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Learn the basics of starting your own lucrative home staging business. Take a basic training tutorial or a course. We offer the most complete program available in homestaging and interior redesign.

Home Staging Training


Devlop a strong client base with the more affluent homeowners in your area. Learn how to catapult your profits into a six or seven figure income by tapping into the wealthy communities around you.

Staging Luxurious Homes


Learn the secrets professional interior designers use to create powerful portfolios to represent their work and their business. Learn how to use your portfolio to build a deep client base and get all the referrals you can use.

Staging Portfolio Secrets


Selecting the right training program is essential to your success. There are many programs on the internet now that offering training. Some are good and some are terrible. Sorting through the maze can be daunting.

We are the premier creators of home study training in home staging and interior redesign. We are the ones the trainers come to when they want to learn, so why not train with the person everyone seems to go to - the best selling author, Barbara Jennings?

Diamond Standard Combo Course
Diamond Deluxe Combo Course
Diamond Ruby Combo Course
A La Carte Options


Don't waste a minute more typing up time consuming reports for your consultations. Take the headache out of pulling together a comprehensive checklist of tasks that need to be done when home staging a project. Use our handy checklist guides.

Home Staging for Yourself

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