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home staging, staging homes, how to stage homes
home staging, staging homes

New Style Doormats to Welcome Family & Guests

I don't know how much dirt and moisture a wooden doormat will remove if you place it at your front door, but it sure looks cool, don't you think? It's even engraved with the owner's last name. Now how's that for custom?

I thought you might like to know the origins of doormats, since you have nothing else of worth to do right now, right? Well, prior to the 1500's, men would clean the soles of their shoes with a hoe or a shovel after working outside. Then up to the 1800s they used the boot scraper. The boot scraper was comprised of two posts with an iron blade in the middle. It was situated near the entry. Instead of using the shovel, the men got off their horses and scraped the dirt off their boots before entering the home. Boot scrapers were considered a bit of a luxury so they were only found in middle class homes and above. By the 1850s boot scrapers had become commonplace when iron became more available. And by the 1900s we had paved roads, so that made boot scrapers obsolete and they disappeared from the scene. Today we have the doormat.

A good doormat will keep up to 80% of the dirt from entering your home. Look for ones that are durable, easy to clean and slip and slide proof. I don't recommend the fiber mats if they are located in sunny areas as they will deteriorate quickly and are messy too.

Natural fiber mats seems to be the best overall, followed by rubber mats, wrought iron mats and plastic mats. Tops choices include those found at: www.anthropologie.com, www.stopdirt.com, www.vandykes.com, www.grandinroad.com.

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