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Brand Your Business with our Personalized Stationery Packs, Available Only With the Diamond Deluxe or Ruby Combo Courses

sky business card for home staging businessJust as it is important to wear the proper attire when representing your business as a professional service, it is equally important to use professional stationery to carry your brand to the consumer. Your business card, for instance, is your visual messenger that remains with a prospect long after you have left them. It could be the visual messenger to other people if your card is passed around. So it's important to have a card that speaks well for you, that tells your prospects and clients how to contact you and that represents you in a professional, colorful manner.

So don't skimp on these important ambassadors to your brand and your message.

Branding Your Business

As a consultant, whether you're doing staging or redesign or art consulting, you've got to at least have a few quality promotional materials at hand at all times. Your calling card (business card) is the easiest component of your all-important arsenal of branding materials. Hand them out everywhere. You never know when one will generate business for you from the most unlikely sources - and not necessarily from the person you gave the card to.

By giving out your business card, you are almost compelling another business person to give you their card in return. When you have someone's business card in hand, it's like beging given permission to contact them. And contact is what it's all about, right? So you should always have a generous supply of business cards on hand.

The second most important part of your marketing arsenal is your announcement card or promotional card which states a little more about your business. They are easy and relatively cheap to send out and a well designed postcard stands an excellent chance of being read, whereas a letter in an envelope is apt to be thrown away without even being opened. Postcards are easy to tack on the refrigerator for many people, ever reminding them that you are out there and ready to help them. Lots of people intend to act, but can't or don't want to take the time to do so immediately. A postcard is easy to save for future reference.

And letterhead is the third important component. Letterhead can be used for making formal estimates, submitting a cover letter, anything where you need something in writing and you want it to look as professional as possible.

Lastly, you need the all important and often overlooked thank you card. Whether you've just met someone casually or had an appointment with them or actually done a project for them, don't neglect to send a thank you card. It's just good business and will help them remember you long afterwards. Since so few people ever send thank you cards, yours will truly be remembered and appreciated. That's good for business.

Choose a Brand

Choose from several styles and designs and messages at our discounted rates. One sample is picture below. See other examples of styles we offer from the quick pick links at the top left of this explanation. We will personalize your choice with all of your contact information for you and have the cards and letterhead professionally printed up and shipped to your door. Easy. Simple. Quick. Efficient. Each business card, postcard and letterhead is designed to match perfectly.

NOTE: Carefully choose the information you want (name, business name, tag line, phone, email, website, certification designation (if any) etc.) because we will put only what you request. If you omit something or give us the wrong information, you must accept responsibility. We do not.