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Stop Making Time Consuming Reports for Clients!

Get the Booklet that Makes Consultations Easy and Quick!

fsbo, by owner, real estate staging, home staging for yourselfAre you a professional home stager looking for a great resource to help you with your consultations? Whether you're looking for ways of preparing your own house to sell or the best house staging guide on the market for your clients, Home Staging for Yourself is the answer.

Staging Organizer Checklist
80-Page Booklet Guide
5x8 Printed
Includes Before and After Pictures

Introducing Our Handy Checklist Guide

TO THE STAGER - Up until now, consultations were time consuming and inconvenient. And as any business owner knows, time is money. The more time you have to spend creating a report back at your office, the less money you make from your consultations.

As a professional stager, you offer to do all of the hard, time-consuming work and provide consultations as well, but you also crave a professional tool to assist you or your client in preparing the home for sale. If you're only providing consultation, the Guide is the perfect value-added resource you can provide your client. If you're also doing the staging work, you'll have your own customized checklist to use for each client you serve. You can buy the Guides at a professional discount in small quantities, so you'll always have some on hand whenever you need them.

So to meet the needs of both the do-it-yourself homeowner and the professional stager, we've put together a handsome staging checklist. It's the most comprehensive, easy to follow Guide on the planet - 80 pages of practical steps in bulleted outline format so neither the home owner nor the stager will miss any important task along the way.

Real estate agents would love to get their hands on these booklets, so guard them carefully.  You should only give them to your client, at a premium price too. Because they are worth every penny and more.

fsbo, by owner, real estate staging, home staging for yourselfStagers, don't look on this as a competitive product that would be a detriment to your individual business, because in reality it is an educational product that will only serve to build your business quicker and at a higher professional level. That's why people go to malls. When like types of businesses join forces, the public gets educated more effectively and each store in the mall helps all of the other stores become more successful. When the public is educated and given options, it naturally means more business for everyone. Competition is good for business and you should embrace it with open arms. Staging a home is usually a daunting task. This guide will help you organize the project, explain what you're doing to your client, and keep you and them focused.

It is divided into all of the major sections of a typical home, both inside and out, beginning with:
  • front exterior
  • your entry
  • living room/family room
  • kitchen
  • bathrooms
  • dining room
  • bedrooms
  • halls/stairs
  • home office
  • den or library
  • basement/attic
  • laundry room
  • garage
  • back yard
  • porch, deck
  • side yards
  • Whew! When I tell you it covers everything, I mean it.

    At the end of each area, there are blank lines so you (the seller or the stager) can write in specific tasks that might be unusual or customize it to your own situation. Since all of the tasks for each area or room are listed in bulleted outline format, you can merely circle the tasks that are important or essential. Tasks that are not circled will then be ignored.

    What could be easier?

    At the end of the Guide, there are a series of before and after pictures to help you get the hang of it all. So with this handy Guide in your hands, we have made home staging a house for sale a super easy solution when it comes to deciding what MUST be done. Of course, there are no easy quick solutions to the actual work involved, but that is not our purpose in making this Guide available.


    Imagine how great it is to have all or virtually all of the guess work removed on what you should do! Imagine how great it will be to have a complete plan of action - something that makes sense - that gives you a workable sequence - and helps you tie all the loose ends together so that you don't forget something important.


    "This is the easiest solution to getting my home ready for sale by owner that I've run across. Thanks so much." - Haley Richmond

    "You just solved all of my consultation problems. This guide is the best. I'm giving it out to my diy homeowners and many are hiring me to do the work for them anyway. What a great idea. Thanks." - Sharon Lupitch

    "I just got the new Guides and I think they are awesome. Thanks for taking the time to create this. It will save me hours of work. - Ava LaMonte"

    Final Note to Stagers . . .

    If you haven't acquired a supply of the consultation check list Guides, you're really missing out on a great, inexpensive tool to market and promote your consultation services. Stagers are finding it very helpful to show the Guides to the real estate agents when they present their services. Just show it to them. Don't give them a copy or you might get eliminated from the loop as happened to one unlucky stager. Use it to entice the agent and prove that you have a professional service of top value. No one else on the planet has a checklist as thorough as the one in Home Staging for Yourself. And if they tell you they have one, they got it from us! So don't short change yourself. Your competition is out there stepping up their game. You should too.

    Speaking about competition, your biggest hurdle is convincing the homeowner to hire you. Your biggest competition is the homeowner, not other stagers. But in order to prove to them instantly that your service, and not just your service, but your consultation alone is valuable, you've got to be showing off the checklist guide. Think about it. If you were a homeowner standing in front of two stagers, and one had nothing in their hands to show you what they could do, and the other one had a professionally printed, 80 page booklet they were going to activate just for your home, which stager do you think you'd be most impressed with?

    Many stagers (and their trainers) think that it's a good idea to do the consultation, go away, sit down at their computer and generate a proposal that way. Hogwash! We are in an on demand world, kids! Put yourself in that owner's shoes. Do you want to have to wait for the proposal? Do you want to have to wonder if you'll get anything back from the stager at all? I certainly wouldn't. Can you not see how powerful it is to have your booklet right there. You pull it out and casually display it. You tell them that you'll use it as part of their consultation and you'll even give it to them at the end of the appointment should they chose to do all of the labor themselves. It will help you remember everything you need to remember for your client's sake. Isn't that cool?

    Can you not see them salivating to get a look at what's inside? Does that not instantly build huge value into your consultation services? If used properly, this is one of the absolute best marketing tools you will ever have - not only for you as a stager, but for your client as well, who expects to get top value for the fee they pay you.

    And since you can buy them in small quantities for a discount of the retail price, and then turn around and pass that cost on to the client at a profit so you literally get them for free, and then you get more business as a result? Please! Does it get any better than that?

    Here's How to Get Your Copy . . .

    Professional home stagers may purchase the Guides at $12 each for 5 Guides or $10 each for 10 Guides for use with their own clients. Stagers may feel free to price the Guide to their clients for whatever price they choose, but should not give it away or sell it for less than $35. Please choose the appropriate link in the shopping cart based on your anticipated number of projects in a given period of time.

    No matter how you look at it, these Guides give you the perfect value added product to market with your consultation so you never, ever come away empty handed.

    They will represent you in a very professional manner. They are easy for a homeowner to follow. They are even easier for a stager to use as part of the consultation - whether they stop after the consultation or go on to provide full staging services.

    TESTIMONIAL - "I just placed for 10 of the "Staging for Yourself" books. What a timesaver! No more hours of report writing = more time for the fun of staging and redesign! - LeeAnn Smothers"


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