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When evaluating a trainer, look for the number and quality of testimonials. It will give you a good clue as to which trainers really know what they're doing and have the experience and expertise. Many pose as seasoned professional trainers. That's like the blind leading the blind. Choose a trainer who has decades of experience, not a few months or just a fancy website.

TESTIMONIAL FROM GOLD TRAINEE - "Barb, I just couldn't wait to tell you how excited and ecstatic I was to receive all of you're e-books and printed books.  They  were sensational; easy to read and understand, filled with personal stories and experiences, and full of valuable information.  Most of all the personal support I received everytime I called.  You were always there.  Thanks for brightening up my world with you're redesign and decorating techniques. Judes Ziemba"

TESTIMONIAL FROM DIAMOND TRAINEE - "Hi Barbara, I am a new student and already I have a problem. Well, not so much a problem as a dilemma. I started staging my house last week to sell it. Yesterday was the Broker's Open House and there were 56 brokers in my home, several of which asked who did the staging. My realtor told them the owner did. He also told me that nearly every person who walked in the front door said, "Oh, wow!". Other comments were, "This is beautiful; this will sell fast; I want to sit open house on this one; I wish I could afford this". One broker even went straight home to get his wife and bring her back to look at my home as they are in the market for a house in our neighborhood. . . . My realtor wants to carry my cards with him. Several realtors from his office want to use my services. I had NO CLUE the demand was so high for staging!!!!! As you may surmise, I am close to panicking! Further more, our realtor in Pittsburgh now wants to introduce me to several of his friends who are also realtors, to hire me. How the heck do I handle that?? . . . I feel like I have hitched a ride on a shooting star. Kindest regards, Brooke Smith"

TESTIMONIAL FROM BRONZE TRAINEE - Barbara: I just want to say, that I really struggled with the type of program to follow for learning Interior Decorating/Interior Redesign. I went to Sheffield Academy of Interior Design, and finally gave up after 4 units (they just do nothing but make you pretend like every client has $1,000's of dollars to throw away in ALL NEW STUFF). . . . I enrolled in QC School of Interior Redesign. After 5 payments of $81 dollars, I realized, even at doing your program the BRONZE way, I still learned more in your eBook than I did in two units with any other school. I do interior decorating consulting and redesign on the side, and I do well, I just wanted a little clout to go behind what I did...I purchased your Arrange Your Stuff book, and I am totally loving it. . . . I don't know why I doubted my own gut feelings . . . Your training doesn't do with all the bells and whistles, it is a straight ahead, no gimicks training program for people who have the talent and want the know how...THANKS. I've even decided to HIGHLY recommend only your training on my Interior Design website. . . . Anthony Cooper"

TESTIMONIAL - I have just received your "Home Staging for Profit" book and I have read it from cover to cover. I have done a great deal of research, over the past six months, regarding home staging training materials and your information, writing style, and sense of humor is head-and-shoulders above your competition. You certainly answer the age-old question "where's the beef?" of home staging. You give your trainees the 'triple decker whopper' of information, in an easy-to-understand, logical, common-sense order. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book and it filled many knowledge gaps, which was my goal! I sincerely appreciate your incredible talents, in consolidating all of this information into one book! I will be referring to it, FOREVER. Your approach, outlook, and business/marketing savvy has impressed, as well as inspired, me. - DiAne Benzie"

Testimonial #1
"I can't tell you how impressed I am and I haven't even finished half of your materials. I look so forward to having my "Barbara" time everyday. I will always be so grateful that after researching which route to take in my training,  I found you first. Being in the Wedding industry for so many years and writing a certification course (approved by the state of California then going nationwide) I THOUGHT I WAS THOROUGH! You blow me out of the water. I will keep in touch. Thank you for just being you." - Tina Beene

Testimonial #2
home staging trainee, interior redesign trainee "Well, if someone needs "proof" that this stuff happened here folks! Barbara, as I mentioned the "whooper house" had been on the market 9 months and needed to sell in 5 weeks or the owner was going to loose her new house that is being built. In that 9 months, I did found out there had been one flimsy offer and financing didn't go through. I staged the home Friday afternoon getting it ready for the first of 5 open house Sundays. . . . Saturday afternoon an outside realtor unexpectedly called to see the house. Her clients were relatively sure they were going to put a bid on another house but were willing to look at one more house. The house wowed them and they wrote up a contract that afternoon on this house...!!!! UNBELIEVABLE.

Well, being a good realtor, Rosemary, held the open house today, as scheduled, and the owner received another offer!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! The bidding war is on!!! I am tickled pink! And hopefully, one of the offers will be just the right one to get the home sold. Just wanted to share, Candi Hutchison"

Testimonial #3
"My partner, Deborah, and I have been doing this for years and finally decided to get paid for it. We read your eBook and it has helped us launch a very successful redesign business. No one else in our area offers these services! It is really like getting paid to have fun! . . . we have created a "buzz" in our area (previously untapped market) and are desperately trying to keep up with the calls. Thank you for all your help! - Lisette Dell'Apa"

Testimonial #4
"I just wanted to write and let you know what an amazing wealth of information "Rearrange it!" has provided! . . . I ordered the book, with some trepidation at first . . . but your guarantee won me over, and now I wouldn't dream of asking for a refund!!!!! I learned so much about the direction to take with my business! THANK YOU! It is also incredibly inspirational to find someone who is so service and client driven! . . . Thank you for giving me the confidence to forge ahead with my dreams. Keep up the great work!" - Shelly Landry

Testimonial #5
"Hi Barbara, I have been passionate about home redesign for 4 years and after completing your training I was able to become a sought after home stager in addition to redesign. Miracles Happen!

I am now privledged to work with successful real estate agents in my area. I have an ulterior motive. What is it? To lift my clients spirits and help them provide a beautiful enviornment that is pleasing for personal use or a top dollar sale of their property. Thank you Barbara for helping craft my talent into a profession that offers service to others in a tangible way.

As a side benefit of being trained by the best, I will have an article appearing in a magazine next month and have been listed as the home stager referred and selected by some of the most prominent real estate agents in my area (San Luis Obispo, California). All this is a direct result of your training. - Maria Skellie"

Testimonial #6
"Barbara, your Gold Staging Course was so thorough it blew me away. I can't believe that I almost signed up for an expensive seminar to learn this business. I've already got two realtors interested and an appointment with a third lined up. On top of that, one realtor gave me a great referral for my redesign services. I'm so grateful I found your website. - Candace Wallace"

Testimonial #7
"I wanted to let you know that I have been slowly delving into the course work (and really enjoying it!) to begin my own business. I have been a teacher for 28 years and just had enough. I've had a passion for interior design for most of my life, and just felt it was time to take the plunge - so at the end of the school year, I resigned from teaching and am hoping to get my business going by September. I am continually awed by the depth of your website and business in general. There isn't anything that I can't find with the click of a mouse... the information is endless. I am very impressed with the business you have built and what you are willing to share with your "students". Thank you for being so thorough; it is a great help to people like me who are fist timers. - Marylou Pritchard"

Testimonial #8
"Thank you, Barbara! You've reinvorgorated an entire world of wonderful women (probably a few men, too) who are looking at Staging to become a profitable business! I plan to be one of your next success stories. . . . My experience and training with MKC, Inc. gave me solid skills to start this staging company, however, your thorough training, support and guidance will be invaluable in the success of it. (I'm having a rough time keeping balance. I often bid too low and fees barely cover my costs. Too often I'm being overly generous to GET the business and I don't have any cushion of capital to fall back on right now. I'll get there.) Yes, there's alot to know and to do, yet, it's always inspiring when I am in the midst of doing a "magic makeover staging." I LOVE this business; your Gold Program will be a way for me to still be in business for myself, but not "by myself". Thank you for all you do, Barbara. Warmest regards, Wendy Wood"

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