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More Decorating Mistakes Made by Designers

Continuing on with what I feel are decorating mistakes made by some professional designers, I must say again that you are free to disagree with me. What works for one person might not work for someone else. And in the end, your home is your castle and you need to feel comfortable in your own space. What is comfortable to you may not be comfortable to anyone else. That's ok if you live all alone and never have company. But if you are social and invite family and relatives over, you might want to think about what is comfortable and pleasing to the eye for "most" people, if not for you.

I've seen this type of art treatment more than one place. It just doesn't work for me, I'm sorry. To hang a picture on a narrow piece of wood with books behind it, is not my idea of a good idea. First of all, one has to move the picture to get at the books. Secondly, it is such a strange place to hang a picture, the attention is likely to be drawn to the novelty of the placement rather than to the image in the frame. I happen to believe that what's inside the frame is more important than breaking all the "rules" in where it's placed. In the larger view of this library wall, there was just this one bowl on a plate stand in the middle of all of the books. Perhaps it was there to balance with the picture, which was placed off center above a sofa. But again, the isolation of the one bowl among hundreds of books made me feel uncomfortable. What is your take?

In this picture, the drapes and the blanket at the foot of the bed steal the spotlight. Call me old fashioned, but I still feel better when the center of attention in a bedroom is the pillow portion of the bed, not the foot of the bed and certainly not the backdrop (walls and windows). I'm left feeling like the pillows were an after thought or that the designer wasn't done with the room yet when the picture was taken. Maybe this is another one of those tension areas created to make you feel at odds, but it doesn't quite work for me.

Lastly this room might not feel strange to you but I'm voting for it as a decorating mistake. The tree, the ceramic stand, chair, ottoman/bench in an entirely different fabric from the chair, all neatly placed in a semi-circle in front of the fireplace - well, call me crazy, but I vote for this as mistake number 3. You do have to remember that sometimes designers will place furniture in the room in a particular place for the camera shot or angle knowing that it isn't where they would normally place that piece. Still in all, I don't even think this arrangement looks good for the camera. Look around your home now, and see if you see anything that could be improved. It's sometimes helpful to get a clue on mistakes or problems that other people make, and then we understand where we can improve on our own creations.

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