  • The slides include some valuable recent statistics
  • The slides include some before and after pictures
  • The slides progress to a logical conclusion with a call to action on the part of the agent
  • You'll be completely at ease through the whole process

TESTIMONIAL - "Today I did my first presentation to ten Real Estate Agents with your 65 slide show and script. It went so well, they had no idea as to what Home Staging was when I walked into the office (as most Australians have not heard of it.) All they wanted to know after that was when I can start! So, Barbara thank you so much for all the training your Rearrange, Home Staging for Profit, and Decor Secrets revealed have given me. - Jo-Ann Moriarty"

Want to see a quick demo?

Click on this link: Home Enhancement Demo. Use the "previous" or "next" links to see more slides.

Start Now Before a Competitor Gets to Them First!  The time is right!  The opportunity has never been better! But those that get in on the lucrative home staging, house fluffing, home enhancement business early are the ones that will reap the largest rewards.

Slideshow Gets Rave Reviews

"I am just beginning my staging business and will be cutting my teeth on a presentation for 25 real estate agents next week, Tuesday. . . . I'll be giving the slideshow I ordered from you. I was thrilled to have that - what a difference visuals make! Thank you! - Kathleen King Home Staging Works!"

Your investment for the 65-Slideshow Presentation plus Exclusive 28-page Script should be $49.95. But if you order right now it will only be $39.95. How long would it take you to create your own? The time savings alone makes this an incredible offer and you know from the start that others have used it successfully already, so that removes the risk totally.

If you landed just one real estate agent who was very busy selling property, and that one agent wanted you to stage/redesign the majority of the homes he was selling, and that agent talked to other agents about your services, wouldn't this be a small, small price to pay to get that one client? One good real estate agent has been known to keep a stager busy all the time. On top of that, the script has been personally written by me. If you feel I can communicate well with you over the internet, then you can be assured I've written a good script to go with the slides.

To order your copy, go to our secure server shopping cart and select the "Tools of the Trade"  or the "All Products and Services" category. You'll find it listed there.

To purchase: Staging Show and Script

TESTIMONIAL - "Thanks SO much for your assistance; you guys sure do go above and beyond to help out! Kindest regards, Dawn Govender! (South Africa)"


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