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Staging Luxurious Homes
Enhance Your Current Business - Learn How to Build a Seven Figure Income in Home Staging and Interior Redesign

WARNING! This is not a coffee table book filled with pictures of expensive homes. It is, however, a frank look at how to build a clientele among the rich, affluent members of society in your area and feel comfortable doing so. The training I'm going to tell you about below is essentially for home stagers and interior redesigners who already have taken training from me or someone else and who already have started their own business. I don't care where you have trained or by whom, if you want to enhance your business and make it even more profitable than it now is, then please read on.

If you want to motivate yourself and make your staging (or redesign) business as profitable as possible, you need to focus on other successful people as much as possible. You need to see other successful people as role models and learn from them. Modeling is one of the primary ways people learn.

No matter what you may think of Donald Trump, he is a worthy role model for anyone wanting to build a successful business. By studying the mindset of people like Donald Trump and by imitating their inner and outer strategies, you too can become incredibly successful in your home staging business. That's what I have done.

Poor people, when hearing about the successes of other people, often resort to judgment, criticism, mocking words and an attempt to pull the successful person down to their level. Instead of judging and criticizing the person, you should be trying to befriend them. You should want to talk to them, learn how they think, exchange contacts and, yes, even become personal friends.

Statistics prove that we tend to become the type of people we associate with. So if you're reading this because you'd like to get rich (or at least have extra money at the end of each month) with your staging business, or your redesign business, then you need to learn how to find, attract, befriend and network with other affluent or wealthy people - the people who easily have the money to hire you or to pass you on to other affluent or wealthy people.

Testimonial - "Even though I risk sounding like I am gushing, just have to say how good your book is (Staging Luxurious Homes) I have learnt more about marketing and networking for this industry than the course modules I have taken in Marketing. Anyway I can now recognize and understand what other business and sales associates are doing when at functions (working the room so to speak). It has given me more confidence when working or networking in the selling arena, something I have always felt uncomfortable with. This book is nothing like other selling and marketing techniques it is so honest and up front with no nonsense advise. Just not what I expected- very informative and helpful. - Jill Luke"

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Many people, far too many, don't believe they are worthy of financial success. I gave my son a good deal of money for Christmas this year - more than he anticipated getting. Last night he came up to me and said, "Mom, I really don't think I can accept that much money from you." My response was, "Yes, you can, and you will." Then I went on to explain why I had given him so much.

Upon thinking about what he had said, it dawned on me that my son did not feel worthy of receiving so much money. We'll have to have another talk, because you see, if you cannot "receive" money well, money will likely not come into your life. If you feel, deep down, that you are not worthy of riches, then you will be destined to remain poor or living paycheck to paycheck. But if you SAY you are worthy, then you ARE WORTHY. And here is the secret: Either way, you WILL LIVE INTO YOUR STORY.

I didn't make this up. It's fact. What comes out of your mouth, comes into your life. And what controls your mouth? Your mind. And what controls your mind? Your programming - your basic beliefs about yourself, often structured and influenced totally by the company you keep - your relatives and your friends and those you associate with regularly.

Look at it this way. What comes from your mind, comes out of your mouth, and what comes out of your mouth comes into your life. It's true.

There's a 2nd problem beyond who you learn from and who you associate with. It has to do with what happens to your body physically.

Are Financial Worries Making You Physically Sick?

Many Home Staging and Interior Redesign Suffer From MSS. Here's How You Can Overcome It.

If you're worried about your home staging or interior redesign business growth, prospects, cash-flow condition, or profit picture - you may be suffering from a real and serious affliction commonly referred to as Money Sicdirectory2@barbarajennings.comess Syndrome (MSS).

A prominent mental health expert found that symptoms include problems sleeping, problems focusing, nausea, indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, headache,  shortness of breath, weight loss or gain, uncontrollable appetite or low appetite.

Stagers and re-designers afflicted with MSS also suffer from negative thoughts, mood swings, high irritability, poor concentration, and poor judgment.

Financial, economic or profit worries can cause very significant problems in your relationships as well. Statistics also show that the vast majority of divorces are caused by financial stress. I well remember the days long ago when I was extremely irritable because I didn't have enough money in the bank to pay my bills.

People who suffer from MSS are often in worse health (both physically and mentally) than those who are in control of their finances and moving toward prosperity - those who have become financially secure or independent.

The Statistics Are Staggering . . .

It is estimated that 43 percent of all business owners, professionals and start-up business people develop MSS during their lifetime - so you can see it's not restricted to our industry. I certainly had it when I started out.

  • If your business is not living up to your expectations or needs - financially - you could be suffering from MSS and not even realize it.
  • If you make a nice living, but haven't ever been able to get to the financial income level you'd hoped - I know that I can help you move far closer to that goal.
  • If your business struggles to move past the break-even level (and stay above that) - what I'm about to share will provide no less than an exclusive, proprietary look inside the secrets to staging and redesigning for wealthy clients - those that can easily afford your services.
  • If you're already making a bundle from your current business but working like a dog to do so this training will help you strategically target the right kind of affluent prospects while significantly reducing your time commitment, effort and stress.
  • Finally, if you're needing a "shot in the arm" to get you back on track, to get you out of the Monday Morning Blues and you need to fill up your well of ideas, then you need this training more than ever.

TESTIMONIAL - "January 17, 2007, I just started a redesign business and although I went to design school, more information is always a good thing. I have bought both your redesign it book and your staging luxurious homes and find them extremely helpful. I took an expensive redesign course and I learned just as much if not more from your books. - Tamara Kaufman"

What's the Bottom Line for You!

Unless you've made every penny you'll ever want or are sitting on a massive pile of cash already, I can probably put many tens of thousands of dollars more into your staging or redesign business bank account this year. With the training you're about to read about, you'll learn how you can learn from successful people, but more than learn from them, you'll learn how you can turn them into clients - and not only clients - but sources of referrals to other wealthy individuals and build lifelong friendships until you one day discover you have become one of them yourself.

Rich people buy assets - things that go up in value - like real estate. Poor people buy expenses - things that go down in value - like fancy cars, expensive clothing. Rich people collect land. Poor people collect bills.  Even middle class people collect bills because they are still too eager to spend for today without thinking about tomorrow.

So doesn't it make sense to move yourself into the path of rich people - people who buy houses, and houses and houses? People who associate with other people who also buy houses, and houses, and houses. I'll teach you how to do that.

My heartfelt desire is to eliminate all the financial stress you ever have in business. Take this timely offer to give yourself a stress-free, worry-free, fun-filled year. I feel certain that this exclusive training will enrich your work from home business in ways you can only appreciate after you've experienced it first-hand.

TESTIMONIAL - "Enjoying your book- so many tricks to networking- things I would never have thought of and am planning to implement with my new job Have a good weekend. - Unknown"

Rich People Act In Spite of Fear

Millions of people "think" about getting rich, but that's all they do. They think. Some do affirmations, visualizations and meditations. I used to visualize alot, but to date visualization in and by itself has not made me a single cent. If you want to improve your financial situation, you have to take action. Action is the bridge between the inner world (your thoughts) and the outer world (where money is made).

What prevents action? Fear. Fear, doubt and worry are the killers of success, happiness and well-being. One of the biggest differences between rich people and poor people is that rich people are willing to act inspite of their fears. It's ok to be afraid. But you have to act anyway. Most poor people let the fear stop them dead in their tracks.

You have to learn to tame you fears. Notice I'm not saying you have to kill the fear or get rid of the fear. You just have to "tame" it. And the way to tame it is to take one step at a time. Just one step. Let this be your first step.

We are all creatures of habit and vulnerable to our fears. So we need to practice acting in spite of fear, in spite of doubt, in spite of worry, in spite of uncertainty, in spite of inconvenience, in spite of discomfort, and even to practice acting when we're not in the mood to act at all.

What's Stopping You From Financial Success?

I once attended a conference and signed up to attend another seminar. I didn't know it until after I signed up, but the first meeting was to be held at 6:30 AM the following morning in the hotel. A man, upon hearing that the time was to be 6:30 in the morning, complained that he wasn't able to get up that early and was quite upset at the time, to which the leader simply said, "Then don't come."

This man was going to let the time of day stop him from pursuing his goals to improve his financial status. How foolish! What's stopping you? Either you are a person who will be stopped, or you are a person who won't be stopped. It's your choice. If you want to create wealth or any other kind of success, you have to be willing to do whatever it takes.

Getting rich or becoming affluent is not always convenient. Getting rich or affluent is not always easy. In fact it can be quite hard at times. But so what? If you are willing to do only what is easy, you will stay broke and life will be hard. But if you are willing to do what's hard and uncomfortable, life will be easy and financially rewarding.

Staging Luxurious Homes

Introducing: Staging Luxurious Homes. You won't find this training anywhere else on the planet - it is totally exclusive. While the need for staging services is at an all time high, many homeowners are still reluctant or feel they can't afford to pay out the funds necessary to get their homes sold. They like the idea of staging, but they just don't have the money or choose to spend it in other ways. So it stands to reason that an important marketplace for home staging services lies in the upscale market - homeowners who can easily afford to hire a home stager (just like you) to prepare their home for sale properly.

Now, finally, you can learn how to find, attract and sell your services to luxury homeowners, who own the kind of executive homes you'd love to have yourself (if you don't already). But just because someone lives in an upscale neighborhood, are they a good prospect? Maybe and maybe not. To get their business, you've got to learn who among the affluent you should contact and who you should avoid (at least for the present).

Staging Luxurious Homes is not a book full of pictures of wealthy, executive homes that have been staged or redesigned. It is not a coffee table book. That is not it's purpose. But it is a book that will teach you where to find affluent prospects, how to attract them to you, how to get them to trust you, how to sell your services to them, how to price your services to them, and how to literally build your business. You can even specialize in this target market if you want.

I know, you're thinking "Well, I already know where the rich people live in  my town". Well, you might have some clues, but let me tell you something. There are plenty of doctors, lawyers, accountants and a host of other people who, as an industry, are thought to be wealthy people but who are literally "cash poor". And surprisingly, some of the wealthiest people are the ones you would never ever know about. There is a huge segment of the population who are wealthy but who keep their wealth a secret - and once you learn how to tap into this market as well as mainstream consumers, you just may find you have little to no competition for their homes.

What You Will Learn Will Amaze You

Here are some of the topics discussed in this 232 page manual that was just sent to the printer:

  • Chapter One discusses who the affluent are and defines them for you. You'll learn where the largest concentration exists, 4 distinctive ways they got wealthy.
  • Chapter Two will teach you how they think, how they work, what motivates them, why they become dissatisfied.
  • Chapter Three gives you the six main methods of making contact with the affluent.
  • Chapter Four teaches you 12 dynamite ways to meet wealthy prospects, and gives you the keys to 33 highly targeted women's associations where you can become known and valued by thousands and thousands of high income prospective clients. And that's not all. You'll be taught 9 different ways you can structure your business to capitalize on these highly prized relationships, plus you'll learn about the 12 rules for governing your professional conduct to ensure your success.
  • Chapter Five will teach you the differences between quality prospects and the rest, the secrets to what drives their decisions, how presenting your services to them needs to be different from the main stream prospect, the 3 critical aspects you absolutely must give them.
  • Chapter Six identifies the essential ingredients necessary for getting a relationship started, 14 steps that move you in the right direction, another 10 to take as you progress, 12 things they need from you in order to trust you, 4 styles of operating that will make them respect you professionally, when/what and how to ask for what you want, and so much more.
  • Chapter Seven deals with your appearance, etiquette, image, wardrobe, first impressions, vocabulary, plus a lengthy segment on how to attract the affluent. I break it all down for you with lots of strategies and concepts and tactics, even great to use for other types of clients and prospects.
  • Chapter Eight focuses your attention on how to sell to affluent prospects, developing your personal Credo, 12 all important tenets you should make part of your overall motto and philosophy, 9 killer ways to reach out to prospects, and page after page of other helpful tips.
  • Chapter Nine is all about pricing, how it differs or doesn't from the mainstream, how to simplify giving quotes that take the guess work out of options.
  • Chapter Ten covers how to service wealthy clients and gives you some examples of where some companies have missed the mark totally, so you don't fall into those traps, including a detailed Credo tailored for the upscale market adapted from one of the most well-known service oriented mega corporations on the planet who rose to prominence on the commitment to their Service Creed.
  • Chapter Eleven discusses the pseudo-affluent, how to recognize them and avoid them.
  • Chapter Twelve teaches you 7 key elements on how to become a member of the affluent society in your area. Motivational, if I do say so myself.
  • Chapter Thirteen is a complete checklist of specific steps you need to take on a daily basis, 37 things you must do, 43 things you must not do, managing the Monday Morning Blues and a whole lot more.
  • Monthly Newsletter I'll also include your email address in our data base so you'll receive my monthly business building newsletter for stagers and re-designers. It comes out monthly and I'm gold by trainees that it is one of the most valuable assets to their training. It's filled with practical tips and ideas and a huge section of questions and answers from trainees all over the country. You'll get it as part of your purchase and can benefit from it for the entire duration of your business life. ($240 yearly value)
  • Personalized Mentoring You also receive the ability to write me with your own questions pertaining to your business and receive a personalized response within 24 hours (usually). People who buy some of our training from other sources do not get the newsletter nor the mentoring service. Hundreds of people have taken advantage of this "author direct access", a valuable asset, because no two businesses are ever alike and different parts of the country differ. I can't put a value on this service as it is only valuable if you take advantage of it.
Exclusive Bonuses Worth $125 and more

I'm also including a Bonus Section: 113 Gold Nuggets Worth Remembering (worth $20), a discussion on developing your Business Plan  (worth $20), some Questions and Answers  (worth $5), 6 Simple and Not-So-Simple Marketing Ideas (worth $20), How to Estimate Paint and Wallpaper (worth $5), Some Facts and Figures regarding distances in decorating (worth $5), a brief Guide to Window Treatments  (worth $10) and some of my personal favorite upscale sources of products where you can get nice trade discounts (worth $40).

This Training is Now Available and Selling Fast

We've been overwhelmed with requests for this manual from all over the country since we announced it was for sale. I already have scads of orders waiting to be filled so I know there are eager, determined entrepreneurs who are anxious to delve into this highly prized marketplace and capture tens of thousands of more dollars in the upcoming months.

My accountant insists that I sell this training for a much higher price, but I argued that I want to be fair and help more people get on the road to prosperity, health and happiness. As this is the only training in the staging and redesign industry dealing with the upscale market and how you can enhance your current business and an exclusive tutorial you won't find anywhere else, and since you stand an excellent chance of making thousands and thousands of dollars on a regular basis, it is offered at $99.95 normally but I'm now offering it at only $34.95 plus S/H. The book is 6x9, 232 pages. Residents of Canada, Hawaii, Alaska and countries outside the USA is $59.95 (which includes shipping and handling).

No, this book is jam packed with meaty substance, page after page. I lay it all out for you in easy to understand language and, should you have any questions afterwards, all you have to do is shoot me an email and get a personalized response, usually the same day.

And for those of you who feel intimidated by wealthy people and worry that you won't be able to handle yourself with them, don't worry. We'll help you get to the place where you feel right at home with them.

The First Printing is Nearly Sold Out Already, So Act Fast

Tame your fears. Act. Take this one single step toward dramatically improving your financial status this year.

Here's How to Order:

Continental USA Residents: Staging Luxurious Homes
Canada|Alaska|Hawaii Residents: Staging Luxurious Homes

Enjoy the training, but more importantly, use it to make yourself tons of profit this year, and every year thereafter and get on the road to financial freedom. Write me if you need advice. I'm here to help you.

Barbara Jennings, CSS/CRS

P.S. Don't let your competition learn these lessons and take the market away from you. Don't let money worries make you sick any longer. Save your business and your personal relationships. Get on the road to financial independence and have a great time doing it. If you skipped the letter above, please go back and read it. You owe it to yourself.

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