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home staging, staging homes, how to stage homes
home staging, staging homes

Outdoor Decorating Tips

outdoor decorating, decorating outdoorsUse your imagination when it comes to outdoor decorating. Visual each part of your entire yard as if it was broken up into different rooms. Using a gazebo can help define a room area.

Think about the use of your backyard and plan accordingly. Perhaps your family enjoys eating outside. Perhaps you play games together, such as volleyball or badminton or crochet. Think about how you will navigate from one point to another.

In addition to a canopy, your furniture and accessories may include some or all of the following: flowering plants, planted trees, a hammock, garden ornaments, seating, outdoor fire pit, statuary and so forth.

Use dividers such as fences, brink or stone, hedges and so forth to divide the various sections. Lay down cement or other hard surface flooring in one part to divide that area from your grass or other dirt. Y

Make It Cozy Choose colorful fabrics to set off the furniture. There are a wide array of fabrics suitable for outdoors. This makes outdoor decorating fun and creative. Use the fabrics on pillows and cushions, an umbrella, throws for cooler evenings. Treat your outdoor area as an extension of your home decorating - an additional room or two.

Using Area Rugs Area rugs are a great way to highlight a specific area, cover over cement or stained concrete. It will protect bare feet when the concrete is especially hot or cold due to temperature extremes. You can not get polypropylene rugs in checks, plaids and patterns that simulate patio block and stone. A rug under the outdoor dining table looks and feels fabulous. If you have a protected area, consider a sisal other plant fiber rug. A woven vinyl rug will give the look of natural woven grasses - a great look.

Outdoor Fireplaces Freestanding fireplaces are great outdoor features, not only for warding off the chill, but also for cooking. These are some of the fastest growing products in outdoor decorating and entertaining and are relatively inexpensive as well. They give you a distinct mood and come in a variety of materials and styles. They will also provide additional light as well as warmth. Use your fireplace when hosting parties or just enjoying a family get together. Place your seating around it and enjoy the festivities!

Armoires and Storage Units You don't want all your accessories sitting out in the night air to get ruined, so add a storage bin or armoire to keep them clean and protected when not in use. Store things like your candles, lanterns, place mats, napkins, plastic plates and cups, extra chairs, floor pillows and so forth when the party is over. Home Depot has large plastic chests in white or black that are perfect for this. They are easily cleaned with a hose. If you have a protected area, consider getting a weathered armoire, you know the kind, with the painted wood. Or it could be teak or bamboo. You can store all of your accessories for handy reuse and make the armoire a part of your decor too. If you have the space, don't neglect decorating your backyard. You'll be quite amazed how much you will use it if you make it an inviting place to be.

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