interior redesign training, home staging training, furniture arrangement training
arranging furniture, arrange furniture, interior redesign training, home staging training
interior redesign, furniture arrangement, furniture placement

decorating business, redecorating business, furniture arranging business Make Up to $100,000 Arranging Furniture
How to Start Your Own
Redecorating Business

Train at Home at Your Pace

At last you can break into the redesign business without having to take those expensive seminars or home study courses that charge you thousands of dollars! Learn from one of the top redesign specialists in the country. Barbara Jennings has been doing redesign since 1986 and has developed the most comprehensive training program you'll ever find at a fraction of what her competition is charging. What's more - Study at home at your pace with her newly revised and better than ever training program - it's amazingly affordable and 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

barbara jennings, rearrange it, advanced redesign Here's what just a few of her trainees have said:

"Thanks loads! I just read through chapter 7, great book! - Bev Sandlin"

"Your courses inspire me and give me the confidence to continue my passion for interior design. . . . Love your site and your books and look forward to having a complete collection your expert advise. Sincerely, Brenda Cassell"

"Studying your eBook and LOVING it so far. . . . The CD's are a wonderful tool to help me on my way. - June Rouquette"

"My partner, Deborah, and I have been doing this for years and finally decided to get paid for it. We read your eBook and it has helped us launch a very successful redesign business. No one else in our area offers these services! It is really like getting paid to have fun! . . . With newspaper articles and speaking engagements, we have created a "buzz" in our area (previously untapped market) and are desperately trying to keep up with the calls. Thank you for all your help! - Lisette Dell'Apa"

"I purchased two of your eBooks this past year - Decor Secrets Revealed and Rearrange It. I thoroughly enjoyed the books. . . .Also, I adore your newsletters and can't thank you enough for the valuable information and support you provide. - Best Regards, Holly Calabro"

"Just had to write to you at this point.....I've spent a good three hours on line reading my rearrange it book and studying.  I was feeling excited, overwhelmed, confused, spacy etc. until I came to the part in your material regarding "cancellation of appointments".....wherein you stated "It always helps to remind me that my business is in God's hands and that He knew .....And since my business all belongs to Him anyway, what would He want me to do about the cancellation and my unexpected free time."  Well, I can't tell you...the anxiety just lifted and I got joyful tears in my eyes.  Not only was that a timely reminder that ALL does belong to the Lord and He has gifted me with this passion and ability to "decorate" for His glory, but I was extremely delighted to hear you, my teacher, acknowledge the same dependence and gratitute for His all knowingness.  It was a good question..."what would He want me to do with this unexpected free time?".  He does have a way of getting our attention.  It's a good place to be.  Thanks for allowing me to hear from you and know you in this regard. - Anonymous"

"Barb, Your monthly newsletters are amazing!  Thank you for all your creative hard work!  I applied one of your tips from a previous newsletter (the one referring to getting in front of women's organizations) and have recently been invited to speak at one of our local Christian Women's Club Luncheons! You are truely inspiring." - Kim Schindler

"Hi Barbara, I read your redesign book and have enjoyed your newsletters.  I have recently signed with a real estate firm and want to open a second business of staging homes for resale. Your article was encouraging and informative. I am in homes all the time and have had some design classes and really see the need for staging homes. I feel it will be a creative outlet for me and also creates follow up business in the real estate field.  Thank you for your support, Gigi"

"I first want to say a very grateful 'Thank-you!' for such a wealth of information. I have always redecorated for myself and for my friends, as well as shopped for them, and considered myself a pretty accomplished decorator, but I was stunned at the detail in your materials! I am just in awe of the quality of the products you've shared with me, and how helpful they have been. . . . I am so very, very glad to have been able to find you, and subsequently, as you know, have gotten just about everything you offer! And I feel it is a great value, especially with the offer of your personal advice down the road. The case studies are incredible, as is everything associated with your sites. I am feeling much more confident about morphing my business into that of color consulting, design, and faux. Thank you so very much." - Nancy Gilbert Bello

"I recently purchased Rearrange It and DS Revised, and am totally loving both of them. I have been looking for something like this for quite some time. I am so far very impressed with all that I have read. Thank you, Tami Jones"

"I bought your book (Rearrange It!) and it is terrific! I've already landed a big job using some of the marketing ideas you included in the book. - Peggy Conger"

"I mentioned before that I got so much information from your eBook (I purchased the manuals from the "fluffing" ladies and liked yours by far). Thanks for the great tips . . . You really have a way of explaining without beating around the bush. On a personal note, I would like to say thank you most especially for a wonderful ending message - your analogy of redecorating to our house and our own "selves" was really touching ... just this last chapter has made quite an impact on how I view things. You're a great artist and decorator, but I feel you're an even better person inside and out. - Lala Antonio-Almeida"

"Barb, You are a genius! I love these suggestions, and I think Amy will too. ..... I am soooooooooo thankful to have you in my life! I have learned so much from you and I just feel you are getting the short end of the stick. I wish I could do something for you in return. Thanks again for all of your help." - Jackie Ellison

"Wow -- I'm impressed with your quick response and great feedback! My husband found your comments especially interesting, particularly the suggestion to listen to him. Donald has a background in PR (among other things), and he's always telling me to "Give them what they want, not what they need!", and to streamline my business concept, at least initially. I'm sure I'll have more questions, but I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your reply. - Diane Tepper"

"I am learning so much from your book! - Treva Doores"

"I'm grateful that you have the attitude of trying to get us all forward without being broke doing it. We'll all benefit in the long run. I guess I'm too old (I'm almost 50) to believe that I have to make a huge profit right away from everything. Some of the "courses " out there are put together, I think, by people who couldn't make the business work for themselves so they decided to charge others a ton of money and make it work that way. The old adage 'those that can do, those that can't teach' comes to mind. You made it work and now give direction. I'm grateful for that. - Jennifer Large"

"Just wanted to inform you that I successfully downloaded your eBook (it only took 5 minutes using DSL connection) and have started reading it.  I can see why you get all those wonderful reviews, its really informative. I bought some materials from the House Fluffing ladies and I can see yours is a much better read. I like their materials too but yours is more complete. Thanks, Warmest regards, Lala Almeida"

"Barbara, I'm on Chapter 9, and I'm most impressed!  Your content is excellent, well organized, and well explained.  I especially enjoy your style -- it's as if you're right there, guiding the reader along.  I've already learned quite a bit, as well as now having explanations for design principles I'd merely intuited but could not have practiced consistently." - Linda Morrison Durant

Train With the Best in the Business

interior redesign trainer, interior redesign training TAKE IT IN STAGES . . .
1) Basic Redesign Business Training

2) Advanced Redesign Training
3) Combination Basic & Advanced Redesign Training

4) Diamond Ruby Combo Course

home staging training, advanced redesign training Advanced Redesign Training

The Sequel to Our Basic Redesign Training!


Looking for more in-depth training in redesign? Hot off the e-press! Sixteen chapters (the equivalent of 200 pages) on strategic re-design training to help you maximize your profits. Tons of strategies and concepts. Recommended for those that have already taken the basic training in Rearrange It!. Get ready to blow your mind. You won't have time to do everything we cover - but this training is for the truly serious re-designer. Available only here! 



interior redesign, interior decorating, interior design
Make incredible income as an interior redesigner and/or home stager. Work from home. No experience necessary. No expensive seminars. Train at home. Feel proud of your career. Be the envy of your friends. Gain respect from your family and relatives. Make money having fun.

1) Basic Interior Redesign Training
2) Advanced Interior Redesign Training
3) Silver Interior Redesign Training
4) Gold Interior Redesign Training


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arrange furniture, arranging furniture, furniture arrangements
Completely redecorate any room in your home in half a day. Learn the secrets of interior designers using the furniture you already own. Arrangement techniques are easy to learn and apply. Impress your spouse, children, family and friends.

Arranging Furniture Training


Start a new career as a prestigious corporate art consultant. Create beautiful offices for businesses with custom framed art and installation services. No art degree needed. No experience needed. Train at home at your own pace. Barbara Jennings, a 20 year consultant, teaches you how to start your own home-based art consulting business.

Corporate Art Consultant Training