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Home Staging Statistics

Some of our home stagers active in our free discussion forum have been sharing their success stories.  We are right now in the thick of the best season when people are selling their homes and wanting to move and get resettled during the summer before school starts again.  So if you've been considering getting into your own home staging business, you'll discover it's an excellent time of year to do so.

Here are some of the projects that they have completed, not only here in the USA but clear over in Australia too.
  • One stager had a friend she had not seen in several years. A serious illness forced her to put her home up for sale. It was a large custom home on 5 acres of land near a river. The home was on the market for 2 years and had only received 2 extremely low offers.  One of the reasons it was not selling was due to some pretty wild colors in the home along with a 30' ceiling. The home just did not show well at all. The home stager completely cleaned the house. She bought in lots of big palms, flowering plants, and hung art that flattered the colors and architecture. The walls were left white but the stager cleverly made the color scheme work. By helping potential buyers see the possibilities, the home sold within 4 months. Then the stager lived in the home for awhile until the new buyers were able to sell their prior home.
  • The Gold Coast of Australia is just beginning the learn about home staging and take advantage of this great service. This stager's first job had been on the market for over 12 months and was somewhat overpriced. The stager transformed the house in 3 days. All the neighbors came in and were impressed with the transformation. The jury is still out on this one because the owner refused to alter the price.
  • This same stager had another house on the market for 5 month. The husband had suffered a nervous breakdown because of it.  She writes, "Though the job paid me $4,300 profit for a weeks work, it was a bigger job as everything had to be purchased from bed dressing up. Still nice to get paid to do a lot of shopping though, rental furniture and all. But the good bit was that the very day it was put back on the market it received 3 offers and sold to the highest $30,000 above valuation."

If this type of work appeals to your creative side, be sure to check out our complete home staging and interior redesign training programs. We offer courses as well as individual tutorials, plenty of promotional tools and aids, and tools to help you actually move heavy furniture.

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