interior redesign training, home staging training, furniture arrangement training
arranging furniture, arrange furniture, interior redesign training, home staging training
interior redesign, furniture arrangement, furniture placement

Interior Redesign Course: Learn How You Can Earn Extraordinary Income in Your Own Home-Based Business Decorating for Others

Thousands have started serving home owners by rearranging their furniture and accessories and sprucing up their homes the quick and easy way. Anyone can learn how to do this. The rewards are great, both monetarily and in satisfaction and enjoyment.

There's nothing quite like having a client who hated their home hug you after you solved their major problems in half a day or less. Using what they already own, you can give any room or any home a professionally designed "look" and "feel" once you know how.

You don't need a degree and you don't need any experience either. You just need to be willing to learn and then let people know you offer this unique service. They will love you for it and you'll make some excellent income in the process.

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I'm not sure if this is how I go about asking a question, but I will give it a try. I purchased your Décor Secrets Revealed on 12/29/2005 and I'm working my way through it and having a great time. I would like help with the following . . .I moved into a home within the last year and have been slowly making it our own. I have completed the living room/dining room and part of the family room and now would like to work on the kitchen. The kitchen has a U-shaped set up with beige tiles, frost is the name of the finish on the cabinets, and the wall are white. I cannot replace the cabinets or tile at this time (we will not be in the house that long.) The cabinets are builder grade and are not very attractive (beige in color with a wood grain) and the counter top is gray, black and tan Formica.

What I would like is a Wow factor when you enter the kitchen. The area opens up to a eating area and the family room. I replaced the carpet in the FR with hardwood floors and painted the large 14' wall at the end of the room Mulled Wine, the furniture in the FR is navy and cream check (sofa and love seat), along with a wing chair and ottoman in a color similar to the wine. The wood furniture consists of dark pine and natural pine pieces. The kitchen table is pine with black chairs with rush seats.

The cabinets originally had no knobs so I just put on very nice pewter swirl knobs which really made a difference, now I am trying to figure out what color to paint the walls in the kitchen, eating area and FR. I thought that if I painted the walls a color similar to the color of the cabinets that it would make the cabinets blend into the walls, (since I do not like the cabinets), I plan on replacing the counter top and I thought it should be a solid black (which could be a focal point), and I will add a black roping or crown molding to the top of the cabinets. Possibly paint the small wall in the kitchen (one with frig, in the old) the same Mulled Wine that is in the FR. I would then carry the same cream color walls into the eating area and family room, hopefully leaving the wine color wall.

Since I do not plan on replacing the tiles, I will find a rug for under the kitchen table with compliments the colors. Will painting a wall the similar color as the cabinet make them blend? Do you think that this might work? Am I headed in the right direction?


Thanks so much for writing to me with your questions and I'm happy you found the training helpful and enjoyable.

Yes, you are correct. If you paint the walls the same color as the cabinets, the cabinets will blend in and sort of disappear more. That will achieve what you want.

But you also need to bring some color into the kitchen. Just by adding a bunch of green artificial plants above the cabinets will help soften the hard edges and draw attention away from the cabinets. Bring in some of the colors from the dining room and it will make a huge difference. Fill up that space totally or group items in small groupings with space in between one grouping and the next. Vary the size and number of pieces in each grouping.

In the living room, I suggest you bring in a taller tree for left of the fireplace. You've got the fireplace, TV and tree all at the same height and it will feel better there if you have different heights.

One of your problems is in trying to marry your cool wine color and fabric on sofa with the warm woods of the furniture in the room. You're crossing color keys so it's harder to make the colors blend as they fight each other.

Every room needs a "bridge", so look for ways in all your rooms to have a least one significant piece in the room that carries ALL of the colors in it: flower arrangement, artwork, area rug, etc. This will help give a purpose to each color and validate its presence in the room.

Nice home, by the way. If you're not going to be there long, however, try to do as much decorating with accessories rather than spending money of things that you'll have to leave behind. Just a thought.

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interior redesign training, home staging training, interior design business Completely redecorate any room in your home in half a day. Learn the secrets of interior designers using the furniture you already own. Arrangement techniques are easy to learn and apply. Impress your spouse, children, family and friends.

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