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Benefits of a Home Staging Business or Career in Today's Economic Climate

There are specific industries in the country that are experiencing hardship: manufacturing and new home construction being two of the major ones. There were 25% fewer new homes sold in the first quarter of 2008 than there were last year. This is not good news for construction companies and contractors.

However, when new home sales go down, the home improvement industry goes up. This means that people are staying in their homes longer and looking to upgrade them. And this makes the future of home staging and interior redesign bright. There has been a surge of 125% this quarter compared to a year ago in homes changing hands. This means that the services of home staging have gone up dramatically. With a surge of properties on the market, the need for home staging is greater than ever before

The other good news is that the services of home staging and redesign can never be sent overseas. The homes, you see, are here - not over there in China or India or other countries.

Even if you're not in a staging or redesign business, or you're not interested in starting a business, look for services you can offer that are guaranteed to be secure in the United States. If you have expertise in construction, consider moving into the repair and remodeling industry. Home improvement stores are always going to be looking for sales people. Or consider starting a repair or servicing business. Perhaps you have electrical knowledge or plumbing knowledge. Or maybe you have expertise in equipment or parts from using the equipment that can translate into a job selling equipment or parts.

As more and more people look for additional ways to make money or change careers altogether, the competition will increase, making it more important than ever to really ground your business with solid marketing and promotional tactics. You'll want to make your business to "go to business" in your area. As people visit open houses and talk to real estate agents, you'll want to make sure your name is out there and that you're getting the referrals, and not someone else.

So now is the perfect time to get extra training or advanced training in how to market and manage your business. We're also heading into the typical season of the year when many people move, even when they don't have to move. When school lets out for the summer, that's when many people sell their homes and buy different ones. There's no reason to expect that to change.

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Barbara Jennings is author of 10 decorating books: Decor Secrets Revealed, Rearrange It, Home Staging for Profit, Home Staging for Yourself, Arrange Your Stuff, Advanced Redesign, Pro Art Consulting, Where There's a Wall - There's a Way, The Art of Hanging Art, Great Parties! Great Homes!

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