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That's right! We train more re-designers in a single month than our competition does in an entire year and we're growing!  

Here Are Some Actual Facts: Even now some people are innocently spending thousands of dollars to attend redesign training "schools" and seminars and classes around the country. These people are spending $2500-3500 (on the average) for this training and that does not include what they spend for airfare, hotel, meals and other expenses for 5 days. These same people are often coming away feeling confused, unsure of what to do next and let down because they paid a huge fee to attend and don't feel they got what they expected and have no other recourse.

If only they had known about our at home training - one of the most comprehensive trainings in redesign you will find anywhere - all for a fraction of what the high priced seminar trainers are charging. I invite you to read this letter thoroughly BEFORE you make any decision and see if you don't agree that this is a far superior way to break into the redesign field.

My name is Barbara Jennings and I am the West Coast Pioneer of Redesign since 1986 and I have already trained over 2000 people as of this writing (in the last 2 years alone) in the art of furniture arrangement techniques and redesign business concepts.

Sure, I could command expensive fees too, and there would be plenty of people willing to pay me as much as $5000 or more for a 5 day seminar, but I choose not to do that because I'm interested in helping more people better their lives and doing so at an affordable fee without all the pretense, hype and so-called "certification exclusivity" nonsense. If this intrigues you, please read on. If not, I invite you to leave this page now as you will have already proven to both of us that I'm not the right teacher for you.


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I've been in the redesign/redecorating business for a long, long time - since 1983 actually. Before that I was a graphic designer for about 15 years. I've worked with thousands of clients and trainees over the years and I love what I do. In recent years, I've run into many people who ask me, "How do I START a redesign business?" or "What do I do to get into this business?".

Well, the answer is really quite simple and there are a variety of ways to learn.

You should know that there are a few well advertised organizations that will be happy to teach you their system for a very hefty non-refundable fee that averages $2500 per person or more (our research shows $3500 for one), depending on where you go. You can go learn how they are doing it (or claim to be doing) and join their expensive association (all for an additional fee of around $350 per year or more).

They will give you a 5 day seminar, usually in their city (which you have to fly to if you're out of the area), and touch on some of the basics and take you to a couple of homes where you'll move someone's furniture around, give you one of their certificates to go home with after they feed you dinner. One day may very well be spent taking you to a trade showroom/building, which you could visit on your own. They will try to convince you on the front end and again through the training that you can't possibly be successful unless you are part of their pricy organization and bear their certification initials after your name and so on.

If you don't mind spending a few thousand dollars for that kind of training and you want to buy into all that hype, then maybe that's a viable route for you. But if you're savvy at all and have any kind of business sense, you should immediately wonder if there isn't a better route available.

Well, good news, there is an outstanding alternative.

What would you say if you could learn literally E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G you need to know in the comfort of your home?

What would you say if you could learn literally E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G you need to know studying at the pace you decide is right for you?

What would you say if you could learn literally E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G you need to know and have your first client completely pay for your training?

"I can't tell you how impressed I am and I haven't even finished half of your materials. I look so forward to having my "Barbara" time everyday. I will always be so grateful that after researching which route to take in my training,  I found you first. Being in the Wedding industry for so many years and writing a certification course (approved by the state of California then going nationwide) I THOUGHT I WAS THOROUGH! You blow me out of the water. I will keep in touch. Thank you for just being you." - Tina Beene

So let's first discuss some important issues you ought to know. First, it doesn't matter whether you are a complete decorating novice. I know that may sound strange, but just about anyone can do redesign as a business if they are properly trained. Next, It doesn't matter if you've never studied interior design or furniture placement before, because I'll train you thoroughly and completely. Next, it doesn't even matter if you have no experience in starting, building, or managing your own business. I'll train you how to do all that too. I have a basic training program and an advanced program available.

So, if you want to make extra money (full time income or part time income) ... want to be in a creative and fun business of your own ... want to learn how to do it in the comfort of your home, at your own pace - you've come to the right place!

Redesign is a Simple Business

People want you to think it is a complicated business so they can either keep you out (less competition) or extract a hefty fee from you. They want you to think that their program or organization is the "only professional organization" and that you "can't be successful unless you are trained by them". What a shame. They don't like me too much, by the way. But I'm here to tell you that you don't need any organization of any kind to become successful in redesign. It's just not true. So don't let any one tell you differently.

Before You Read On, Here Are Some Serious and Valid Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself

The first thing I want to do is answer the questions you should be asking yourself as you read this:

Do I need a degree in interior design? No, you don't need a degree. You're only going to be rearranging the furniture and accessories that your clients have already purchased. You'll be giving them a one day redesign of a room in their home. You won't be doing anything that you need a license to do, much less a college degree.

Do I need to be certified? No, you don't need to be certified. That's a choice. You'll find I offer an excellent certification program, but it's not necessary to be certified or a member of any professional organization, no matter how important they make it sound or how long it has been in existence. All of those organizations require a sizeable fee to join. The benefits they promise are usually vague, unfulfilled or have additional fees attached to them.

Is this a franchise business? No, this is not a franchise. You will be a completely independent business owner and free to set up and structure your business any way you choose. And without the hefty price tag of $35,000-$62,100 one decorating franchise is currently charging. This is practically a risk-free opportunity in a ground floor business opportunity. Your entire training fee can be paid for by your first client, no kidding. That gives you a profit almost immediately.

Can anyone do this? Yes. People from all walks of life, all ages, all sizes are doing it. It's a ground floor opportunity with practically no competition. Obviously, those of you who are creative and have an eye for color and design will feel right at home immediately.

Do I need lots of experience first? No, you don't need experience to begin. Your initial experience will come from rearranging your own home and those of your friends. You can even service your friends without charge, just for the experience (recommended). After just a few actual rearrangements, you'll be ready to tackle just about any home out there.

Do I want to train with a "pioneer of one-day redecorating"? Barbara Jennings is the West Coast pioneer in the concept of one-day decorating or redesign, having begun in 1986 in Southern California with no one to train her at all. She knows her stuff and she shares it thoroughly and willingly. She is now the #1 ranked redesign trainer in the nation - actually, she's #1 in the world. She has owned and managed decorating and design businesses since 1972. Unlike some programs who hire "professional public speakers" to present at seminars, who have no experience in the subject they are teaching, every word of Barbara's training was written by her and is based on her own redesign experiences and expertise. Guaranteed.

Do I want to be trained by an internationally recognized redesign expert, author and artist? Barbara Jennings has written the following books and eBooks, Decor Secrets Revealed, Rearrange It, Pro Art Consulting, Great Parties! Great Homes!, The Secret Art of Hanging Art and Where There's a Wall - There's a Way. She has received media coverage from numerous newspapers and magazines and has assisted thousands of home owners to improve their interior arrangements. She is also an interior decorator, corporate art consultant, graphic designer and published artist with over 30 year's of combined experience -- and her art images are collected by residential and corporate clients throughout the world. As an author, her writing style is personable, easy to read and understand and she has received numerous compliments on her abilities to communicate and teach.

Are people really making money in this field apart from training other people? Here is a copy of a $500.00 check from a redesign client Jennings helped (the day before this writing) followed by the testimonial from the client.

redesign training, interior redesign trainingThis delightful client asked for help in the following areas: a color consultation, a redesign of her living room and a redesign of her bedroom. I was there from 9:00 AM until 4:30 PM, during which time I gave her an hour color consult, we rearranged all of the furniture in her living room (one of the more difficult layouts I have encountered), rearranged most of her accessories and hung up the art, then rearranged most of the furniture in her master bedroom, giving ideas and direction regarding color, pattern, balance, future purchases and so forth.

BEFORE (left) AFTER (right)

Before and After Photos From This Fee-Based Redesign

At the end of the day, here is what Desiree had to say: "I am extremely happy with the redecoration of my living room. Due to it's odd set-up, it was very difficult to arrange the furniture to make the room look appealing and put together. Now, not only is it appealing and put together, it is perfect to entertain as well as make the most of the features of the room. Barbara and her assistant were wonderful to work with and they worked with my style rather than try to make me conform. Thank you. - Desiree K.
, Laguna Niguel, CA"

Three days later I did another redesign for a lady in Riverside which included a complete rearrangement of her family room and living room. She was from Egypt and it was a wonderful experience working with her huge array of Egyptian figurines and objects d'art in her lovely home. She was thrilled with the end result and wants me to come back soon to work on her bedrooms. I love this business!

BEFORE (left) AFTER (right)

Here's what she had to say: "Barbara had redone my family room and living room. Incredible work . . . what a talent . . . Room look more spacious with an artistic taste to fine design. Great personality and works with home owners in a friendly fashion. I love her and I love her work and I'll recommend her work anyone to who wants great taste. - Nardine Iskander, Riverside, CA"

Before and After Photos From This Fee-Based Redesign

Do I want access to the author after I complete the training? You will enjoy on-going complimentary access to the author by email so you are never left alone or abandoned regarding your business. Personal responses are sent usually the same day questions are received. Barbara doesn't offer an "international network of one-day decorators", but she's been told on more than one occasion that such fee-based networks are little more than social clubs where members are often critical of other members and where members rarely get client referrals. She elected not to associate her good name with that type of program. Instead she offers a redesigner's newsletter, currently free to trainees, where she encourages and supports trainees, while offering additional training in redesign and consulting techniques and tips.

Will I be able to work in any style, any budget and in any home? Yes! Yes! Yes! You will have full control over the type of client you service and how far from home you are willing to travel.

Do I want to be associated with other redesigners who are professional? We will train you in redesign etiquette and give you the standards of professionalism we expect from ourselves. The rest is up to you.

Do I want access to the trainer everyone wants to copy? Jennings has discovered that her competitors stop by from time to time to see what she is offering so they can copy from her and glean ideas from her. Many have even secretly purchased her training to learn from her. When you train with Jennings, you get one of the most creative thinkers around who is not only fully experienced in redesign, but in marketing strategies and tactics. This is one reason she has risen to the top in the field in such a short time. Jennings has studied from some of the best marketing gurus in the nation (at a cost of thousands and thousands of dollars) and passes on all of this training to her students in easy to understand language.

Do I want to associate with other professionals who believe in educating their clients and respecting their wishes, not promoting their own private style? We want all clients to learn from their mistakes in a gentle, encouraging manner so that they will feel more confident in their decorating choices long after we are gone.

Do I want to become certified even though I don't need it for success? Barbara Jennings has never been certified by anyone, yet she has been very successful in her decorating businesses. While you don't need to join some self-created international or national network of one-day redecorators to be successful (there's always a substantial fee to join), we do have our own modestly priced certification program for those that truly want to be certified. But please note we tell you right up front that you don't need to be certified to be successful - not by them - not by us.

Do I want all of the above benefits without the hefty price tag others are charging? We guarantee our training 100%. Our competitors don't guarantee anything! On top of that, we make it possible for you to completely pay for your entire training from your first client's fees. Training with us is a fraction of the advertised rates elsewhere. We guarantee you that the phrase "less is more" really applies when comparing our program to other programs. We charge much "less", and we give you much "more" in most cases (that's what we've been told). It's a simple business. Don't let others make you believe it is complicated just to justify their inflated fees of $2500-$3500 per person.

Words of Wisdom When Making Decisions
"When I was still in my twenties, I was tapped to be president and CEO of a computer company. In a Board of Directors meeting one day, I was definding one of my officers who was under criticism from some of the board members. A gruff old Italian gentleman on the board maintained silence during the meeting (I think in order to avoid embarrassing me), but he came up to me after the meeting, put his arm around my shoulders, and said, 'Henry, my boy, just remember one thing: If you walk with the lame, you will learn to limp." I never forgot it."
     - Henry Hillenmeyer, Chairman/CEO/ Cooker Restaurant Corporation

Do your homework. Spend some time browsing around the internet for redesign trainers. Visit their testimonial pages (from trainees and clients) and see how few testimonials they have. Look at how many testimonials I have just on this one page.Now they limit their "classes" and "seminars" to 4 people per month, as a rule. That being the case, if they are really, really lucky - really lucky, filling up all of their classes each month (which they tend not to do) - they maybe train 48 people in a whole year. And that's stretching it.

 &nbspI trained 79 people this month alone, and the month isn't over yet. And this was a slow month too.

So remember this second thing: If you walk with the healthy, you will learn to sprint!

Now do some more quick homework. Compare our program with theirs. For a quick overview of our program vs. our competitors, a summary of our recommendations and a more complete list of unsolicited testimonials, click on the links below.

Training Program Comparison Summary

Summary of Our Training Recommendations

A Few of Our Unsolicited Testimonials

"The wise in heart shall be prudent." - Proverbs 16:21


Let's review. . . . Do you need to attend expensive seminars or take overpriced home study courses to be successful in the redesign business?  

No. If anyone tells you that, it's fluff and spin. The promoters of the expensive seminars want you to believe this business is really complicated and involved. Why? Could it be to justify their hefty fees? I just discovered a new at-home study program for an unbelievable $2500 per person - with NO money back guarantee. Maybe you don't find that excessive, but I have to tell you, I do. We've all heard the saying, "You get what you pay for." But while that may be true in many instances, it's also not true in many instances. So I encourage you to ask yourself, "If I pay 10 times the price for something, does that mean it must be automatically better? Does that mean it was a fair price and that it's worth what I paid?" If someone isn't willing to back their product or service with a risk-free guarantee, is that because they know it's either no good or overpriced? I don't know the answer to that question. All I'm saying is, you don't always get what you pay for. Buyer beware. We offer a 100% 60-day refund guarantee on our training - and rarely does anyone take us up on it.

There is a saying, "When a student is ready, the teacher will appear." I'm not saying you won't get good training in other programs. We do not claim our program is all things to all people. No program can be that. But I just want you to evaluate carefully the differences, especially regarding prices and how you should best spend your investment budget. Make an informed decision, that's all.

In my experience, one of the biggest reasons most trainees fail is that they waste huge amounts of time and money chasing methods that don't work or fighting off their own personal fears and doubts. They aren't truly committed to their new business and they mistakenly think it's automatically going to
drop into their lap. If you think any business does that, you seriously need a reality check.

I think just about everyone would agree that while money can't buy happiness, it sure make happiness more easily attained. I mean, wouldn't that help solve a lot of YOUR problems? I'm sure you'd also agree that it's better to have some money than to be poor. However, no one can promise you'll make money at any business venture. If they do, be suspicious. You have to bring your own personality, talents, goals, knowledge and work ethic to the equation. Until you jump in and do it, the "you factor" is something no one can predict who is honest. If you're willing to do what it takes, there is no reason why you will not be successful. But you have to follow through.

Has Your Dream Become a Reality? ...



Now, at long last, you can get our exclusive and brand new eBook called, Rearrange It!, which is hot off the ePress!

". . . what a great book . . I wish I would have read your book before taking training. . I have recommended your book to many of my customers who want to start their own business. It offers many great ideas for those who might not want to go to expense of a training program...." -- Anonymous

"Dear Barbara, I just had to write to you, singing your praises again!!!!!  I just re-read the Seven-Step One-Day Marketing Plan, and I'm nearly done writing mine up.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!  You make everything so logical and easy to understand!!!  I had been reading an Interior Design-specific marketing handbook and felt like I was reading a foreign language!!!!!  Your writing is so much better! Thanks again! - Shelly Landry"

"Thank you so much, how very generous of you. I sure am enjoying your books and I am looking forward to working with you. I will e-mail you copies of some of the pictures I have taken, when I figure out how all this new technology works. I have the means I just need to learn the know how. This is very exciting, thank you so much." -- Cathy Dolloff

Rearrange It! is a rich how-to eBook (now also available as a 143 page printed version) that has just been written by the West Coast pioneer decorator in the "redecorate, using the furnishings you already own" concept that has totally revolutionized traditional interior design. Barbara Jennings has been offering this service to clients since 1986, when she first introduced it at the Orange County Home Decorating Show.

Barbara Jennings, who has also authored the popular eBook, Decor Secrets Revealed, Where There's a Wall - There's a Way, and co-authored The Secret Art of Hanging Art, has just done it again!

Her latest eBook/workbook, Rearrange It!, will teach you virtually everything you need to know to start, grow and manage your own home based business as a rearrangement consultant. It's the business side of a career in redesign. For those with little to no background in interior design, it is highly recommended that you also acquire our training that covers the design end as well. Whether you want to work part time or full time, now you can learn to do what Barbara Jennings and others like her have been successfully doing for years. (Preview our entire program here.)

"Barbara, thank you so much for the quick response.  It was great to be able to connect with someone who has been "down this road." When I went to the client appointment, I was confident and professional.  Then I became a little insecure when I didn't have the answers to my questions.  Thank you for all your good advice, both in written eBook format and email response!" - Sandra Holman

"As always thanks so much for your help.  You have so much knowledge and explain things so well.  What a wonderful gift you have. - Jackie Ellison"

Earn What You Are Worth!


All we can say is, "Buyer Beware!" Don't sign up for some seminar or class for $995, $2500 or $3500 that promises you "certification" upon completion which you certainly don't need (or even that $2500 home-study course). Jennings has never had any potential client ever ask her for credentials or certificates. Never! If you feel you need someone to personally walk you through the process, and you're willing to outlay several thousand dollars for a class, then that's your cup of tea. But ask yourself: Do I really need to spend $3000 to learn how to do this business or would that money be better put to use later? It's truly not necessary to be "certified" or "personally trained in a class" to be successful in this business - trust me.  Jennings didn't have a single person teach her.  She learned it all by the seat of her pants. So when she says, "You don't need a degree. You don't need to be certified. You don't need to be connected to anyone or anything!" you can bank on it being true.

This isn't your average decorating book.  This isn't your average how to start a home based business book. This is focused exclusively on the specific business of offering a rearrangement consulting service to homeowners.  All of the information is tried and true.  It's not theory made up by some "expert" who has never been involved in the business. It's practical, how to secrets, tips, procedures and methods by a bona fide interior rearrangement specialist of 16 years.  No games!  No fluff!  Just the real stuff!

"My partner, Deborah, and I have been doing this for years and finally decided to get paid for it. We read your eBook and it has helped us launch a very successful redesign business. No one else in our area offers these services! It is really like getting paid to have fun! . . . With newspaper articles and speaking engagements, we have created a "buzz" in our area (previously untapped market) and are desperately trying to keep up with the calls. Thank you for all your help! - Lisette Dell'Apa"

"Is the book easy to read and understand? YES!!! Is the book informative and useful? YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! Does the book inspire me to try re-decorating?  ABSOLUTELY YES!!!!! Updates will follow as I continue on this exciting adventure........!!!!" - Sandy

I don't want to belabor the point, but you deserve to have the best-reasoned, the best informed, the most objective and knowledgeable advice you can get so that you can make intelligent decisions regarding your future, so that you don't live to regret paying out a small fortune for information that proved to be inferior or incomplete or that didn't motivate you and sustain you. I don't want to see anyone get caught off guard, wind up misguided and or make critical, imprudent decisions that could set them back.

But I can't stop you if you're determined to go that route. So sure,  you can take those expensive seminars floating around. They average $2500-$3500, and that doesn't include your air fare, hotel and meals!  Or you can go the high-priced home study course for $2500 per person that just hit the scene with no refund guarantee of any kind. You won't learn any more of the essential information there than you can get in Jennings' book for a fraction of the cost. As matter of fact, this eBook can be read on your computer in the next 5 minutes whereas you'll have to wait for a study course from someone else to be sent to you!  Within just a few minutes, you could be on your way to starting your very own decorating consulting business and saving all that money to put toward marketing your business and getting your first clients instead.

Barbara Jennings has been redecorating the homes of clients in Southern California, using the furniture and accessories her clients already own, since 1986 and she knows how to do it and do it well. Now she's ready to teach you. It doesn't matter if you're already an interior designer or you just love design.  She has structured her two eBooks (Decor Secrets Revealed and Rearrange It!) to work together to provide you with all the information and guidance you need to become a rearrangement professional and even start your own business, working from home, creating beautiful homes for clients in your area.

"Your writings are full of helpful information. I have only just started and am so glad I didn't sign up for an expensive seminar or class. I can't believe I have learned the basics of doing this kind of business . . . Thank you for your quick responses to my questions." -- Tricia LaMont

". . . what a great book . . I wish I would have read your book before taking training. . I have recommended your book to many of my customers who want to start their own business. It offers many great ideas for those who might not want to go to expense of a training program....Anonymous


Benefit for a Lifetime!


You don't need a degree. You don't need to be certified. You don't need to be connected to anyone or anything!

What you do need is some real straight talk from someone who's been doing it for years and has now shared her secrets and tips to help you get started quickly and easily - and isn't going to charge you a fortune to help you get started. Here are just some of the topics you will learn:

  • What kind of expertise you need 
  • What a Redecorating Consultant does
  • How to communicate effectively
  • Being service oriented and why that is so necessary
  • The interior design knowledge needed
  • What your personal attitudes should be
  • How to have the right image and why it's important
  • What personal and business ethics to maintain
  • What kind of skills are needed
  • How to find clients that suite you
  • Deciding what distance is right for you
  • Positioning yourself in the marketplace
  • How to add a service to home sellers and real estate agents
  • The difference between home "staging" and "redesign"
  • How to prepare a home for a home seller
  • What types of vendors you will need to help you
  • How to define a need from a want
  • Why homeowners need so much help and how to solve that
  • How to work with the decision maker
  • What homeowners need most
  • How to satisfy clients and grow your business
  • How to find centers of influence -- and then what
  • How to get others to promote your business for free
  • How to generate leads over and over again
  • How and where to advertise your business
  • Developing a web site for your services
  • How to use personal observations to generate business
  • How to get appointments
  • Other methods to get clients that work
  • How to make the phone work for you
  • What to take on appointments
  • Etiquette of a rearranging consultant
  • Tools of the trade you're going to need
  • How to create the right first impression
  • How to maintain control
  • What to do on the first walk thru
  • How to interview clients so you know just what to do
  • How to clarify a client's needs and wishes
  • How to take pictures, measurements and other stuff
  • How to protect yourself and avoid the pitfalls
  • How to rearrange the rooms -- where to start
  • All about fees and what to charge
  • Getting referrals and testimonials the easy way
  • How to continue and thrive and grow your business
  • Business forms made simple
  • What guarantees to offer and why
  • Keeping the right kind of records and why
  • Selecting the right kind of name and getting a DBA
  • Forming a business plan so you know where you're going
  • Bank accounts and budgets and all that left brain stuff
  • Marketing materials, Publicity - what's the difference?
  • Optimizing web sites to get the most from them
  • A Seven-Step Plan for Marketing Your Business
  • Strategizing for the future so you can expand your business
  • Resources you'll find helpful
  • And more . . . . . it has just been revised for 2005, and I've added more "pages" full of tips on how to get clients - now totaling the equivalent of 143 pages
  • And I've also added 33 furniture arrangement layouts that will solidly help you resolve just about any rearrangement dilemma you'll ever face in a living room or family room. So if you're ever unsure of where to begin in a client's home, simply refer to these pages for guidance on how to arrange the furniture. It's just like going to 33 homes and actually setting up the main seating arrangement for the living room or dining room. What can I say? This is powerful stuff! 
  • One last thing. If you have had little to no background in interior design concepts, it is strongly recommended that you also acquire our eBook devoted solely to furniture and accessory arrangement techniques and concepts as well. For a preview of our entire training program, click here.

I've Made It Even More Valuable!

In my ever constant quest to make my products and services even more valuable to you, I have just added the equivalent of 10 extra pages of Super Marketing Strategy concepts gleaned from the best minds in the country on how to build and sustain a business and outdistance the competition by leaps and bounds. These guys earn thousands of dollars per hour just for their ideas and strategies. This section isn't for the non-dedicated newbie. It's for those few of you who are really, really serious about having a redesign business of your own (or any business for that matter) that can grow into a very highly profitable enterprise. It won't be for every one of my readers, but it's there for those of you who are truly serious and committed.

"Hello, I already have the Rearrange It e-book and was wondering if I could go ahead and order the workbook.  It sounds like a wonderful resource and I was also pleased to see that you have provided certification means to those of us who are interested!  Your resources and such have been the most helpful of anything else I've seen out there on this topic.  Thanks again,   Deborah Milner"

"I bought your manual and it is terrific! I've already landed a big job using some of the marketing ideas you included in the book. - Peggy Conger"

Just imagine yourself creating the most beautiful arrangement in a client's home and having your client's mouth drop open as you show her a whole new and refreshing way to arrange the room that she never thought of doing before!

That's the fantastic feeling I get every time I go on a consulting appointment.  "It's always a decorating challenge that's creative, instant and very rewarding. Within a matter of 1-2 hours, I can literally transform any room out there and turn it into a decorator's showplace, and it doesn't matter what style it is, what the configuration of the room is, what type of furniture and accessories are there, nor what kind of condition they are in.

Seven Free Bonus Gifts Included!


And just like all of my eBooks, you will also be given my secret email address just for those who purchase my training books so that you can ask me questions that pertain to your own situation.  My local clients pay over $350 for a single room arrangement, but you'll be able to have my help whenever you need it. As the No. 1 Redesign Trainer in the world, my time and expertise is very, very valuable. It increases in value every day. So what is it worth to you to have access to personal advice straight from me? All you have to do is write me and I usually respond the same day I get your email. Think about it. Your personal world class mentor to help you adapt the concepts and strategies for your particular business. One single client will make you back triple the price of this eBook or more, so you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain, both financially speaking and creatively speaking. No one else offers you that, just for the price of a book!

"Awesome suggestions.  Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart!" - Terry Steimel

"Wow -- I'm impressed with your quick response and great feedback! My husband found your comments especially interesting, particularly the suggestion to listen to him. Donald has a background in PR (among other things), and he's always telling me to "Give them what they want, not what they need!", and to streamline my business concept, at least initially. I'm sure I'll have more questions, but I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your reply. - Diane Tepper"

But that's not all. You'll also get myCurrent Color Trends Report absolutely free, selling elsewhere on this site for $9.95, with your order. If you were to join the Color Board of the United States as an associate member, to find out the direction that color is going over the next couple of years, it would cost you an annual fee of over $600 to get the information that is available in the Current Color Trends Report. It's free, with our compliments, just for ordering your copy of Rearrange It!. But wait!

There's another free bonus gift! You'll also receive my one-of-a-kind eBook called The Secret Art of Hanging Art, also selling elsewhere on this site for $19.95. This eBook is essential to your business plans because you're going to encounter all kinds of situations where you need to completely rearrange and hang your client's art, mirrors, tapestries, photographs and so forth, and you're going to need to be professionally prepared to do so. I've included a copy of this eBook as well absolutely free with my compliments. Instructions for this eBook will be sent separately.

You will also receive my FREE Redesigner's/Consultant's newsletter (for sample, click here) which will focus on all kinds of concepts, tips and training for starting, developing and managing a home-based business as a consultant. Other readers of Rearrange It and Pro Art Consulting will be allowed to submit questions, tips and ideas. Subscriptions to this newsletter and all content is carefully monitored and you can only be accepted if you are in the redesign or art consulting profession. Right now getting a subscription is FREE with your purchase, however, that could change in the future, so act now.

When starting any business, there are specific forms you'll need to help you get going right away. So I've put together the top 15 forms I believe you'll need the most to help you. Naturally there are a zillion forms you could use, but these are the most important for setting up your new business and they also come with a brief explanation sheet. You'll get grid paper for doing layouts, Profit & Loss Statement form, a Personal Budget form, an Auto Expense Report form, Operating Expenses Forecast form, a Yearly Travel Expense form, an Annual Profit & Loss form, a Prospecting Sheet, an Invoice form, an Invoice for Work Performed form, an Address and Phone Directory form, an Appointment form, a Phone Call form, a Time Management Log form, and a Phone Memo form. You can print off as many as you like.

As I stated above, you'll also get 33 actual furniture arrangement layouts for the main seating arrangements you'll most likely encounter in a living room or family room. These two rooms are the most common rooms in desperate need of re-design out there. These are the rooms you'll most likely be hired to redecorate. So these layouts will serve as a very handy guide to help you resolve just about any decorating dilemma you're likely to run across. No one offers you this kind of detailed training - no one. The most you'll get from my competitors is some guidance on rearranging 2-4 homes, and you won't wind up really understanding arrangement design with so few situations to analyze. I give you 33 arrangements to study and analyze to help you really feel confident from the very first day.

Need help choosing a good name for your business? Well, we've got that covered too. This bonus gift will provide your with 419 top redesign business names either currently being used or up for grabs. It doesn't matter if someone else has a name already, so long as they have not registered it in your county. Choose one of the name on our list, or let the list trigger your own creative business name. This is just another way we're trying to help you get started quickly and easily.

Need help choosing a good name for your business? Well, we've got that covered too. This bonus gift will provide your with 419 top redesign business names either currently being used or up for grabs. It doesn't matter if someone else has a name already, so long as they have not registered it in your county. Choose one of the name on our list, or let the list trigger your own creative business name. This is just another way we're trying to help you get started quickly and easily.




You don't need a degree in interior design to do this kind of service. You do need a good working knowledge of how to arrange furniture and accessories (provided for you in Decor Secrets Revealed, right here on this web site), but other than that you just need to learn how to provide the service, get the appointments and bank the money!  

home business, decorating businessThat part of the equation is also available right here on this web site. Rearrange It! Revised (our basic training electronic book equivalent to 143 pages which you can read on your computer in about 5 minutes from ordering) has everything you need to do it right (I just finished my newest training called Advanced Redesign, 230 hard hitting pages to take your business to the next level. This is recommended for those that have completed our basic course first.). Rearrange It even comes with an iron clad 30-day guarantee in case you are not satisfied (but you will be), so there's absolutely no risk to you.

To make the training more accessible to everyone, Rearrange It! Revised has also just been published as a 176 page printed version (with comb binding). Now you can either read it on your computer in the eBook format, or order a softcover printed version to study and take notes offline. We recommend you acquire the training in an eBook format first, preview it and then order the printed version if you like, but it's your choice. More about this later.

 "Dear Barbara, Thank you for getting back with me. I also wanted to take this time to tell you how much I appreciate your monthly letters!!!  Kimi Young"

Comments from Our Trainees

"Barbara, it was great to receive the July newsletter. I purchased several of your courses and subscribed a while ago. I forgot about the newsletter. Is this the first one you've sent over the past 6 months or have I just missed them??!! If I've missed them, how can I get back issues. This one is great! - Regards, Jackie M"

"Barbara, I have just started up my own redecorating business in New Jersey along with faux painting and window treatments. I was wondering why everyone was paying $3,000.00 for a week of classes and thought what a very expensive little club these women have started. I took interior design in college and didn't feel the urge to pay someone else that price when I already directory2@barbarajennings.comew interior design. I wanted to know  what else I could possibly be enlightened on and looked up class criteria on some of the websites. I was hoping that someone, like yourself, would share the info in a book form. Thanks again and I will enjoy the book. - Regards, Robin LaMonte"

"By the way -- I really did enjoy your other book "Decor Secrets Revealed" which I purchased a few months ago. I learned more from your book about furniture arrangement than I did through my formal studies in interior decorating! - Sherry Pevey"

That on-going promise to personally help you should convince you how serious Barbara Jennings is in wanting to help those that would like to experience the creative world of interior design and have their own part time or full time business as well.  Jennings used to have one of those dead-end, boring left brain jobs working hard for someone else who treated her poorly.  She got out of the employee rat race in 1972 and has never looked back!  So can you!

So What Are You Waiting For?


Within minutes you can start your new business as a rearrangement consultant. It's prestigious! It's fun! It's creative! It's easy!  You do have to work at it, we won't kid you, so if you're lazy, it's not for you.  But if you enjoy people, you crave color and design and creativity, this is where you belong!  At least check it out!

You can order your copy through our Secure Server on line and get instructions on how to download it on to your computer in less than 5 minutes, or you can FAX or mail in your order, using the links below. It takes longer that way, but it's up to you.

Order now. Cause if you wait, I guarantee you'll never do it and five years from now you'll be regretting it big time!  Ground floor opportunities don't come along all that often.  Rearrangement design is just beginning to really take off.  Most people haven't heard of it yet -- but many have.  Either way, that's good for you, but only if you act soon.  Right now there's very little competition and you can jump in and go!  But first you need to learn how from someone who has done it for years!

If you order by

this eBook (which should sell for much higher) will only be
a low, low price of $79.95 (or $99.95 plus S/H for non-refundable printed version sent by UPS), our special updated version rate.  That's more than 65% off what I should be charging. Besides that, you should make three times that amount back from your first client. Don't delay as this price may go up at any time. You're not going to find an eBook on this subject out there for less than $249 for basic redesign, I guarantee it.  This is an incredible deal, even at two, three times the price. Where else can you start your own legitimate work from home business and literally have almost everything you need for less than $100, including your training, forms, on-going support, newsletters, and personal mentoring by a worldclass trainer???  No where! The 7 free bonuses alone are worth a lot of money.

Two Ways to Order

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The fastest way to order is directly from the Secure Server Order Form links below. Keep in mind that when you use our order form on our Secure Servers, we can email you the instructions to get the software version of the manual within 5 minutes so you can start re-decorating/re-arranging immediately.

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And remember, you also will be entitled to personalized help from me via my special email address.  It's like having your own personal world class mentor looking over your shoulder at no additional charge!  I'm the No. 1 Redesign Trainer in the country - in the world for that matter.You'll also get the free copy of our Current Color Trends Report and a free copy of The Secret Art of Hanging Art, together with our business development newsletter and your starter set of 15 business forms, the 33 furniture layouts for typical living rooms and family rooms and the list of 359 redesign business names available for use. You won't find these gifts anywhere else either!  We can only offer personalized service to our ground floor consultants, so don't miss out.  So act now!

Our Money Back Guarantee


Refund requests are very, very rare but are always honored. As with all our other informational products, you get the author's special email address just for clients where you can get additional personalized help FREE, so if you need help applying the concepts in the training, she'll be able to guide you further. We recognize that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. We also recognize that we cannot be all things to all people.

For fastest service click on one of the links below.  Here's how to order:


Two Ways to Order

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The fastest way to order is directly from the Secure Server Order Form links below. Keep in mind that when you use our order form on our Secure Servers, we can email you the instructions to get the software version of the manual within 5 minutes so you can start re-decorating/re-arranging immediately.

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You can order by check with our FAX or Mail-in Order Form. Simply print this order form out and send it, along with your payment. After we receive your order and payment, instructions will be sent to you via email.

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3) Or Order by Phone, Fax or Mail


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Make incredible income as an interior redesigner and/or home stager. Work from home. No experience necessary. No expensive seminars. Train at home. Feel proud of your career. Be the envy of your friends. Gain respect from your family and relatives. Make money having fun.

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Completely redecorate any room in your home in half a day. Learn the secrets of interior designers using the furniture you already own. Arrangement techniques are easy to learn and apply. Impress your spouse, children, family and friends.

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Start a new career as a prestigious corporate art consultant. Create beautiful offices for businesses with custom framed art and installation services. No art degree needed. No experience needed. Train at home at your own pace. Barbara Jennings, a 20 year consultant, teaches you how to start your own home-based art consulting business.

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