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Quick Home Repair Fixes: Easy Cover Ups You Can Do

Before your guests descend on your home, check to see if you have any repairs needed. Time is of the essence, I know, but here are some quick fix tips and cover-ups that might help in a pinch.

Eliminate Junk and Clutter - You might be able to stand clutter, but your guests won't be as tolerant. So either cover it up in a corner or put in a separate room. Put up a sign saying: "Warning! Santa at Work Keep Out!"

Wood Floors a Mess? - Do a quick mop job. Get some Orange Glo Hardwood Floor Refinisher (woodfloorcare.com) and apply with a microfiber mop. It minimizes deep scratches and erases small ones. Fast drying. Get some cheap holiday rugs and runners. Use underpads to keep them from migrating.

Ugh, Those Dirty Drapes and Blinds - Open the drapes and pull back as far as they will go (less will show). Tie them off with ribbon or raffia. Raise your blinds all the way to the top and hang a Christmas ornament from the pull.

Stains on Your Ceiling? - Keep your decorations low so you don't draw attention to the ceiling. If desperate and your ceiling is white, use some Wite-Out to cover smudges and keep your lights low when entertaining.

Who Hasn't Had a Nicked Table? - Use a colored marker close to the wood color or cover the table with a tablecloth or other fabric. Guardsman Touchup Pen Kit ($5 for 3) is available at guardsman.com. Apply the color to the scratch, buff with soft cloth, top with a coat of furniture polish. For small tables, cover with place mats, books or other accessories, drape with a throw. Use a red or green tablecloth on the dining room table for best solution. Cover with a clear plastic tablecloth if you want to prevent spills from staining the tablecloth.

Stained Tablecloth - Make flat decorations and tape or pin over stained areas. Use table runners and place mats on top of the cloth. Add additional decorations so it all looks planned. Use decorative serving trivets on top of stains. Sew or glue decorative sequins or other jewelry findings on top. Sew decorative lace or appliques on top adding extra so it looks planned.

Dirty Carpets - Woolite Pod tool from Bissell ($4 from woolitecarpet.com). Cleans and fluffs fibers in minutes.

Scratched Baseboards- Get a stain repair stick like Minwax Blend-Fil Pencil in a close color ($4.49 minwax.com). It helps conceal baseboard's blemishes. Or use a crayola marker.

Broken Floor Tiles - If in a high traffic area, clear loose pieces and post a sign that says: "Santa at work! Use detour!" Good for a chuckle or two. If not in a traffic lane, put a potted plant or poinsettia on top.

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