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Creating a Stylish Bedroom

You can turn any bedroom into a stylish bedroom by what you do with the bed. Even if the window treatments aren't fabulous, the focus always goes to the bed first, then elsewhere in the room.

For this reason the bed itself is the most important component in the bedroom. So placing the bed in the room in the right place is also important. The bed, in most cases, should be placed where it can be instantly seen upon entering the room. So if your door opens to the left, don't hide the bed back of the door. Be sure to feature the bed in front of a slightly larger wall or window.

You might choose to cover the bed with a traditional bedspread, comforter or coverlet. That doesn't matter as much as what you put on top of the bed. I'm talking about a smattering of pillows. But not just any pillows. You want to mix up the shape, size and patterns for your pillows. Look in the picture displayed here.

The first thing you should notice is how the colors coordinate. If your colors don't look good together, nothing else matters. So be sure to choose pillows or fabrics that blend together nicely.

Now notice how there is a wide variety of pattern and size. We've got large rectangular pillows in the back, square pillows in the middle, smaller rectangular and roll pillows in the front. The sizes graduate down. I said "graduate". They don't jump drastically in size - they are reduced in increments of about 1/3rd.

Lastly notice that we've got leopard prints, traditional floral and solids. One pillow utilizes several fabrics sewn together in a quilted fashion. You want to use a large pattern, a medium sized pattern and a small pattern for the best interest.

You don't have to hire a seamstress or designer to create this for you. Just got to your favourite fabric store and select fabrics that look good together. know how many pillows you want and their sizes. Buy your fabrics accordingly. Recover old pillows that you're not using or have tired of displaying. This way you repurpose them and save yourself money. When done you'll have a smashing designer bedroom look, even if you don't do anything else to the room.

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