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Purchasing a Turkey for Leftovers or Just Enough

When you hate to cook, like me, it's especially nice to have leftovers when the big feast is done that can last a few days. That's why I always buy a larger turkey than I need. When calculating what you need, bear in mind that the weights listed here are for uncooked birds.

  • Start with a list of the people you will be serving. Since children eat smaller servings, allow for that. On the other hand, a large number of adult males can eat quite a lot and could even return to the table for more. Are you serving any vegans or vegetarians? Allow for that as well.
  • You should have some leftovers if you allow 1 lb of turkey per person. For a larger quantity of leftovers, allow for 2 lbs. per person.
  • Allow 3/4 lbs per person if you purchased a turkey breast alone. For boneless turkey breast, allow 1/2 pound per guest.
  • For a pre-stuffed, frozen turkey, you'll need to allow about 1-1/4 pounds per guest.
  • Turkeys can come as large as 40 lbs. The larger a bird is, the higher the proportion is of meat vs. bone.
  • If you have a huge amount of meat left over, divide it into smaller portions and freeze for use at a later date.
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