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"It looks like a new kitchen!"
Find out how she amazed her husband!

               BEFORE                               AFTER
redecorate kitchen, before pic redecorate kitchen, after pic This small kitchen was over decorated with country arts 'n crafts items. In the one day decorating concept, sometimes you need to remove furnishings and/or accessories rather than purchasing anything new. Our goal always is to find a way to use what you have already whenever we redecorate any room. By using solid interior design concepts, you too can rearrange furniture or rearrange accessories to create a beautiful home. Look at the difference after some Decor Secrets Revealed principles were applied.

decor secrets, decorating, redecorating Using what you already own to redecorate your kitchen, bath, bedroom, living room or family room is the best way to redecorate on a budget. Some call it cheap decorating or budget decorating. It's a very smart approach to interior design that has revolutionized the entire design industry. As long as your furnishings blend with the color scheme, you can create a successful and very appealing furniture arrangement or do it yourself decorating project.

"Thanks to you my living room has been transformed from a passage way leading from the front door to the family room, into an inviting place where you'd like to sit down and visit a while!!!!! Jim said when he first walked thru the door...."Hey....I really like this!!!".....this is the same person that doesn't notice anything about the house unless it involves "his" chair! . . . I retained more of the book than I thought....because it definitely came into play today. . . . We've decided that instead of sitting in the dining area to share our day with each other, we are going to sit in our 'new' living room.  Much more comfortable!!!!!" - Sandy Finch

Before and after pictures are a great way to compare your redecorating efforts. Be sure to take pictures before you start any project. You'll be amazed at the transformation you can achieve in one day or less with Decor Secrets Revealed, a brand new e book on the subject of budget decorating. Best of all, you don't have to wait more than a few minutes to get started. This eBook is ready for you to download now right onto your computer. You don't have to wait for a book to arrive in 7-10 days. You can order by clicking on the links below, or if you need more information, click here for use what you have decorating information.

BEFORE                                   AFTER
decorating kitchen, before pic decorating kitchen, after pic And to make this even more incredible, there's a 60-Day Refund Guarantee if you purchase Decor Secrets Revealed now. I'll also give you my special email address where you can reach me. Ask me whatever specific questions you want. I'll answer them completely free of charge. I cannot be more fair than that. For specific information, click on the link below.

Decor Secrets Revealed

hanging art, arranging art "Where There's a Wall - There's a Way" - 101 Ways to dress a naked wall: design concepts and 101 illustrations of how to design simple to elaborate wall groupings, using framed art, photos, mirrors, shelves, plants and art objects. Templates to help you do your own.
Arranging Art Perfectly

hang art, hanging art, wall decor The Secret Art of Hanging Art
Hanging Art Perfectly
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Kitchen Decorating Tips
Display your prettiest pots and pans on a spoon rack of wrought iron. If your kitchen is narrow, use a small, half-round rack attached to the wall; if space isn't a problem, use a large, full-round rack, hung from the ceiling.

For a line-up of beautiful cannisters on your kitchen counter, cover several sizes of coffee cans with patterned adhesive-backed vinyl paper.

Fill the space above your kitchen cabinets. Line up your collection of interesting bottles, colorful plates, or decorative trays. If you're short of kitchen storage space, hang a curtain on hooks from the ceiling to the top of the cabinets and store all your seldom-used dishes and kitchen equipment behind it.

"Rearrange It!" - How to Start a Successful Decorating Business from Your Home and earn $75-100 per hour working part time or full time. Written by a 20 year decorating home based business expert.
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decor secrets, decorating, redecorating "Decor Secrets Revealed" - How to rearrange your furniture and accessories just like professional interior designers do in those decorating magazines. Written by the West Coast pioneer in one-day-redecorating concepts.
Arranging Furniture Perfectly