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home staging, staging homes, how to stage homes
home staging, staging homes

Get Free Advertising for Your Business While You're Staging Your Next Property - Get Your Personalized Yard Sign

Tough economic times call for even more low cost or free tactics to brand your business and let people know you are a professional home stager. Now you can easily stick an attractive, professional sign in the front yard of your client's home while you're staging the property. It will easily let anyone passing by or visiting the home know that you are the stager on the project.

These yard signs will be customized with your business name OR phone number. You can buy them in small sets so that you always have enough no matter how many properties you are staging at one time.


Use Your Own Personalized Yard Signs to Advertise Your Services While You Work and While the Home is Being Shown to Prospective Buyers

home staging yard sign

Just imagine having your phone ring from a new client who saw your sign while driving by!  Or imagine if someone driving by the home stops and rings the doorbell to talk to you personally! All generated totally free of any advertising expense beyond the investment of the sign itself.

Real estate, political, home improvement and other yard signs have been used for years by every other type of industry - now you can use the same idea when staging your client's home for sale. Why should the yard signs advertise the realtor or the plumber or roofer and not the stager? If you're in the business of staging you need to advertise your services wherever you go. So doesn't it make sense that you should display your own home staging yard sign? 

Why make your own when you can have a set of these signs delivered to your door in a matter of a few days?

Order your set today!

Size: 18x12 inches
Set of Four Signs and 4 Stands.
$92.00 per set
(including shipping & handling to your door) ($138 value).

How to Purchase

Set of 4 Personalized Home Staging Yard Signs With Stands

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