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home staging, staging homes, how to stage homes
home staging, staging homes

Spruce Up for Spring With Your Patio Furniture

Have a tree in the middle of your yard? Want to make it more of a focal point, especially if the trunk is thin and the branches high?

Well, here's the perfect solution. By using curved sections, you can create a lovely effect and make this area of your yard or garden take center stage.

Who wouldn't be drawn to a seating arrangement such as this?

Even without the tree in the middle, you've got a seating arrangement that is as creative as it is different. If you were doing a home staging project in a back yard and you had patio furniture like this to place there, do you think buyers would be excited?

A porch swing might seem an old fashioned idea to some, but to me it brings back fond memories of times when I would go out back as a kid and spend hours on a swing daydreaming of the future. Perhaps this is where some of my creative nature was spawned.

If you're in the business of home staging, look at the many ideas in this photo that could be great staging props for you to use, such as the throw draped on the swing, a pair of outdoor shoes casually left behind, magazines on the table (with the top one rolled as if it was just laid down in haste), cut flowers laid across the table as if just cut.

Build rhythm with two identical rocking chairs. What a great place to sit and have a heart to heart talk with your hubby about the day's events.

It would also be a great place to rock a baby to sleep - or how about rocking twins to sleep?

Try to think often about putting two of a kind together or 3 of a kind. Repetition is one useful way that professional interior designers use to create lovely spaces.

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